These are allegations in a court case

Not proof of anything:

A woman falsely claimed 15 men had raped and sexually assaulted her and saw one of them jailed for seven years, a court heard.
Jurors heard how Jemma Beale made the allegations over three years, telling police she was gang raped in the street, attacked in a pub and assaulted by a group of men with a piece of barbed wire.

Of course, false claims of rape are so rare that we just shouldn’t even really think of it as a thing.

Although I do seem to recall that when Baroness Whoeveritwas went through all of the numbers false allegations were of at least the same order of magnitude as convictions when measure from initial claim all the way through to final disposal of said allegation…..

Fatty lardbucket writes book about being fatty lardbucket

Then complains when people mention her being a fatty lardbucket:

During the interview Gay spoke about how the world was not built to accommodate people like her.

“It’s very stressful because you just never know if there a space that is going to accommodate me. Are there going to be sturdy chairs? Are the chairs going to have arms? How wide are the arms? How low is the chair? It’s just a constant series of questions that you are asking yourself every single day before you go into any space, and it’s exhausting because people don’t think, they just assume that everyone fits in the world like they do.”

In tweets from May, Gay complained of interviewers who told her they did “special things” to accommodate her weight.

“Am I supposed to be grateful you provided a sturdy chair?” she asked. “Why would you tell me this?”

Gay being the lardbucket being interviewed over her book about being a lardbucket. So, it’s part and parcel of the shtick then, right? So, this is what she is complaining about:

In a now-deleted article which was published on Monday, a cached version of which is still available, Freedman said the requests had been sent to her by Gay’s publisher, detailed in “more than a dozen exchanges”.

“Her size is imposing and also a logistical nightmare for her,” she wrote. “The requirements back and forth with her publishers who had brought her out to Australia to promote her books were extremely detailed.

She continued: “How many steps were there from the [kerb] to the door of the building? Were there any stairs? How many? How big was the lift and was there a goods lift? How many steps from the lift to the podcast studio? There was also a lot of talk about chairs – making sure we had one sturdy enough to both hold her weight and make sure she was comfortable.”

Speaking on her podcast, she said the “breach of confidence” was justified.

“I would normally never breach the confidence of what goes on behind the scenes of an interview but in this case … it’s a fundamental part of the story.

“You see, Roxane Gay is … I’m searching for the right word to use here. I don’t want to say fat so I’m going to use the official medical term: super morbidly obese.”

I dunno, maybe there weren’t enough donuts so her sugar level was low?

We’ve had people muttering about this around here

Several people have been injured, including a police officer, in a shooting at a Munich metro station.

Munich police said in a tweet that the police officer’s injuries were serious. The suspect was also injured and is in custody.

The shooting occurred during a morning police check at the Unterfoehring metro station, the Munich police spokesman Michael Riehlein said.

He had no further details, but Munich’s Merkur newspaper reported that witnesses said the suspect took a police officer’s pistol and shot her, and also injured others at the scene.

How tough is it to nick the gun off some slip of a girl?

Most sexist, of course, patriarchal even, but, well, how?


The reality of working in a factory making clothes for Ivanka Trump’s label has been laid bare, with employees speaking of being paid so little they cannot live with their children, anti-union intimidation and women being offered a bonus if they don’t take time off while menstruating.

Decades and decades of the insistence that menstruation doesn’t mean that women can’t do the work and now they’re claiming this is an imposition?

No, no, seriously, this is about me!

I have been an actor for more than 20 years now, and throughout that time there has been an ongoing discussion of diversity. Is there enough diversity in Hollywood? How many people of colour and women are enough? Does diversity sell? First it was: why are there no black films at the Oscars? Then, at the 2017 Oscars: wow, there are so many black movies at the Oscars; I guess the diversity issue is fixed?

As important as diversity in storytelling is, there is a deeper concern than representation. There are stories that must be told but that are all too often erased, even within narratives about race, or about gender.

Thandie Newton. Uhn huhn.

