Well, yes, I would believe this

It woz the Russkies:

Labour has been told to “come clean” over whether it has helped to spread Russian “disinformation” during the general election campaign.

Jeremy Corbyn last week published a leaked dossier of classified information which he used to attack the Conservatives over the NHS, but refused to say how he got it.

On Monday night, independent researchers said the documents carried “the spectre of foreign influence” as they had been published online using methods that directly mirror an earlier Russian disinformation campaign.

Well, I’m not sure I would believe this specific allegation. But I would believe absolutely anything about what I think is the source, Nick Dearden at Global Justice Now.

Not even the source of the documents that is, but of the argument being made. That free trade means selling the NHS. Dearden is against trade, by and large. And a believer in all sorts of economic wierdnesses. And as far as I can tell he is the likely source of this underlying argument.


There are two stark facts about British politics. The first is that it is controlled, to a degree unparalleled in any other western European nation, by a tiny, unrepresentative elite. Like almost every aspect of public life here, government is dominated by people educated first at private schools, then at either Oxford or Cambridge.

Given the existence of France and enarques, how can anyone possibly say that?

Entirely willing to agree with too much control by the public schoolboys and Oxbridge graduates. Or even too little if that’s the way your fancy takes you. But elite more than anyone else?

These people are kidding. Right?

Watching one episode of Britain’s Got Talent could cause children to eat an additional 50 calories, a study has found.

The Obesity Health Alliance analysed adverts during six live episodes of Britain’s Got Talent over one week in May and June, finding that 23 per cent were for food or drink high in fat, sugar and salt such as pizza, burgers and ice cream.

According to the OHA, a child who watched all six episodes in one week would have seen more than 22 minutes of unhealthy food and drink adverts, which the charity calculated could lead to them eating an extra 300 calories.

No one is going to take this seriously, are they?

These people are cretins

Environmental groups have warned the banks linked to Saudi Aramco’s planned market float that they risk financing the destruction of the planet by supporting the public listing of the world’s biggest oil producer.

The eight green groups, including Oil Change International and Friends of the Earth, warned that the world’s largest IPO would be “the biggest single infusion of capital into the fossil fuel industry” since global governments signed the Paris climate accord in 2015.

There is to be no infusion into the fossil fuel business. The Saudi state is to sell some portion of the company it owns, Aramco. Not, Aramco is to sell new shares in Aramaco.

This puts no more investment into fossil fuels than Legal and General divesting itself of BP shares by selling them does.

Actually, if the Saudis sold all of Aramco that would be them divesting from fossil fuels and you’d have to praise them then, wouldn’t you?

This is the point of doing testing

In the UK’s trials of voter ID so far, significant numbers of people were denied a vote. When some majorities can be as small as two, every vote matters.

Voter ID being sold as a solution to a problem that we do not have

So, when we test voter ID we find that a number of people don;t pass the test. This shows that the test isn’t necessary.



Critics call out Extinction Rebellion’s race problem

Eh? It’s the human race they don’t like.

“Live from the royal courts of justice,” Extinction Rebellion London wrote. “It has been announced that all protesters arrested during the April rebellion will be prosecuted. We are asking the police and legal system to concentrate on issues such as knife crime, and not non-violent protesters who are trying to save our planet.”

For those with ears tuned to hear it, the dogwhistle sounded clear. Stop bothering us non-violent protesters; focus instead on those frightening inner-city neighborhoods, where black children carry knives.

“It was feeding into a racist narrative,” says Guppi Bola, an activist with the Wretched of the Earth, an environmental group that focuses on black, brown, and indigenous voices. “When those kinds of things come up, then of course you are not going to feel welcome.”

I think Guppi can fuck off here, don’t you think?

Err, yes love

“We have to face the oil and coal industry, the CO2-emitting industry, Wall Street, Bolsonaro, Donald Trump,” she said to cheers from the crowd. “We can’t and won’t win by staying home.”


“It’s super cool that she came all this way,” said Selma White, 14, a regular at Copenhagen’s Fridays for Future protests. “It’s really inspiring.”

Ocasio-Cortez arrived in Copenhagen on Wednesday morning

The emissions from flying from DC to Copenhagen are what?

Then of course there’s this drivel:

Instead, she said, the world needed to adopt “a cooperative, collaborative” system, “whose economy … benefits the middle and lower classes and marginalised people”.

What do you think a market economy is if it ain’t cooperation?

Quite so, quite so

Is Vassa a political play, then? For Craig, it is more about family and how politics can muddy the waters. “One thing Mike and I talked about a lot is that families are mostly based on a kind of socialist structure when they work. Which is to say that everyone is considered to be equal; if people are worse off for whatever reason we help them out; there’s a leader but the leader is there to make sure everyone is elevated; we share. In a nice, good family all those things are in place, right? We don’t have favourites, there’s equity, there’s equality, and we like that in families.” In Vassa, however, the central family “have drifted into a capitalist structure, essentially. So there are winners and there are losers, and gains and losses, and they are like ‘Are you useful to me or not?’ Which is a question in the capitalist world, [and] how capitalism fucks over loads of people. So you’re looking at a family who have rejected the socialist structure. What does that do? And can you sustain it? The answer, I think, is no.”

