How bad can writing jobs get?

Now for the million-dollar question: What should excellent, creative, deadline-driven, ambitious, quick, detail-oriented, prolific, and skillful writers expect to be paid if this pain-in-the-ass content farm hires them? Why, \”between .009 and .02 per word,\” of course. Literally fractions of … read more

Timmy elsewhere

Can We Get This Straight Please: Jobs Are A Cost, Not A Benefit, Of Doing Something The Excellent Part Of Ben Carson’s Tax Plan: Abolish The Mortgage Interest Deduction How do we get the adults into government? Lots of people … read more

John Sauven: Cretin

The inclusion of environmental legislation has alarmed green groups. John Sauven, director of Greenpeace, said: \”We don\’t yet know if this is cock-up or conspiracy. If it\’s a cock-up, David Cameron needs to come out and say the Climate Change … read more