We don’t just need more black women in movies. We need intersectionality, now
Thandie Newton
Not all black people are men; not all women are white. Too often the distinct and different stories of women of colour are overlooked or erased

“I am a biracial getting on middle aged woman. Where are those headline roles for me?”

No, seriously, that’s it, that’s all there is here.

Gosh, what could it be?

But how exactly did Hollywood manage to turn off such a talented actor? As a child, Ejogo had already been earmarked for stardom, picking up a kids’ modeling agent, a small part alongside David Bowie in Absolute Beginners at the age of 11 and the opportunity to present a Saturday morning TV show on the Disney Channel. In her twenties, she headed stateside to play Eddie Murphy’s girlfriend in Metro, worked with Michael Winterbottom and Kenneth Branagh in I Want Love and Love’s Labour’s Lost, respectively, and played Coretta Scott King in the TV movie Boycott (a role she later played again in Ava DuVernay’s Selma).

Yet that’s when Ejogo’s roles became less frequent.

What happened?

Her choice to have children, with then husband and Boycott co-star Jeffrey Wright, was a factor

Oh aye? Rilly?

Surprise! Fit birds get hired as barmaids

A bar in Benidorm has been slammed after posting a recruitment advert telling women they must be single and wear heels to be hired.
The online post calls for ‘good looking, fit girls’ – but warns that those ‘with jealous boyfriends’ should not bother applying.
The advert – which was uploaded by beachfront bar Richard New Look – has sparked a fiery backlash with women branding the advert ‘discriminatory’ and ‘denigrating’.
The venue’s Facebook page has now been hijacked by furious feminists who are attempting to drag down its rating to ‘one star’ by posting dozens of angry reviews.
The advert said: ‘We’re looking for girls, 18 years plus, good-looking and with good physique, lots of experience making drinks and good with people.

Reality is such a shock to some people, isn’t it?

Of course, usually you try to hire one or two who can actually pour drinks as well but that’s near optional dependent upon the type of bar.

Outrageous patriarchal sexism!

Vladimir Putin has claimed he never has bad days because he ‘is not a woman’.
The Russian president made the bizarre comment to Oliver Stone during his upcoming four-part Showtime documentary, The Putin Interviews.
‘I am not a woman, so I don’t have bad days,’ the Moscow man told Stone while giving the award-winning director a tour of the Kremlin’s gilded throne room, Bloomberg reports.
‘I am not trying to insult anyone. That’s just the nature of things. There are certain natural cycles.’

The screams of outrage will be led by those who also call for menstrual leave.

Feminism caused obesity!

The obesity crisis was fuelled by feminism, a senior food policy adviser and founder of a feminist magazine has said.

Rosie Boycott said that the encouragement of women to enter the workplace rather than become housewives resulted in everyone giving up cooking.

It’s not actually true of course but it is fun. Obesity is, as any fule kno, caused by central heating.

Oh dear. Really not understanding this idea of academic freedcom

On Tuesday, I was alerted to the fact that the University of Sydney has recently approved research into how men’s sex lives are impacted by being in a relationship with someone who has endometriosis. This study is being conducted by master’s student who wishes to explore “the impact of endometriosis on men’s sexual wellbeing”.

Considering the tiny amount of attention and funding endometriosis gets, it’s enraging to see someone conducting a study into how this disease impacts men.

That’s what she gets to do love. Academic freedom just does mean she gets to research any question she thinks is interesting.

Amanduh’s feminist theory of Sgt Pepper’s

“Sgt. Pepper’s,” you see, is the album that marked the shift in rock music away from the grubby fingers of the teenybopper crowd and into the hushed halls of Great Art. It was the transition album that turned rock from a debased music for ponytailed fans twisting the night away to music for grown men whose tastes are far too refined to worry about whether a pop song has a beat you can dance to.

“Sgt. Pepper’s” was the point when rock stopped being the music of girls and started being the music of men.

It’s actually possible that this is both an original idea and also that she believes it.