The important point here being that the socialist structure doesn’t work when expanded out to beyond the family, to those who are not so genetically intertwined. That being the useful insight that lefties simply don’t get.

As with AG Cohen’s (hmm, might not be the right name) and his description of socialism as being like going camping. OK, great, and why not? That description rather glossing over the point that everyone who has gone on the camping trip has decided, at the start, to go off on the camping trip and do the sharing. Imposed camping and sharing works about as well as when Pol Pot tried it.

Some people are insane

Gary Smith, the Scotland secretary of the GMB union, said the move represented a “troubling glimpse into the post-Brexit future” for the UK. “Scotland and the rest of the UK are sitting ducks after October 31st. The collective strength we have in the EU trading bloc will be gone and there is simply no such thing as a ‘special relationship’ with the United States – Trump will squeeze the UK economy for everything he can get,” he said.

The tariffs on whisky were imposed because we’re in the EU. If we weren’t in the EU then the tariffs wouldn’t have been imposed. Because we’d not be responsible – partially – for the Airbus subsidies.

So, ill effects of being in the EU are being used to explain how awful it would be to not be in the EU?

Some people are insane.

A certain amount of woo here

Healthcare systems don’t just include hospitals and clinics. They also include the educational institutions that teach our health professionals. Hence, there is also a need to see change and innovation in the academy for medical and other health professionals’ curriculum.

As a doctor, I have embraced disruption and have chosen to reject conventional medical training pathways. I have been drawn to the public health space because I recognised a need to look at health at a systemic level.

Just as there is a strong need for doctors to be “on the ground” disrupting systems in health services, there is an equally persistent need to be disrupting systems through education, research and advocacy.

We are beginning to see universities championing First Peoples’ leadership in these areas, allowing for a process of decolonising medical curriculum and the way medicine is presented to future doctors. This type of disruptive innovation follows one simple principle. Equity.

Equity in healthcare is providing care that meets the needs of all and is inclusive of individual circumstances and values of health.

It’s not pneumonia, you’re just not properly connected to the Dreamtime.

Wonder if Rupert knows his money is being used this way? Yes, she does work for the Murdoch Children’s Research summat and yes, Rupes did fund it.


Many years ago (before the death of Castro) I had a holiday in Cuba. There was a severe fuel shortage, due to the US blockade.

The US was, from at least the 1960s up until very recently indeed – after the death of Fidel at least – a net importer of oil. So, how could the US embargo – no exports from the US to Cuba – cause an oil shortage in Cuba?


From the email PR bin:

Produced from the finest Ecuadorian cocoa, it is a radical equality bar that aims to eradicate poverty and inequality one bar at a time, by putting the power to make a direct change into consumers’ hands.

Each pack has a blockchain-powered token with real monetary value that gives consumers the option to donate the token amount back to the producers who supply the cocoa (so they can plant more trees to combat deforestation and increase their earning power) or use it for a discount on their next purchase.

Who, exactly, was marking the paper?

A student was disqualified from her GCSE exam after she was accused of making “obscene racial comments” by criticising halal meat.

Abigail Ward, 16, a strict vegetarian, wrote during a Religious Studies exam in June that she found the idea of halal meat “absolutely disgusting”.

The exam board OCR later disqualified Miss Ward from the exam, accusing her of making “obscene racial comments”.

And if Grandpa Death had been marking it, would the same comment applied to kosher have got an A*?

The latest PR nonsense

An organisation that will remain nameless sent a press release.

Working more than 48 hours a week shortens your lifespan! See, see, in the international statistics!

They had not adjusted for income levels. Poor people life shorter lives, yes, poor people work longer hours, yes. But if you don’t adjust for income levels then pointing to shorter lives and longer working hours then…..

Lesbian vampire movies are hardly a new thing

San Francisco’s Frameline43 festival highlights the evolution of trans lives onscreen – from bigotry to complex reality

Things are tense. The 18-year-old who left home to find herself in the big city has just had her first lesbian encounter concluded with a savage bite to the neck. Turns out that her sexual partner is a vampire, and now she’s a vampire too. Will she take the antidote and go back to being human, or will she embrace eternal life and a diet of blood? It’s a tough choice but the fact that years ago she made a different kind of transition makes things easier.

Welcome to the brave new world of trans film. Once dominated by misunderstanding, exoticization and bigotry, transgender film has evolved to explore the complex realities of trans lives.

It’s not entirely a depiction of reality either, is it?

Crazed of the day

It therefore seems a strange time to restore at such cost a monument to the western civilisation that helped create these conditions. It is time to take a hard look at buildings such as Notre Dame and ask what they represent, and whether we should still be treasuring them.

Our current ideas on climate, environment, and inequality are partly the product of medieval Christian states.

Dear God some people are cretins

Well how much innovation have we really seen in consumer tech over the past decade? A 2019 smartphone delivers the exact same core services as the very first generation of iPhones, it just does the same things faster and better: Better processor, better camera, more memory etc., but the core services of the device are the same.

If you factor out the marketing, there’s really next to nothing happening. No leaps that in any way compare to the leap…

They’ve entirely missed price, haven’t they?

The $50 smartphone is am improvement over the $700 one?