Weird really

The two women left needing hospital treatment after they were attacked on a bus in a homophobic assault have blamed a rise in rightwing populism for growing hate crime and called on people to stand up for each other.

Melania Geymonat, 28, and her girlfriend, Chris, 29, defiantly announced they would not be intimidated into hiding their sexuality, days after they said they were attacked by several young men when they refused to kiss upon demand.

The attack was of course appalling. It’s vile to attack anyone peacefully going about their business and that’s all there is to that.

There is another little thought that crops up though. The claim is – and there’s no reason to doubt it – that they refused to kiss in public and were therefore beaten up. Does this mean that we have, as a society, managed to raise some young men to be quite so dim as to not know what the internet is for?

This will be misreported – or misunderstood

Sally Challen walks free: Abused wife who bludgeoned husband to death with hammer will not face jail

That’s not quite it, no.

A mother who bludgeoned her abusive husband to death in a hammer attack has revealed that she “still loves him” after walking free from court.

Georgina Challen, known as Sally, 65, said she killed 61-year-old Richard Challen in the kitchen of their Surrey home in August 2010 after decades of being coerced and humiliated by him. She had been in prison for almost a decade.

However, following a string of unprecedented legal wranglings at the country’s highest courts, Mrs Challen finally walked out of the Old Bailey as a free woman after Mr Justice Edis sentenced her to nine years and four months in jail – time she has already served in custody.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) today accepted her plea of manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility.

The actual finding is a definite crime was committed – it wasn’t, for example, self defence. Further, she was guilty. And even that it was a pretty serious case of “manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility” as 9 years and 4 months for that is quite a lot, isn’t it?

One of the wilder demands in this and other such cases was that there was no crime at all. Yes, obviously, from the wilder shores of feminism but still.

I’ve mentioned this before but anyone with any ideas?

The standard life of a freelance is the search for some easy, plentiful, even if not especially well paid, source of work. Sure, writing a newspaper piece is fun but it’s rare to be offered the opportunity. And you’d not want to rely upon the offer to do so to pay the food bill. A more basic income is required to make sure the bills get paid.

There’s one form of writing work that is out there in vast mountains. Writing the landing pages etc for online retailers. 300 to 400 words each, should, if you’ve got the knack, take perhaps 20 minutes a pop. Sure, $25 an hour or whatever doesn’t sound like much. But a couple of hours a day fills that desired basic bill paying described above.

And the thing is, as I’ve mentioned, I find that I can’t do it. I should be able to. And, almost certainly, if I practice, I can. Which is the ideas thing.

Anyone got a clue as to where I can learn to do this stuff?

Dos and Don’ts Of Slot Gaming

Do’s and don’ts of slot gaming

It may not seem like an obvious thing to talk about, but that’s because it is. There’s lots of do’s and don’ts of slots, many of which few of us really think to think about, because how hard is it? You pull the lever and the reels spin on, and you either win or lose right?

Well, yes and no. There’s a lot that can go into the do’s and don’ts of slot gaming, but here we’ll just talk about the basic ones to adhere to which can get you started on playing slot games with success, and hopefully these can be developed over time by you with the more gaming experience you get.

Why are there do’s and don’ts of slot gaming?

There’s plenty of reasons there’s do’s and don’ts of slot gaming, many of which we’ll touch upon and go into more detail about later on in this article.

It’s a good idea to get your head around the do’s and don’ts of slot gaming, because the most basic reason being that unlike other gaming choices at the casinos you can opt for, slot gaming is one most prevalent online meaning it’s one most likely to be advertised falsely or one most likely that you may have trouble reading the small print for, and not only this, but unlike other games popular amongst players, it is a game where it’s difficult to really learn how to play and strategise your gaming for.

The options when it comes to do’s and don’ts of slot gaming

Slot gaming is predominantly a game played for fun, and it can be found online and mostly these are free to play, of course, unless and until you actually place a bet for real cold hard cash. Slot gaming can also be played on the go, making it the most accessible and with the highest number of downloads per game online and in app stores.

But this leaves so much room for error because there’s so much more ways to play, and there are people fronting companies out there that will take advantage of this – so to avoid being played when you just want to do the playing, the first biggest do to take away from the do’s and don’ts of slot gaming is to ensure that you only play slot games that are hosted by reputable online casinos.

Always check the reviews and game descriptions of slot games, so that you know what you’re getting yourself in for early from the get-go, and can avoid any mistakes that might be mentioned in reviews – and do as has been done from any positive mentions.

The ultimate don’t is of course playing a game from a source that isn’t reputable. There’s no point betting your money when you’re not even sure that you’re doing so – you could just be giving it away if you do, so it’s worth taking the time to check these things.

And remember it’s really about doing the aim of the game – having fun.

No, you can’t, now bugger off

Moral Money: ‘My dad is squandering my inheritance, can I ask him to stop?’

It’s his money, he worked for it, it ain’t “your inheritance”.

My divorced father, who is in his late 60s, is spending huge amounts on holidays, luxuries and generally living the high life.

I worry there will be little left for me in my inheritance. I am 35, and I feel that my father’s generation had it easier when it came to making and saving money. Can I ask him to be more thrifty?

GH, via letter

You are a victim of the intergenerational wealth gap.

Your father’s age puts him slap bang in the middle of the baby boomer generation, many of whom benefitted from cheaper property prices, better wage growth and higher savings rates than their children and grandchildren.