Well, yes Jessica, and they should

There’s a quote from Maya Angelou that I’m fond of: “When people show you who they are, believe them.” It’s a sentiment I think about quite a lot when I’m combing through harassment or threats online. Because you do want to believe that the person who calls you a “bitch” or who says you should be raped isn’t really like this – that they’re actually good people having a bad day, or a bad life. You want to see the best in other people.

But the truth is that who we are is very much about how we treat others – whether it’s on the street, in our homes or, yes, on the internet. That’s why I was so concerned to see the broad latitude given to online abusers in Facebook’s guidelines for dealing with harassment and hate speech. Their baseline approach appears to give harassers the benefit of the doubt at every turn.

Because people are indeed at liberty to be complete assholes.

For example, it’s perfectly allowable for someone on Facebook to write: “To snap a bitch’s neck, make sure to apply all your pressure to the middle of her throat,” because it’s not an example of “credible” violence that is a “call to action” – just a venting of frustration, they say.

Similarly, if someone were to send the message, “unless you stop bitching I’ll have to cut your tongue out,” it would be classified as an “aspirational” or “conditional” statement. So this direct threat would be permitted on the site.

Why would Facebook believe that this kind of abuse is not a real threat to people? Well, because it’s online.

Nope, those are pretty much the restrictions which apply to real world speech to. Incitement to immediate violence? Verboten. Near everything else? People are at liberty to be complete assholes.

That’s quite a dangerous leap: just because someone might not threaten a person to their face in the same way they would online, it doesn’t mean that threat or hate is any less real.

Err, yes, yes it does dearie.

And here we get to the heart of it:

People like this do not feel “indifferent” towards the targets of their ire simply because they’re on the internet. They feel hatred, they feel rage. We have no way of knowing – not really – who will end up being a real danger to people. But we don’t need to give them space and attention, and we certainly shouldn’t give them permission to spread their bile.

It’s not our permission to give luvvie. Free speech is a right.

Not that Victoria Coren is ever going to face a gender pay gap

She is, rather annoyingly, rather too talented for that. However, here’s a decent explanation of why the gender pay gap does occur:

I’m not complaining about the time spent. That’s how I wanted to spend my time. Different people react to parenthood in different ways. Many of my closest friends, who love their children immeasurably and certainly as much as I love mine, need space from them. Quite apart from the financial imperative, they need for their own sanity to create separate professional achievements, maintain separate relationships or just have quiet days off.

That’s not how it’s been for me. To my surprise, it turned out that I find childcare infinitely interesting. It’s more rewarding than anything else I do and there’s no real peace or pleasure in being away from her. I’ve kept working a bit, but only to try and have some sort of skeleton career going for the future.

Don’t forget the gap is measured as an average. And it only requires some women to react to parenthood in this manner, more women than men do, for that gap to open up.

OK, this is good

She has made films about a gay club in LA that became a phenomenon and rewritten history as sapphic martial arts. Enters the dazzling world of trans artist Wu Tsang

What glory of a liberal society, that people can indeed devote their lives to absolutely anything they damn want to.

What it is being devoted to is of less than no interest to me I admit. But that is is possible for xe to do so is glorious. It’s the very point of the system itself.

As long as it’s not on our money of course.

Good grief

France’s incoming first lady is being taunted – all because she’s older than her husband
The Independent – ‎1 hour ago‎
It’s been a week since 39-year-old political outsider Emmanuel Macron won the French presidential election. But his wife, 64-year-old Brigitte Macron, has continued to face a litany of misogynistic comments similar to ones that plagued her throughout …

It might all be most unkind, impolitic, impolite, and possibly even ageist.

But it’s not misogyny, is it?

Misogyny isn’t even hatred – let alone insult of, commentary about – of a woman. It’s hated of someone because they are a woman.

Wembley Stadium one third full for FA cup final

And that’s after children were let in free.


