Well now….

So giving this prestigious prize to two frontline human rights activists does highlight the growing global recognition of the widespread and endemic sexual harms women suffer during wartime. But despite this welcome recognition – and in spite of the widespread reporting of sexual violence incidences in conflict – the international legal system lacks a binding legal convention on the prohibition of violence against women.

Is there a prohibition on violence to men? People? Yes? Then all are covered, no? No? Then why should there specifically be one about women?

As we thought

The concept of misandry is dangerously vague in comparison to the reality of misogyny. I predict that if misandry is taken forward as a hate crime, it will be used to curb discussions of male violence and female oppression. Again.

Misogyny should be a hate crime and misandry shouldn’t because reasons.

Let’s use this idea, shall we?

Teachers must stop devoting so much time to slavery because it puts black children off History, the Royal Historical Society has said.

A new report by the society has found that the “seemingly relentless focus” on the exploitation and abolition of slavery can be “intellectually limiting and, at times, alienating” for black pupils.

We must also stop talking about the patriarchy because that puts young women off.

Boil yer heads laydeez, puhleeze

Waitrose is to change the name of its Gentleman’s Smoked Chicken Caesar Roll because feminist campaigners said it was sexist.

The roll, from Heston Blumenthal’s range at the supermarket, contains anchovy mayonnaise, similar to ‘gentleman’s relish’ but the name was branded “outrageous” on social media and the chain has issued an apology.

Amy Lamé, Sadiq Khan’s London night Czar posted an image of the product on Twitter and said: “I never knew sandwiches were gender specific. I’m female but thankfully Waitrose let me purchase this anyway.”

She tagged the organisation Everyday Sexism, who document instances of sexism experienced on a day to day basis.

Next week, Philips to rename Ladyshave.

Or, we might just assume that if this is what people are complaining about we’ve done all the difficult stuff and have no problems left.

Well, yes, could be

Modern mummy marketing is by and large geared towards heterosexual women in a comfortable socioeconomic income bracket. The mummy-targeted consumables shilled by celebrity mums like the Kardashians are deeply entrenched in anachronistic gender roles, suggesting that a new mother’s main role is as primary carer of her children.

Err, yes. A new mother’s main role is a primary carer to that new child. That’s why we have maternity leave, d’ye see?

This heteronormative approach to motherhood


There’s no pleasing some people, is there?

A new book has re-ignited a fraught debate in France over whether gallantry is a “brilliant but poisonous myth” that must be jettisoned a year after #Metoo or a treasured Gallic exception that is the envy of the world.

Gallantry, which first appeared in France in the mid-17th century as a code of conduct between the sexes in high society and an art form, may have provided subservient women with a modicum of empowerment at the time but its legacy is perpetuating gender inequality.

That is the view of Laure Murat, a French professor at the University of California in Los Angeles in her A Sexual Revolution, Post-Weinstein Reflections, written in response to the rape scandal involving Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein on both sides of the Atlantic.

Ms Murat described the concept of gallantry as a “screen” that has helped keep sexual relations partially in the dark ages in France by stopping people thinking about “what seduction is exactly”.

It continues to be viewed by many, she said, as a central part of French art de vivre based on “asymmetric consent, namely that the man proposes, the woman disposes.”

The central point being that it is women who have that decision making power. This oppresses women, does it?

Female musculature

OK, perhaps we’d not expect the average male Plod to beat a special forces bloke in a hand fight but still:

Prosecutor Catherine Donnelly told Canterbury Crown Court officers Jessica Arnold and Marie Roostan initially tried to reason with Palmer however Palmer grabbed PC Arnold around the throat and pinned her to the stairs in the house.

PC Arnold told Judge Catherine Brown: “I have attended many volatile and aggressive situations in my time as a police officer and yet this incident is far beyond anything I have previously experienced.

“The level of violence that was directed at my colleague and I came from nowhere.

“I had just been assaulted and my colleague was being strangled, listening to me screaming at him to let go of her throat and hearing him repeatedly say he will choke her is hard to listen to.

“I felt a real threat that my friend and colleague would lose consciousness and that it was my responsibility to protect her.”

She added: “It was only the realisation of what he was doing I think, made him release his grip.”

Perhaps a more aggressive physical intervention might have been called for? If she were capable of it, of course.

How to kill your own thesis

Warrior women: despite what gamers might believe, the ancient world was full of female fighters

Followed by:

But while it’s true that the Romans would not have had female soldiers in their armies, they certainly encountered women in battle – and when they did it created quite a stir. The historians of the ancient world recorded tales of impressive female military commanders from across many cultures.

When something is rare enough to cause a stir then it’s not a world full of that thing, is it?

