The new economics foundation

Yesterday afternoon, the relentless pace of thinking and doing that ususally characterises life at nef headquarters was momentarily put on hold as we gathered to watch the inauguration speech. Murmours rippled around the office whenever Obama mentioned a topic which … read more

Those New Economics Foundation Boys

Yes, it\’s Andrew Simms holding forth. Behind the lamentations is a teenage fantasy of blithe, consequence-free, self-pleasuring that denies the needs of millions in poorer parts of the world who lack electricity, potable water or transport. Our grotesque over-consumption spits … read more

Madsen\’s new book

Rather than simply criticizing this situation, I have taken steps to help rectify it. Coming out soon is my new book \”Understanding Economics.\” Its subtitle is \”Economics for non-economists,\” and its aim is to introduce those who have not studied … read more

Timmy elsewhere

At CapX. Being allowed to make fun of NEF is fun again: It was Giles Wilkes, now of the Financial Times, who said that the New Economics Foundation should stand for “Not Economics, Frankly”. And reading today’s Guardian, I could … read more