That’s interesting

Mother is no longer a gender-specific term that applies only to women, lawyers on behalf of the Government have said.

Therefore the motherhood pay gap is no longer a gender pay gap. And so sexism cannot be the cause. Not that it is anyway but now we’ve confirmation

There becomes a point when….

The singers Phoebe Bridgers and Courtney Jaye claimed Adams behaved inappropriately during their relationships.

In an interview with The Telegraph last year, Bridgers said she met Adams in 2015. “A mutual friend in LA was like, ‘Ryan would like you’. He really was just trying to get me recording and trying to get Ryan to hear me, but Ryan was like, ‘Let me see a picture of her’.”

Bridgers says that she and Adams “ended up hanging out all night and recording a song together called Killer. Then, a couple of weeks later, he was suddenly trying to hook up with me. I was super-down and had just broken up with my high-school boyfriend. We slept together on his 40th birthday and I’d just turned 20.”

Moore, one of the stars of NBC’s award-winning “This Is Us,” burst on the scene as a teen singer and had musical success in the late ’90s and early 2000s. She claimed Adams stalled her music career and told her, “’You’re not a real musician, because you don’t play an instrument.’”

“His controlling behaviour essentially did block my ability to make new connections in the industry during a very pivotal and potentially lucrative time – my entire mid-to-late 20s,” 34-year-old Moore said to the Times.

These are adult women. You know, the strong independent types who should take over the world. The mutterings about underage stuff are of course different. But adults, come along ladies, whining about who you take your knickers off for is usual enough but we expect a bit more than he wasn’t very nice to me.

No love

However, when I began to write extensively about female health and sexuality, I realised that by not using the word vulva, I was doing myself and my genitals a disservice.

Euphemisms for the naming of the parts is a not a disservice. To worry about such things is a narcissism showing that you’ve not got anything to do in your life.

Logic Fail

This isn’t a movement of stupid people, or uneducated people, although some anti-vax posters on social media might persuade you otherwise. The demographics skew heavily in favour of reasonably affluent, reasonably well-educated middle-class white women.

The proof that educated middle class women are not stupid is what?

A contract is a contract

A “piece of paper should not stand in the way” of women coming forward to make allegations of sexual harassment, one of Sir Philip Green’s accusers said on Saturday night.

This specific contract apparently stating – as an NDA – that you don’t make public accusations of sexual harassment. Seems fair enough that you keep it as you did sign it.

Worth noting that it doesn’t stop you making complaints to the police. Making a formal complaint, alleging criminal behaviour. For a contract which tries to do that doesn’t stand.

So, tell us all, why shouldn’t you stand by your word, your agreement?

It’s not sexism Dame Sally, it’s politeness

The country’s chief medical officer has hit out at “sexist” attacks after being accused of a “nannying” approach.

Professor Dame Sally Davies questioned the BBC’s Nick Robinson on whether a male counterpart would have been given the label.

She was speaking after the UK’s chief medical officers said families should ban phones at bedtime and keep them away from the dinner table.

In an awkward exchange on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, Dame Sally was questioned about the nannying claims by Mr Robinson.

He asked her: “You always have this question, so I know you are familiar with it – this balance you have to get between nannying on the one hand, or being accused of it at least, and on the other hand banality, stating things that are obvious.”

Dame Sally shot back: “I thought you were going to be sexist.”

Robinson asked, “What bit of that is sexist?” and Dame Sally replied: “I wonder whether you would say to a male chief medical officer…”

A man who came out with this tosh would be told to fuck off you cunt.

So it’s not sexism it’s just politeness. Or even, it is sexism and aren’t you glad we are being so?

To be slightly more serious there’s an interesting point here. Yes, indeed, women are equal and can and should be doing any and every job and all that. And yet there’s something that all too many still don’t quite get. Quite how brutal men are to each other. And we’ve still got, very strongly, the social insistence that we don’t treat women in the workforce in the manner we entirely happily would men.

That is, we’re nowhere near equal treatment and women would, in general, be entirely horrified to find out what that would be if we were.

Feminist drivel

To understand where the seven-day break really came from, we need to know a bit about how this society-changing drug works:

Studies have shown repeatedly that our medical system has an inherent bias against women.

The society changing contraceptive pill shows our medical system has a bias against women.

And with that logic pours petrol on itself, strikes a match and leaves the building. Pity about that science and civilisation thing but it had a good run, eh?

Rhiannon’s Drivel

But we social revolutionaries are old hat. These hubs for digital nomads are popping up everywhere in our cities, and now the Church of England wants some of the action. The Times reports that it is to offer desks to young professionals, not to mention on-site gyms, as part of a £35m drive to attract younger congregation members. Focusing on areas with large student populations, these churches will offer a range of trendy services, with Stockton-on-Tees even appointing a “social media pastor”.

