Well, yes….

Police in Texas have apologised after photographs emerged of two white officers on horseback leading a black man down the street by a rope.


Melissa Morris, a lawyer for Mr Neely’s family, said he was homeless, mentally ill, and suffered from bipolar disorder.

Doesn’t matter, skin colour.

Galveston’s police department said leading a suspect by a rope on horseback was something officers were trained to do.

It was an accepted law enforcement technique, and even “best practice” in some situations.

Doesn’t matter, skin colour. Doesn’t even matter whether skin colour should matter, it does.


Leon Phillips, president of the Galveston Coalition for Justice, said: “These are two white police officers on horseback, with a black man, walking him down the street with a rope tied to the handcuffs, and that’s doesn’t make sense, period.

“Stay there with him instead of humiliating him, and now you’ve humiliated the whole city of Galveston. And I do understand this, if it was a white man, I guarantee it would not have happened.”

Advice to Galveston. Search those archives for a white arrestee being led on a rope behind horses. Search real hard and publish, publish, publish.

This bird who killed her kids

The father of two young girls murdered by their sex worker mother claimed he warned social services about the “evil” killer who was jailed for life yesterday.

Louise Porton will serve a minimum 32-year prison sentence for murdering her two daughters because they “got in the way” of her sex life.

The 23-year-old suffocated three-year-old Lexi Draper and strangled 16-month-old Scarlett Vaughan in Rugby, Warwickshire in January and February last year.

In a victim statement, read out at Birmingham Crown Court by the prosecution, Chris Draper, the children’s father suggested he contacted social services about Porton before his daughters were killed.

“Maybe if social services had listened to me, my girls would still be alive today,” he said. Birmingham Children’s Trust did not respond to a request for comment.

Mr Draper said he was “broken” and no punishment would ever be enough.

“I sit and think, day and night, and I can’t understand why my two little girls were taken away because Louise wanted to sleep around.”

Mr Draper, who was in court for sentencing, said: “I hate Louise.”

In an other report it’s said that he never actually met the younger of the two children. Leading to the interesting question, well, where were you matey?

Rightie ho

Sending women to prison, and removing them from their children and families, has long been seen as a contentious issue. Particularly given that women are predominately nonviolent offenders and tend to commit “victimless crimes” – such as theft – that are often survival based.


Gillian McNaull
Lecturer in Criminology, Queen’s University Belfast

So I’ll send some bint around to steal your car and you won’t be a victim, right?

Er, why?

Dame Vera said: “As Victims’ Commissioner, I cannot be expected to adhere to the official line that mobile phone data is only required when necessary to achieve a reasonable line of enquiry.

“The overwhelming evidence from those who support rape victims is that the reality is so very different. This evidence has led me to conclude victims are routinely being asked to hand over their mobile phones, even in some cases where their attacker is a stranger and there could not have been any communication between them.

“I want this practice to stop. I want to see a change in culture, where the current digital download form is withdrawn and where only proportionate downloads are made, and only in cases where it is absolutely necessary.”

They’re only a victim once it is established that a crime has actually happened. Including the concept that if a rape didn’t happen then the accused is in fact the victim. Meaning that we;d rather hope that the Victims’ Commissioner would be on the side of the people trying to work out if an offence has been committed…..

So, what’s the threat here?

The Mexican drug lord known as El Chapo has been ordered to forfeit billions of dollars and spend the rest of his life in a maximum security US prison, ending a criminal career that at its height controlled much of the western hemisphere’s drug trade.

Joaquin Guzman, the former leader of Mexico’s Sinaloa cartel, was ordered by a judge in New York to pay $12.6 billion to the US government, a conservative estimate of his profits in the US, and serve a life sentence plus 30 more years.

We’ll make it life plus 20 if you pay up? Life plus 40 if you don’t?

There’s brave and then there’s…..

Wallabies shaken after front-rower Taniela Tupou mugged in South Africa


Taking on a 135kg Wallabies front-rower nicknamed the “Tongan Thor” on the street might seem like one of the worst ideas in the history of bad ideas, but it was Taniela Tupou who was left counting his blessings after being subjected to a brazen robbery in Johannesburg over the weekend.

Tupou, in South Africa preparing for Australia’s opening Rugby Championship match later this week, was heading back to the team hotel after dinner at a steak restaurant in an affluent suburb when a man pounced and snatched his mobile phone.

Tupou reportedly gave chase before being called off by his teammates as he tussled with the thief who was attempting to make his getaway in a waiting car.

Waving a gun around and shouting “Give me your wallet” is one thing. Actually jumping an international front row is rather beyond that, no?

Difficult one

Murderers who refuse to reveal where bodies are buried to be denied parole under new law

Well, yes, see the point.

Marie McCourt has begged murderer Ian Simms to tell her the whereabouts of her daughter’s remains ever since the insurance clerk vanished on her way home from work in 1988.

But the pub landlord, who was convicted by a jury on overwhelming DNA evidence of the 22-year-old’s abduction and murder and is still in jail, has always maintained his innocence.

But what if he is actually innocent?

Actually, not that it makes that much difference. Insisting that you are actually innocent does delay release upon licence….

Can they do this?

Yes, I know he wasn’t tried on these offences before:

The black cab rapist John Worboys faces spending the rest of his life behind bars after pleading guilty to a further string of assaults on women.

The 62-year-old, who was jailed in 2009 for 19 sex attacks on 12 women, admitted on Thursday drugging another four women he had picked up in his cab.

