A US federal judge in Texas ruled on Friday that the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare, is unconstitutional, a decision that was likely to be appealed to the supreme court.

US district judge Reed O’Connor in Fort Worth agreed with a coalition of 20 states that a change in tax law last year eliminating a penalty for not having health insurance invalidated the entire Obamacare law.

I think Obamacare was a bad idea, badly implemented. That it might be unconstitutional could also be true – it was such a kludge that it wouldn’t surprise me at all.

Gonna be fun.

What fun eh?

The rate of babies diagnosed with milk allergies has risen 500 per cent in a decade due to links between the formula industry and doctors, an investigation suggests.

Experts warn that the health of infants and their mothers is being harmed and rates of breastfeeding damaged thanks to over-broad diagnostic criteria drawn up with the help of vested interests.

Published in the British Medical Journal, the investigation found that prescriptions for specialist formula milks used to treat cows’ milk protein allergy (CMPA) rose from 105,029 in 2006 to more than 600,000 in 2016, with the NHS bill increasing from £8.1 million to more over £60 million annually.

Change the population and you’ll change the incidence of genetically rated conditions, won’t you?

Further, a generation or two after you’ve created formula that doesn’t kill – essentially, clean water for all – you’ll find lactose intolerance rising as those who carry it won’t have died as babies.

Sure, there’s also that possibility of bribery but……

Essentially, the complaint is that the NHS allows the formula companies to print leaflets about cow’s milk allergies. Ho Hum.

So, not for the first time, the modern world is saving my life

This is something that we would currently call trivial. An abscess under a tooth causing the jaw and cheek to blow up. Becoming distinctly painful.

I’ve just started a €5 euro course of amoxicillin, something that is up there at 99 to 99.9% certain to take care of it. If it doesn’t there are other things behind that to do so.

And 100 years ago there wouldn’t have been that thing. And yes, people did die – agonisingly actually – as a result of abcesses. Pulling the tooth might clear it up, might not.

Just a little thought to cheer me up while I wait for the swelling to go down.

This is not beyond the wit of man, surely?

Breast cancer survivors have complained that screening letters are forcing them to relive the trauma of their battle.

Women who have had double mastectomies to remove the disease have said they are still receiving invitations for mammograms, even though they have do not need to be screened.

Now, charities are calling on the NHS to better link its IT systems in order to prevent the distress.

The NHS system automatically posts letters to British women between the ages of 50 and 70 who are registered to a GP to invite them for regular breast screenings, including the time and date of the appointment.

According to NHS Digital, Women in England are called and recalled for screening using an application called Breast Screening Select (BSS).

Using the application, doctors flag higher risk individuals as well as remove patients from the system.

However this is not always the case and women who have survived the disease and are living ‘“flat” – having had two mastectomies – are still being given screening appointments.

Running a database. Or even, making sure the information on one is correct. This is not beyond the wit of man. Although it does seem to be beyond the ability of a bureaucracy. Which is one good reason why perhaps we shouldn’t use bureaucracies to run things.

Or maybe it’s just Hayek’s pretence of knowledge. Either way, not hopeful for this method of doing things, is it?

There’s something wrong here

The number of children having teeth removed in hospital has risen almost a fifth in six years, new figures show.

Dentists said it was a “scandal” that so many teeth were being left to rot, amid a diet of too much sugar and too little toothbrushing.

The NHS figures show more than 45,000 hospital operations to remove teeth from teenagers and children in 2017/18 – a rise of 18 per cent since 2012/2013.

The severity of the tooth decay means that the treatment has to be undertaken in a hospital under general anaesthetic, rather than a dentist.

They included 75 cases in which children had to have every single tooth removed – a 40 per cdnt rise over the period.

Sugar consumption is lower than it used to be. So, what is it that they’ve done wrong to reach this result? Who knows, we might even be polite and assume they’re mistaken rather than just flat out lying.


But the report was also criticised by experts for inappropriately “medicalising” unruly behaviour. Based on information from 9,117 children and young people, health chiefs say 5.5 per cent of preschool children now have a mental health disorder.

However, nearly half of these were characterised as “behavioural”, with the single most common form being “oppositional defiant disorder” (ODD).

The concept was devised decades ago in the US, but it was not fully adopted by England’s National Institute of Health and Care Excellence until 2013.

The watchdog recommends that parents of affected children attend NHS-funded parenting classes.

To be diagnosed with ODD a toddler must display at least four symptoms, such as spite, aggression and disobedience, for six months or longer.

Professor Tamsin Ford of Exeter Univeristy, who co-authored the new report, defended the criteria, saying he behaviour of children with ODD is often so bad it prompts parents to question whether they should let them out of the house.

Never. A bureaucracy would never, ever, widen the definition in order to ensure the growth of the bureaucracy, would it?

We’ve not seen this with the definition of poverty becoming relative poverty, we’ve not seen it with homelessness meaning having a home. Just doesn’t happen, does it?

That shows me then

The launch of a shingles vaccine and delays to copycat versions of a blockbuster helped Glaxosmithkline to achieve strong quarterly results.

Revenue at Britain’s biggest pharmaceuticals company rose by 6 per cent to £8.1 billion and pre-tax profit by 5 per cent to £1.7 billion in the third quarter.

Trading was boosted by sales of Shingrix, the shingles vaccine, in the United States

Shingles vaccine?

But shingles is just chicken pox coming back, isn’t it?

Well, obviously enough, not, but then that’s why no one does get their medical treatment from me.