Some readers would say your father earned his money and that he can spend it how he likes….

Not just some readers, all with any moral sense whatsoever.

Bugger off matey.

Foreign countries are different places

They do things differently there:

Parisian parents are outraged that a school lunch consisting of “industrial triangular sandwiches” was served to their children instead of a balanced, cooked meal this week.

Imagine, a sarnie?

Some things are of course the same, bureaucratic lying:

Parents were aghast when their children told them they had been given “an industrial, pre-packed triangular sandwich of the kind sold at motorway service stations,” said one mother, Anne.

“The children had been promised what was described as a special picnic meal, but this is verging on a scandal.”

“Special picnic meal” is good.

“Magnificent wildlife safari ” – camping in the cow field. Other similar invited.

Didn’t they do well?

Change UK, the breakaway group of MPs who promised to break the mould of British politics, has split in-two just seven weeks after registering as a political party.

In the wake of a dismal performance in the European elections, six of the fledgling party’s 11 MPs walked away on Tuesday, with several now understood to be in talks about joining the Liberal Democrats.

No, really, very well done indeed:

Six of Change UK’s 11 MPs, including its spokesman, Chuka Umunna, and interim leader Heidi Allen, have abandoned the fledgling party after its dire performance at the European elections.

Change UK announced that it now had just five MPs, who will be led by the former Conservative business minister and anti-Brexit campaigner Anna Soubry.

The others remaining are the former Labour MPs Mike Gapes, Chris Leslie, Joan Ryan and Ann Coffey. In their statement, they said they would embark on a “nationwide programme of deliberative democracy”, across the UK.

They’ve managed in weeks what it took Ukip years to do – lose such a large portion of elected members.

Say that again?

Last month, Carrefour and waste recycling company TerraCycle launched an initiative to tackle the problems of plastic waste threatening to destroy the environment.

To litter the environment, yes, obviously, to pollute it, sure, but destroy? Slightly de trop in the rhetoric there, no?


What will they think of next?

In a study recently published in Marketing Theory, my colleagues and I found that sperm banks in these countries solved this challenge by playing into traditional male stereotypes and selling sperm donation as an experience that makes donors feel more masculine.

Ya think?

Fun typo

So, I’m talking about peer to peer lending and a firm that’s gone bust. Disintermediation is great but:

The idea at the heart of peer-to-peer lending is great. The thing the internet has enabled us all to do is disintermediate. We don’t have to gain our classified ads along with the local newspaper any more, we get them on Ebay and Gumtree. Buying car insurance doesn’t require a visit to an office – and thus isn’t limited to the choice of those who have invested in a chain of offices. Why not bring that same force to lending and match up willing lenders with willing borrowers online instead of having to use an expensive retail branch network?

There’s nothing wrong with the idea at all, except except to think the intimidiation is the difficult bit of banking. In fact, it’s the easy bit.

” think the intimidiation is ”

The intimidation is – got that loan repayment Guv? Like Bill ‘ere to ‘ave a look at your kneecaps?

Should be intermediation of course….

I do wonder you know

This is the same administration that imprisons immigrants on the basis of their sexual orientation and is introducing legislation that would make it legal for healthcare providers and emergency services to let LGBT+ people die.

Where do these beliefs come from?

The make it legal etc thing is a conscience clause. Just like the UK has about abortion. You don’t have to take part in one if it’s against your beliefs. Maybe that’s righteous and maybe its not, dunno. But to be against a conscience clause is to insist that you’re allowed to force someone into doing something they think is wrong. Rilly?

But the imprisoning people at immigration because of their sexuality? Immigration’s not even allowed to ask you about your sexuality. It’s a protected characteristic. People also do indeed gain asylum on the basis of their sexuality. Be, for example, gay from a place where gays are oppressed and they’ll let you in. Permanently. Which is a bit different from jailing you because of your sexuality.

Is it that I’m not privy to some special information source here? Or is it that some peeps are making stuff up?

Suppose so David

If you want someone to call you a traitor or accuse you of hating Britain, try suggesting that Britain is a normal nation or that our history is remarkable but not exceptional. If you’re feeling really thick-skinned, you could also mention slavery or the violence of empire.

Everyone else had slavery too…..

But what about the 10%?

One of our readers here, dearieme, has told of an anaesthetic not taking hold, or wearing off perhaps, during surgery. Rather painful thing to happen he says.

Which leads to a wondering about this:

Hypnosis works better than strong anaesthetic and could soon become the norm for elderly people undergoing arthritis operations following a landmark trial.

Medics have hailed the results of a new study where anaesthetic powerful enough to put patients to sleep was successfully replaced with a virtual reality experience.

Participants in need of shoulder, hand or knee operations were given headsets and taken on a virtual submarine tour, with a soothing female voice pointing out various fish and other underwater features.

They had each been given a local anaesthetic, but the virtual reality hypnosis distraction (VRHD) was used to replace the intravenous sedation such patients would normally have got.

This can put people to sleep, but does not induce the full controlled coma of a general anaesthetic.

Doctors at the CUB Erasmus Hospital in Brussels found that the VRHD successfully replaced intravenous sedation in three quarters of patients who had the submarine sedation during the operation.

Meanwhile 90 per cent of those who had VRHD for ten minutes before as well as during the operation did not require intravenous sedation.

Yes, but what about the 10% where it doesn’t work? How far into causing pain does the operation go before it’s possible to work out who that 10% are?