Worboys appeared at the Old Bailey via video link from Wakefield prison, to plead guilty to two counts of administering a stupefying or overpowering drug with intent to commit rape or indecent assault.

It’s not double jeopardy, because he wasn’t tried for these offences. But still, can they do that? Or, when first tried, are you supposed to say “there was some other stuff Guv'”?

Because the thing, at the very least, seems to make a mockery of serving sentences concurrently, doesn’t it? And if they can do this in such a hard case, then don’t we end up with bad law? We’re charging you with fiddling your recycling, Then after conviction they come back and try you again for doing it the previous week?

That American criminal justice system

Cuba Gooding Jr charged in New York over claims he groped woman in bar

OK, good. Allegation made, needs to be tested, court is one of the methods of doing that. We should indeed – fame notwithstanding – be equal in whether we have to face that test of the evidence.

Cuba Gooding Jr. turned himself in

OK, good. Turns up on request to start that testing process. No need to drag him in.

The 51-year-old Oscar-winning star of “Jerry Maguire” denies the allegations and pleaded not guilty to forcible touching and sexual abuse charges at a night court arraignment.

Arraignment. Just getting names and numbers booked into the system so that the testing process can start.

He was released on his own recognizance

“We trust you to turn up again for the next stage.”

Gooding, in a dark blue suit, smiled and waved as he walked into a police station Thursday afternoon to meet with special victims investigators. Inside, they took his fingerprints and a mug shot before leading him out in handcuffs.

Later, Gooding sat on a wooden bench in the front row of an austere courtroom, his hands cuffed behind his back

That’s just ludicrous. Voluntary surrender, released on own – and handcuffs inbetween?

Power mad tossers.

Comment in The Guardian

“In state prisons, the mortality rate was 275 for every 100,000 people, the highest since data collection began in 2001.”

That’s about the same as the mortality rate for men 35 to 45 years old in the general population:


And the prison population trends older than the general population:


I’d say the large number of deaths in US prisons is mostly because there’s lots of people in US prisons. Sure, that incarceration rate is a problem that should be solved. But the death rate doesn’t seem out of the ordinary at all.

A fuller explanation here.

Does this sound professional to you?

The professionalism of the hit on Mr Palmer meant the police were convinced his murder was an underworld assassination.


Police believe there may have then been a brief exchange before the his assassin opened fire, hitting Mr Palmer in the right elbow, the right side of the chest and the right side of the stomach.

It is thought the 65-year-old then managed to stagger away for about 20 metres before collapsing on the ground.

The gunman then calmly walked up to his prone figure and emptied another three bullets into him, hitting him in the left arm, the top of the back and the left hand side of his torso.

Wouldn’t a professional actually be able to shoot? You know, couple of shots, ‘ee’s dead mate?

This is seriously amusing

So, recent decades have seen an insistence that everyone must have CRBs. Not quite everyone, but damn near.

So, the answer is to expunge offences from records?

Criminals will have minor offences wiped from their records under plans being considered by Sajid Javid to stop them being denied jobs by “spent” convictions.

The Home Secretary is reviewing a rule where anyone with more than one conviction, no matter how minor, automatically has them disclosed to a prospective employer for the rest of their lives.

The new plan could mean minor assaults, thefts or drug possession would not automatically be disclosed to employers by the Government disclosure and barring service.

Why note reduce the demands for CRBs?

See, See, Told Ya, Told Ya!

The killer father who murdered his wife and three sons then hanged himself was today exposed as a cross dresser who watched pornography on a school laptop.

Just can’t trust the trannies at all, can we?

It’s an interesting illustration of the depths of true depravity there, that it was a school laptop used to watch porn on.

What fun

A powerful ‘mafia’-like syndicate operating within the trekking industry in the Himalayas is threatening to derail a government investigation into a lucrative scam involving the poisoning of tourists.

It was revealed last year that parts of the tourist industry have been conspiring to spike hikers in order to reap insurance payouts for costly and unnecessary airlifts from Everest and other high-altitude peaks.

An alliance of international insurers has threatened to pull cover for the country by Friday if the government of Nepal does not crack down on the elaborate scam.

Not in the sense of my approving of hikers being spiked but I am an aficionado of scams. Incredibly inventive, some of them.

Beats staging car crashes to claim on whiplash…..

Are we sure?

The plan to fix our prisons: Six-month minimum jail terms, refurbished cells and full-body scanners

The way sentencing goes these days 6 months is a pretty severe sentence. Meaning that an awful lot of people who get less today won’t get anything.

Hmm. Mr. Lud?

Didn’t a Tarantino movie open with this?

Phoenix police are investigating possible sex abuse at a nursing facility after a female patient in a vegetative state recently gave birth, reports CBS Phoenix affiliate KPHO-TV. Sources tell the station a near-drowning incident at least a decade ago left the alleged victim in that condition and she’s been a patient at the Hacienda HealthCare facility ever since.

She gave birth to a baby boy on Dec. 29. KPHO learned that the baby is healthy.

Dangerously close….

Four stowaways who allegedly threatened the crew of a cargo ship with armed bars were detained by police on Friday night after an operation to secure the vessel was launched off the Kent coast.

The crew of Grande Tema, en route from Lagos in Nigeria to Tilbury in Essex, locked themselves on the bridge after the stowaways they had discovered broke free from a cabin and started to make their demands.

The men had allegedly demanded the crew sail close to the British coast so they could jump off and swim ashore.

….to piracy on the high seas with violence there. Pity T. Blair changed the law on this really. Using Execution Dock again would provide a notable lesson and warning….