Imagine the State fully in control of health care

We don’t actually have to imagine. People in prison are fully under the control of the State. Health care there is fully state controlled:

Almost half of England’s jails are providing inadequate medical care to inmates, whose health is being damaged by widespread failings, the NHS watchdog has told MPs in a scathing briefing leaked to the Observer.

Healthcare behind bars is so poor in some prisons that offenders die because staff do not respond properly to medical emergencies, the Care Quality Commission (CQC) says.

The State is so good at doing things.

Yes, I know this isn’t what they recommend but…..

One in two women will develop dementia or Parkinson’s disease, or have a stroke, in their lifetime, new research suggests.

About a third of men aged 45 and half of women of the same age are likely to go on to be diagnosed with one of the conditions, according to a study of more than 12,000 people.

The researchers, from the University Medical Center Rotterdam in the Netherlands, said preventive measures could “substantially” reduce the burden of the illnesses.

Die younger and miss the diseases of old age.

Why is The Guardian doing this?

The challenge was inspired after the local hospital was the first in the country to ban sugary drinks and food from its canteen. Simon Smith, who has a background in dietetics and a strong family history of type 2 diabetes, took over as head chef of the hospital in May last year. He said The Pioppi Diet “catalysed” a discussion with the chief executive, Karen James, to transform the food served to staff.

Why give Aseem Malhotra space to sell his diet book? Given that it’s nonsense?

Aseem Malhotra’s bid to become famous and sell his diet book protect the health of the nation has provided this blog with some hilarious content over the years, but he hits new heights of comedic gold in the Sunday Times today.

The low carb/LCHF movement to which Malhotra belongs is ultra-conspiratorial. Being essentially a cult based on magical thinking, it blames other people’s failure to share their beliefs on a vast and growing network of corrupt scientists and government agencies. You might wonder what motivates so many scientists, dietitians and bureaucrats to hide the truth about killer carbs, thereby condemning millions of people to ‘diabesity’, but the answer is obvious: they’re all in the pay of Big Food/Big Soda/Big Grain/Big Ag! Wake up sheeple.

Malhotra denounced the British Dietetic Association as Big Food puppets after they dissed his diet book. He has since added the British Heart Foundation and the American Heart Association to his list.

Just to remind everybody

No one, no one at all, is measuring life expectancy. Also, no one is measuring anything about people born in a particular place.

The first drop in life expectancy in Scotland for 35 years should “shame” both the Scottish and UK governments, it has been claimed.

Official figures revealed that life expectancy for men had fallen slightly from 77.07 years for boys born in 2014-16, to 77.02 years for those born in 2015-17. Over the same period, the figure for women fell from 81.15 years to 81.09 years.

Opposition parties said the data from the National Records of Scotland was a “wake up call” for the SNP administration and all those involved in public health.

What is being measured is the length of life of those born 70 and 80 years ago. We then assume that those born today will live that long. Umm, mean age of death or summat, median?, so once we’ve got past 50% of them being dead we’ve a good idea.

We also don’t measure it from births in Scotland. We measure where people die, not where they’re born. This might not be so important over a nation, but it definitely matters more locally. Measuring the age at which people die in the Gorbals is an extremely bad guide the the age at which people born there die. Because migration.

Sounds entirely plausible

Soot particles have been discovered in the placentas of pregnant women for the first time, leading scientists to warn that pollution may directly harm unborn babies.

Researchers discovered small black areas in the organ that surrounds the foetus in five mothers-to-be who were living in London.

Until now there has only been limited evidence that inhaled pollution particles can access the bloodstream via the lungs.

But the discovery of carbon particles in an organ so crucial for pregnancy helps explain data suggesting that women living in polluted areas are more prone to premature birth and having low-birthweight babies.

Assume that the particles can get into the blood. The placenta is where we’d rather hope that some such would get caught, that being what it is, a blood filter. And yes, OK, assume all of that and maybe we have found one of the reasons why air pollution causes low birth weights.

Now, I’ve no specialist knowledge at all so don’t know whether the basic assumption is sensible or not. BiG will know.

OK. Then there’s the joy of Telegraph reporting, the placenta surrounds the foetus, does it?

And then there’s the big point. Lucky we’ve reduced air pollution in recent decades then, isn’t it? Which presumable is why babies are bigger these days?

Shut up, Shut Up, SHUT UP!

Don’t partake of the human experience, don’t discuss this socially, just do as we the experts tell you:

Horrific tales of childbirth from friends and social media forums like Mumsnet are driving women to request caesarean sections, a leading midwife has warned.

Catriona Jones, a lecturer in midwifery at the University of Hull, said up to 14 per cent of expectant mothers now suffer from ‘tocophobia’, which is defined as an unreasonable dread of childbirth.

Although women throughout the ages have been afraid of labour, Mrs Jones warned that harrowing accounts on TV dramas and social media were fuelling the problem and called on mothers to avoid sharing their birthing horror stories.

Because of course midwifery is never subject to groupthink or other error. We’re experts.


Ministers have been urged to address the “crisis in children’s mental health” after a Children’s Society report revealed that around one in four 14-year-old girls self-harm.

The charity’s annual Good Childhood Report, which examines the state of children’s well-being in the UK, found that out of the 11,000 children surveyed one in six reported self-harming at 14.

Based on these figures, the Children’s Society estimates that nearly 110,000 children aged 14 may have self-harmed across the UK during the same 12-month period, including 76,000 girls and 33,000 boys.

1 in 6 report, so we’ll say 1 in 4?

Further, my assumption is that self harm has a pretty wide definition here.