Oh very tee hee

£4.8m golden lavatory stolen from Blenheim Palace … police have nothing to go on

Entries are invited into our competition for a better headline. Plenty to work on there, obviously.

Given that we know Steve will win it’s second place which is the really competitive spot.

26 comments on “Oh very tee hee

  1. Tim, I’m a victim of the same chuckle-pinchers who stole Bob Monkhouse’s jokebook and all I can think of are crappy puns.

    I’m surprised this gold toilet was displayed at Blenheim and not the Louvre.

    Coppers suspect an anarchist group called Rage Against The Latrine.

    They rang a private detective, who asked what clues they had in the case of the kidnapped khazi. “No shit, Sherlock”.

    The working theory is that the bog bandits plan to sell the purloined privy in Soho as a pied-à-turd.

    Thank you and goodnight!

  2. Precious palace potty pilfered.

    “I’m surprised this gold toilet was displayed at Blenheim”

    Displayed? Royals get no privacy?

  3. Police appeal for information on speeding car seen leaving Blenheim Palace: are still searching for skidmarks.

  4. As a very non creative sort, and thus an observer only, my vote goes to dearieme, which made me laugh out loud……

  5. It’s been another classic episode of The Golden Pot, a lodda great contestants but Dearieme and Grikath should feel flushed with success!

  6. I reckon the recent headline

    “Artist pans claims he was master mind behind theft of…”

    ..does well enough, no?

  7. Pot of Gold
    The Game

    All this bright light is not for me
    I close my eyes and imagine I’m home!
    I miss the days when life was simple,
    But if I never try to follow that rainbow
    In search for the pot of gold!
    Oh, oh, oh!
    In search for the pot of gold!

  8. After a series of unsuccessful raids on nearby outhouses, Police suspect it might be an inside job.

    * * *

    Former colleague states security guard on duty that day was lazy and unmotivated. “He just couldn’t give a shit”

    * * *

    Man arrested while attempting to smuggle golden WC out of the country described as “built like a brick shithouse”

    * * *

    Poker players assist in search for royal flush

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