I should probably say here that I am not religious, and tend to view the attempt to modernise on the part of most religions as fatally incompatible with the whole worshipping-a-fictitious sky-god-who-tells-us-women-and-gay-people-are-inferior thing. Introduce a guitar into the proceedings, and I’m the first one calling for the last judgment. I don’t care if the whole world turns into a Hieronymus Bosch painting, I’ll even lead the procession into the demon’s cavernous, gaping mouth provided I don’t have to listen to Christian rock. And that’s before we get to the archbishop of Canterbury’s “speaking in tongues” revelation.

Then again, I grew up having my tarot cards read, several people in my family are Buddhist, and I’m pretty sure I once saw a ghost, so each to their own.

That is, I don’t believe, I don’t contribute, but everyone must do it as I wish them to.

Workspaces where people sit on their laptops, atomised and alienated from one another are 10 a penny. Why offer more of the same? Shouldn’t religious buildings be places of refuge from the treadmill? Will those kinds of people really see such a backdrop as part of their “personal brand”?

Super, go buy a church and run it as you wish.

Impressive numbers

Women around the world march against austerity and violence
Tens of thousands take to city streets to protest against violence and the impact of austerity on their lives

Propelled by a mass public rendition of Sisters Are Doin’ It for Themselves and accompanied by a thudding police helicopter overhead, hundreds of protesters have rallied in central London in solidarity with an estimated 89 Women’s Marches worldwide.

In Athens, Berlin, Washington DC and Los Angeles, to name just a few, tens of thousands of demonstrators turned out to protest against violence against women and the impact of policies of austerity.

Thousands, tens of thousands, all most impressive. Then look again, London, hundreds.

A crowd of hundreds in London is nothing, spit in the sea of the city. There were hundreds shopping in Marks and Spencers. The Oxford Street branch alone. Between 1 and 2 pm. Hundreds, in a city of 8 million, is smaller than the queue for Tube tickets.

Define the worth of a job

The dispute, which has been fought through the tribunals and courts for more than a decade and involves about 14,000 separate claims, stems from 2006, when a new job evaluation scheme was introduced by the then Labour-run council, with the aim of addressing gender pay inequality. Instead, say the women affected, it entrenched discrimination by paying female-dominated jobs such as catering and cleaning less than male-dominated jobs such as refuse collection because of a complex system that penalised people working split shifts and irregular hours.

The distinction between the same pay for the same job and the same pay for a job of equal worth. For in a market based economic system the only useful definition of a job of the same worth is one that pays the same….


A lap dancing venue that was threatened with closure by equality groups has had its license renewed after its dancers insisted they were feminists too.

Urban Tiger, a gentleman’s club located in Bristol City’s Centre, received its annual permit despite objections from women’s rights groups who called for the “sexist” venue to be closed.

Campaigners claimed that the club promoted outdated attitudes towards women as the dancers are objectified by the people who pay to see them perform.

Other people’s favoured activities should be illegal because you disapprove? Truly, the Lord Chamberlain’s Office lives on….

How the tune changes

Helen Evans, a former Oxfam safeguarding chief, criticised the report for failing to distinguish between serious sexual violence and issues of workplace harassment. She said: “Let’s be clear: by sexual misconduct we mean rape, sexual assault and other serious crimes. These cannot and must not be equated with bullying and harassment”.

We’re going to go back to making that distinction right across society, are we?

Well, no, not really

One in three UN workers say they have been sexually harassed in past two years
UN secretary general Antonio Guterres says ‘we still have a long way to go before we are able to openly discuss sexual harassment’

Seem to be discussing it just fine. It’s that you’re still doing it that’s the problem, isn’t it?

But, but…..

Singer R Kelly wrote a letter threatening to reveal embarrassing details of a woman’s sexual history if she didn’t drop a lawsuit accusing him of sexual abuse, the woman and her lawyer said Monday.

In the letter, a person identifying himself as R Kelly warned a lawyer for the woman, Faith Rodgers, that if she persisted with the suit, she would be “subjected to public opinion”.

What embarrassing details? Thought young women these days were strong, independent, out and proud about their sex lives?

Well, yes, OK

Divorced women are missing out on pensions wealth, with some losing hundreds of thousands of pounds in a break up, a former minister has said.

Sir Steve Webb said women end up as “poor relations” when it comes to pensions following the end of a marriage.

The average over-50s married couple has three times the pension wealth of the average divorced woman of the same age group, according to analysis from Royal London, the pensions provider.

Couples over 50 typically have a £454,000 pot compared with the average £131,000 for divorced women. Meanwhile, divorced men in the same age group have pension wealth of about £235,000.

That would seem to mean that it’s the men who go out and make the earnings which lead to their having pensions wealth, wouldn’t it?