Actual scientists might know the answer here

The British astrophysicist was a PhD student when she discovered repeating pulses of radio waves after studying months of radio telescope data. These became known as pulsars – spinning neutron stars which weigh more than the sun. Burnell’s supervisor, Antony Hewish, was credited with the discovery and awarded a Nobel in 1974.

It is normal, or not, that the PhD supervisor is credited with the student’s discovery?

Well, maybe

The emails were written between 2016 and 2017 and included private messages from the mother of a nine-year-old. Her son, she said, had fully transitioned from girl to boy but was not coping — fighting fellow pupils, stealing from his parents and in emotional turmoil.

Maybe Mummy didn’t realise quite what boys are like…..

To insist upon this in all instances would be going too far but there is definitely an element out there of normal male/boy behaviour being described as aberrant, isn’t there?

Just another split in Judaism

Rabbis will share duties with women for the first time as the Chief Rabbi says there is a “real need” within the Jewish community for females to be put in a position to offer others advice.

Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis launched his new scheme, known as the Ma’aynot Project for female Jewish leaders, in a bid to create roles for women within modern orthodox Judaism. Female rabbis are not permitted within orthodox Judaism, unlike in more liberal denomination such as Reform and Liberal Judaism.

There is in fact no central doctrinal body within Judaism. There are many interpretations.

So, some will accept this and others won’t. Just as there is now orthodox, reform, liberal, there will now be reform, liberal, orthodox accepting women rabbis and orthodox not accepting women rabbis.

Rabbis share duties with women for first time, in ‘turning point’ for Judaism

Thus it’s not for the first time and it’s not a turning point. It’s just another fraction.

Just a little point about the NHS

It was while playing tennis that he first noticed signs of the cancer that would kill him. He remained stoically cheerful throughout the nine weeks of his illness.

The NHS target for cancer treatment – from GP first thinking there might be something there to starting whatever chemo or radiation or whatever – is 62 days.

8.85 weeks.

Just an interesting number.

That American criminal justice system

Cuba Gooding Jr charged in New York over claims he groped woman in bar

OK, good. Allegation made, needs to be tested, court is one of the methods of doing that. We should indeed – fame notwithstanding – be equal in whether we have to face that test of the evidence.

Cuba Gooding Jr. turned himself in

OK, good. Turns up on request to start that testing process. No need to drag him in.

The 51-year-old Oscar-winning star of “Jerry Maguire” denies the allegations and pleaded not guilty to forcible touching and sexual abuse charges at a night court arraignment.

Arraignment. Just getting names and numbers booked into the system so that the testing process can start.

He was released on his own recognizance

“We trust you to turn up again for the next stage.”

Gooding, in a dark blue suit, smiled and waved as he walked into a police station Thursday afternoon to meet with special victims investigators. Inside, they took his fingerprints and a mug shot before leading him out in handcuffs.

Later, Gooding sat on a wooden bench in the front row of an austere courtroom, his hands cuffed behind his back

That’s just ludicrous. Voluntary surrender, released on own – and handcuffs inbetween?

Power mad tossers.

If you’re going to get fired for a joke make it a good one

Lloyd’s of London insurance broker Guy Carpenter has suspended a senior executive after he sent a sexually explicit email to colleagues on his birthday.

In the email, senior vice-president James Conmy said: “There are doughnuts on Alf’s desk as it’s my birthday today. I hope people like Krispy Kremes – I know [female colleague] enjoys a glazed ring.”

The female colleague, whose identity has not been revealed, replied in an email: “This is absolutely totally unacceptable James. There are limits to ‘jokes’ you can send at work copying in all colleagues – this is extremely rude and offensive. Please note that this will be forwarded to HR — HAPPY BIRTHDAY!”


Although, to be honest, I’d rather expect someone who has risen to seniority in a Lloyd’s broker to have a thicker skin than that.

Jeez the Telegraph needs subeditors

Life in prison for the only British citizen on death row in America

Whut? The sentence has been commuted?

No, it’s “The life in prison of” not “life in prison for”.

Subs being the people who write the headlines – in places that have subs – and it’s a specialist job. Clarity being one of these important things.


Revealed: the HMRC scam most likely to trick you out of your savings

Tax, that’s what the scam’s called.

Hmm? Oh, you mean scamsters pretending they’re HMRC. Oh yes, that is different then. You’ll only have to pay them if you’re stupid, they can’t claim it as of right….

To a point Senior Lecturer

Normally I have a lot of time for the Public Accounts Committee. Over the last decade few committees have done better work. But this is far from its finest hour. There are three reasons why the NHS is in trouble. They are:

The internal market, which creates massive costs and enormous inefficiencies
A lack of funding
Brexit, which has harmed recruitment

Just to address 1).

NHS England has more internal market than NHS Wales and NHS Scotland. NHS England has been getting more productive faster than NHS Wales and NHS Scotland. A reasonable conclusion thus is that internal markets improve productivity.

That is, the costs and inefficiencies of internal markets are less than the benefits they bring.

Someone who knew economics would know that…..

An interesting little question

So, in 1066 the Normans came and stole the whole country.

We’ve not got a complete land registry for the place today as only those places that have changed hands on the open market in recent centuries are so listed.

But do we know of any one piece of land, an estate, which has been passed on through inheritance only since the 11 th century? Still got some few thousand acres estate – absent Royal Family or Crown Estate holdings – that is identifiably just because ggggg gpa was handy with a broadsword, lance and horse?

Of course, the general pattern of rural landholding is still hugely influenced by the event. But can we point to one particular piece of land and say that’s his directly because that?

These people are mad

Britain will today set a legally-binding target to cut greenhouse gases to “net zero” by 2050, Theresa May has announced.

The Government will set out legislation today to slash emissions despite warnings from Philip Hammond that meeting the target could cost £1trillion.

The move comes after the Government’s advisory Committee on Climate Change called for the new legal target to be brought in as soon as possible and to urgently ramp up action to cut emissions.

Hitting net zero – a 100 per cent cut in emissions – will mean an end to heating of homes with traditional gas boilers, more green electricity, and a switch from petrol and diesel cars to electric vehicles, walking and cycling.

Every single bit of the science that says it’s worth doing something about climate change also says that we shouldn’t do it by setting emissions targets. So, what do they do?