No, not the story, just the nominative determination

He described how, while he was making a judgement on the boys’ future, Baldwin made a quick getaway from court before collecting the boys from a secret location.

They were missing for 10 days before a tip-off from a member of the public led to their discovery at the Sherwood Hideaway woodland retreat in Ollerton, Nottinghamshire, on April 6.

We should name one hotel in the country the “Super Sekkret The Police Never Come Here Hideyhole.”

Would make it so much easier to capture those on the run.

More info

The flight was operated for United by Republic Airline, which United hires to fly United Express flights. Mr Munoz said four Republic employees approached United’s gate agents after the plane was fully loaded and said they needed to board.

Turn up late then demand to fly. …….

Umm, yes, maybe not a good idea

Pregnant Texas 19-year-old woman who aspired to be model killed by train while having photos taken on tracks


Thompson was standing between two sets of tracks Friday in Navasota when a BNSF Railway train approached, according to the paper. She moved out of the way, but was apparently unaware that a Union Pacific train was coming in the opposite direction.

What was it the Green Cross Man told us all?

More proof needed here

The average driver will spend 32 hours a year in traffic jams, a report has found as online shopping is blamed for the rise in congestion.

The UK was found to be the third worst country in Europe for traffic congestion, with the direct and direct costs of hold-ups reaching £31 billion last year, an average of £968 per driver.

Online shopping has contributed to the rising levels, according to analysts, with figures showing the number of delivery vans on the roads has increased in the last five years.

A rise in the number of delivery vans, yes. But presumably a fall in the number of trips by car to the shops.

And yes, one stop by a van will only drop off one thing, while one trip to the shops will buy many things – normally. But then one delivery round by a van will, presumably, deliver many more things that a trip to the shops.

I don’t know the actual outcome here. But it’s more complex than more vans thus more congestion.

What fun, I didn’t know this

Mar-a-Lago (English pronunciation: /mɑɹ.ə.lɑ.goʊ/) is an estate and National Historic Landmark in Palm Beach, Florida, built from 1924 to 1927 by heiress and socialite Marjorie Merriweather Post. Post envisioned the house as a future winter retreat for American presidents and foreign dignitaries, and following her death in 1973 it was bequeathed to the nation. However, successive presidents declined to use the mansion, which was returned to Post’s estate in 1980 and in 1985 was purchased by Donald Trump, later 45th President of the United States.

It was actually intended to be a sort of Chequers….

This blog’s good deed for the day

Advised by a regular reader here you might wish to go here for a moment or two.

A more than usually shitty happenstance of life has led to two parents dying young of cancer (one gone, one going) and thus three about to be orphans. One of whom has just been selected to compete for England at the dance World Cup (that’s a real thing?) which would have made the departed parent proud.

Up to you of course but worth of considerations.

What a bugger, eh?

Anton, who has been put back on his schizophrenia medication, travelled through at least 10 countries from Canada, including the United States, Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina and Brazil – all without a passport and with little more than the clothes on his back.

His brother said he had one bizarre mission; to get to the National Library of Buenos Aires in Argentina.

Tragically, when he finally made it to the library, after walking thousands of miles, he was turned away because he didn’t have any identification. So he turned around and began his trek into Brazil where he would eventually be found.

I dunno about tragically. That’s the one bit of it that makes the entire story.

Something about this story doesn’t make sense

Latham House farm in Wigan has been in Jimmy Morris’s family for more than 80 years. He and his wife, Gillian, use their nine hectares (23 acres) of greenbelt land to graze sheep and cows, and in the winter they welcome Blackpool beach’s donkeys for their holidays.

The first they knew of proposals to build on their land was when a council notice was pinned to a lamppost on their road. A stretch of land next to the Morris’s farmhouse, near the junction between the M6 and the M58, has been marked as a possible site for a new road leading from the motorway, plus 170 houses and 150,000 sq metres of employment space.

The family bought the farm 30 years ago, after renting it for more than half a century, in the hope that they could secure it for future generations.

Is the land being compulsory purchased?

If not, then how are people building on their land without permission?

Seems entirely fair if I’m honest about it

Disturbing moment a bull MOUNTS a stricken female bullfighter after knocking her to the ground in the middle of a fight
As the fighter goads the bull with her cape he suddenly charges at her
She falls to the ground and he instantly climbs on top of her and starts thrusting
The crowd shriek in horror as two others drag the bull away and help her up

So you’re trying to kill me are you? You can’t complain about a little bit of rape before you do then, can you?


Scores of migrants were arrested on suspicion of working illegally in the UK during a crackdown targeting nail bars.