With children admitted free, the national stadium teemed with families and a feeling of fun coursed through the stands for the showpiece event of the women’s game in England. The same feeling surged through the veins of Manchester City Women, the undisputed best women’s team in the land, who swaggered and then strolled their way to a memorable victory.

Birmingham City Ladies always knew they were in for a tough game against the star-studded City, but they cannot have expected it to have been as painful as this. City tore them apart in a devastating 15-minute spell in the first half, and then displayed the sort of arrogance and control that Pep Guardiola has so desperately tried to instil in their male counterparts.

Not that the one-sided nature of the final put a dampener on too many of the 35,000 fans who streamed into Wembley.

The reason female footballers get paid less than male is?

But why is this a problem?

Put nice smelling soap in changing rooms to encourage girls to play sport, a Football Association chief has said, as she reveals that girls as young as eight are now dropping out of sports lessons because they fear exercise is not feminine.

Baroness Sue Campbell, who is head of women’s football at the FA, said that the steep decline in physical activity in primary school girls is a major concern for policy makers.

“We used to believe that most girls stayed in sport until about age 14 or 15 and then dropped out because they didn’t want to look muscley,” said Baroness Campbell, the former chair of UK Sport who oversaw Team GB’s success at the London and Beijing Olympics.

“Now I am afraid it has got much younger. I think we are seeing earlier maturation, so we are realising girls are dropping out of activities at age eight and nine.”

Earlier menarche, earlier division into sex specific behaviour.

Shrug. Why is this a problem there must be a plan about? More, why must there be no difference in sex specific behaviour?

This might not prove what it is said is being proven

Facebook’s gender bias goes so deep it’s in the code
Female software engineers found their work was rejected 35 percent more than male engineers, according to a Wall Street Journal report.


A hurricane has been brewing at Facebook.
After years of suspicion, a veteran female Facebook engineer decided to evaluate what if any gaps there were in how female and male engineers’ work was treated.
She did it “so that we can have an insight into how the review process impacts people in various groups,” the Wall Street Journal learned exclusively.
Her analysis, conducted in September, found that female engineers’ work was rejected 35 percent more than their male counterparts based on five years of open code-review data. Women also waited 3.9 percent longer to have their code accepted and got 8.2 percent more questions and comments about their work.
Only 13 percent of Facebook’s engineers are women, 17 percent across all tech roles.

So how do we rule out the idea that the women’s code was worse?

Ah, guess what, that hasn’t even been considered. Odd that, eh?

So, about Ms Penny and the algos being racist

It might not be the algos you know:

I’ll illustrate with an anecdote from my Facebook days. Someone on the data science team had cooked up a new tool that recommended Facebook Pages users should like. And what did this tool start spitting out? Every ethnic stereotype you can imagine. We killed the tool when it recommended then president Obama if a user had “liked” rapper Jay Z. While that was a statistical fact – people who liked Jay Z were more likely to like Obama – it was one of the statistical truths Facebook couldn’t be seen espousing.

I disagreed. Jay Z is a millionaire music tycoon, so what if we associate him with the president? In our current world, there’s a long list of Truths That Cannot Be Stated Publicly, even though there’s plenty of data suggesting their correctness, and this was one of them.

African Americans living in postal codes with depressed incomes likely do respond disproportionately to ads for usurious “payday” loans. Hispanics between the ages of 18 and 25 probably do engage with ads singing the charms and advantages of military service.

Why should those examples of targeting be viewed as any less ethical than, say, ads selling $100 Lululemon yoga pants targeting thirtysomething women in affluent postal codes like San Francisco’s Marina district?

It’s not the algos that are racist/sexist/classist. It’s us.


FIVE women were reportedly victims of a brutal and alleged homophobic attack by a group of men in Hampshire.

One of the women reportedly lost seven teeth when she was punched in the face.

The women were assaulted as they walked home after a night out in Portsmouth at 11.30pm on April 16.

It is understood the victims, were in a group of eight, when they received homophobic abuse from seven men who then went onto attack them.

Attacking women is now homophobic?