How terrible

Love Island-obsessed teenage girls are undermining MeToo cause, claims headmistress

Why will people act as people instead of doing their duty to the cause?

Teenage girls risk undermining the “Me Too” movement by focussing on “trivial” things like make up and Love Island, a leading headmistress has said.

It is hard for women to be “taken seriously” when they spend their time “glorifying” pursuits which are “insignificant at best”, according to Jane Lunnon, headmistress of the £18,800-a-year Wimbledon High School.

Umm, what?

A drag queen has accused Virgin Atlantic of sex discrimination after allegedly dropping from a gay pride advert because they “discovered” she was a woman.

Lacey McFadyen claims Richard Branson’s airline offered her work appearing in a promotional video celebrating sexual diversity but withdrew it because “they only wanted male acts”.

The 26-year-old female drag artist, who uses the stage name Lacey Lou, was contacted by Sassy, a communications company working for Virgin, to ask her to appear in a “remake” of the airline’s famous 2009 television advert featuring glamorous air stewardesses walking through Gatwick Airport.

I thought drag queen was one of those gendered nouns in the first place?

Investigate this, FBI!

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh faces a second allegation of sexual misconduct after another woman came forward accusing him of inappropriate sexual behaviour during his college years at Yale University.

The New Yorker magazine reported on Sunday evening that a 53-year-old woman, Deborah Ramirez, who attended university with Kavanaugh, has alleged that the judge appeared to have thrust his genitals in her face at a drunken party during their freshman year in 1983-4 academic calendar. She said she clearly remembers the judge, then a teenager, pulling up his pants after a penis was thrust in her face during a drinking game. She also accused Kavanaugh of laughing at her in the aftermath and has said the FBI should investigate the incident.

A police organisation specifically set up so as to deal with interstate crime should be investigating a flashing incident at college decades ago?


There’s no shame to these people, is there?

Actually existing socialism was so feminist, wasn’t it?

A list of jobs and professions prohibited for women in Russia is going to be amended in the near future, Russia’s Labour Minister Maxim Topilin told reporters on Friday.

The list contains 456 professions in 39 industries – mostly those requiring work with various chemicals, heavy machinery or complex vehicles – that are considered dangerous for women’s health. It was adopted in 1974 and last revised in 2000.

According to Mr Topilin, women will now be allowed to take jobs in six out of these 39 categories: bread-making, sea, river, air and railway transport, driving heavy trucks and specialised vehicles.

From memory, also not allowed to take a driving test while either pregnant or lactating.

Soviets weren’t in fact feminist at all, despite what we get told by all too many today and then. But perhaps more importantly, an example of how difficult it is to change the nuts and bolts of a society.

Rather sums it up

The article prompted furious debate on social media and widespread criticism of Buruma’s decision to publish on the grounds that, though Ghomeshi had been acquitted, he remained subject to multiple claims of violent behavior from many women.

Proof, courts, evidence? Pah, we spit on these manifestations of the patriarchy. After all, what is the root of the word testimony? See, see, SEE!

Can’t recall, was it Amanduh? Jessica?

One of the harpies anyway, telling us that it’s men who murder, do these mass shootings, the patriarchy.

An employee at a Rite Aid warehouse opened fire at work on Thursday, killing three people before taking her own life, authorities said. Several other people were wounded.

The suspect was a 26-year-old temporary employee at the Rite Aid distribution center in northeastern Maryland, Harford County Sheriff Jeffrey Gahler said at a news conference. The sheriff’s office said in a tweet a short time later that she had been identified as Snochia Moseley of Baltimore County.

Krystal Watson, 33, said her husband, Eric, works at the facility and told her that the suspect had been arguing with somebody else near a time clock after a “Town Hall meeting.”

“And she went off,” she said.

Driven to it by the existence of the patriarchy, obviously.

The things DNA can tell us

‘Your father’s not your father’: when DNA tests reveal more than you bargained for

It does, for obvious reasons, tend to be fathers too.

Sure, intellectually we’ve known that there’s a lot of it about. But society has rather blind eyed it – certainly the law on such things as maintenance etc has. Especially the American system in places.

The thing is, now that we’ve this proof ability, is that legal system going to change? Logically it should of course but will logic make it through he accumulated special interests?

Umm, yes.

Apple has been criticised by feminists for designing iPhones which are ‘too big’ for the average female hand.

Other than being able to pick the thing up – not a claim being made I think? – what actually is the hand size restriction? And, if one exists, doesn’t that mean that the previous set of models were too small for the average male hand?

So good to see that all the other problems facing women are solved though.

Reading the story further though, they’re actually taking the whine seriously. Whut?