Almost 100 people, including migrants from Vietnam, Mongolia and Ghana, were detained during a week-long operation last month. Fourteen migrants were identified as being at risk of modern slavery, including one 18-year-old youth found working illegally in Edinburgh.

Wonder if they’ll find those 100,000 enslaved Vietnamese women working as prostitutes?

Can’t recall who the hell it was but didn’t we actually have a minister claiming that at one point?

They will be sharing it all with the workers, won’t they?

Spain’s Socialist party may have lost two general elections in the space of six months, ousted their leader and found themselves eclipsed by the anti-austerity Podemos party, but the past 12 months have not been without at least one small victory.

On Thursday, the Spanish Socialist party (PSOE) announced that staff at its Madrid headquarters had won a share of the country’s €2.3bn (£1.96bn) Christmas lottery, El Gordo (the Fat One).

If not why not?

One too far even for Maduro

With protests rocking his unpopular government, embattled President Nicolas Maduro on Saturday pushed back to next month taking Venezuela’s highest denomination bill out of circulation.

Mr Maduro, who spoke after a meeting with administration officials, said he also would keep the borders with Brazil and Colombia closed until January 2.

It’s that closed borders thing with socialists. Not wanting to let people out…..

Yes, I think we’ll keep this species

A Bangladeshi cleaner working in Saudi Arabia was showered with gifts after a photo of him staring into a jewellers’ window was ridiculed and went viral on social media.
Nazer al-Islam Abdul Karim, 65, who works in Riyadh, was mocked by an Instagram user who shared the photo, writing: ‘This man deserves to only look at rubbish.’
An outpouring of support for the cleaner ensued and Abdullah Al-Qahtani, who has a Twitter account called ‘Ensaneyat’ – ‘humanitarianism’ in Arabic – set out to find him.

Al-Qahtani’s tweet was shared more than 6,500 times and users were able to identify the cleaner’s location from the reflection of the shop window in the photo.
Karim, whose monthly salary in Riyadh is $187 (700 Saudi Riyal), said he didn’t realise the photo was taken.
‘I was just doing my job as a cleaner in the municipality and found myself in front of the gold shop. I am very happy about the gifts and very thankful,’ he told CNN.

Lord Knows, that is I do, humanity contains perhaps more than its fair share of shits but they seem to have passed the Sodom test of having a leaven of at least occasionally good ones among them. So, we’ll keep this species. Gabriel? Michael? Make it so.

For some reason I laughed out loud at this

Bloke born with no arms and legs. We’d call him Bob if he were in a swimming pool.

And this just made me laugh:

He gently takes the edge of his juice glass between his lips, lifts it with the help of his short right arm, and balances it there while he drinks.

He eats without cutlery, using his lips. He writes with his mouth, holding the pen between his molars, always on his right side because he can’t write with his left side.

Abidextrous of course isn’t quite le mot juste here but that writing part really does amuse.

Smart priest this

By day, the Robin Hood restaurant, which sits on a side street near the centre of Madrid, is a typical Spanish bar: coffee and croquetas, a fruit machine, cigarette machine, and a leg of ham dozing under a tea towel on the counter.

But at night, it transforms itself into a pioneering place where homeless people such as Gutiérrez, 40, from Extremadura, can dine, free of charge, at tables set with flowers, metal cutlery and proper glasses.

Millfield has been doing this for decades of course. But I do like this. It’s called “Robin Hood”:

The priest acknowledges that there may be something a little provocative in naming the restaurant after a figure who redistributed wealth at the tip of an arrow and the point of a sword. But the idea is less to rob the rich than to encourage them to share their good fortune.

“The name is just to spice it up a bit and to get people to notice. We could have called it ‘The Brothel’ and I’m sure that would have got people’s attention, too.”

Quite so. And I have absolutely no doubt at all that the publicity will lead to more daytime patrons, some of whom will leave a little extra to aid in paying for the evenings. ‘Coz, you know, most people are, most of the time, pretty good.

It’s going to run into the usual problems of anything free at the point of use but absolutely nothing in this life is going to be perfect.

Do we have a chemist around here? Dearieme?

This story of the tallow in bank notes fascinates. As far as I can work it back the tallow is a source of stearates, which are used as lubricants and declumping agents and lots of other stuff.

I’m not sure if tallow is the only source or just one of alternatives. And again, as far as I can see, it seems to be part of all polyethylene. And possible of other plastics too?

The question I’d like an answer to though, is, if it’s the main or usual source, this tallow, of the stearates which end up aiding in making the plastics of the bristles on a toothbrush?

Anyone know?