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There appears to be some uncertainty as to which “home” the four congresswomen could go back to (Trump’s ‘go back’ racism is crude, but may yet be effective, 17 July). Is it too much to hope that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s family tree might reveal roots in the UK that she could return to? She would be most welcome.
Ginny Gough
Cottenham, Cambridgeshire

And much of America would like her to take the opportunity too.

Fun thought, isn’t it?

in a country where the Swedish Democrats, (Sverigedemokraterna) strongly influenced by the idea of keeping different cultures apart – as well as the idea of ethnicity as the basis for nationhood-

Anyone want to come up with alternative measures of nationhood? Sharing the same piece of geography maybe? A common culture?

Family, clan, tribe, they obviously depend upon that ethnicity. Nation maybe not so much. But what is that glue?

A statement for which you can get fired these days

Given that it’s the only one actually selected as an example this must be verboten speech:

On OpenPsych, a non-peer-reviewed journal, Carl alleged in 2016 that the percentage of Muslims in a country’s population are positively “associated with Islamist terrorism across Western countries”. Carl has also spoken at the London Conference on Intelligence – a conference on race intelligence and eugenics which in the past has been covertly held at University College London.

I’ve no idea whether it’s true or not of course. It would be interesting either way. There is a correlation with the Muslim percentage of the population? There isn’t?

After all, if Britain had zero Islamic population then 7/7 would not have happened…..

Hmm, well, yes, Bradford, eh?

Basharat Khaliq, of Glaisdale Court, Allerton, Bradford, was found guilty of five counts of rape and one count of sexual assault, police said. He was jailed for 20 years.

Saeed Akhtar, 55, of Back Girlington Road, Bradford, was found guilty of one charge of rape and two charges of causing or inciting child prostitution. He was jailed for 20 years.

Naveed Akhtar, 43, of Newport Place, Bradford, was found guilty of two counts of rape. He was jailed for 17 years.

Parvaze Ahmed, 36, of Farcliffe Road, Bradford, was found guilty of three charges of rape. He was jailed for 17 years.

Izar Hussain, 32, of St Leonard’s Road, Bradford, was found guilty of rape. He was jailed for 16 years.

Zeeshan Ali, 32, of Durham Terrace, Bradford, was found guilty of sexual assault. He was jailed for 18 months.

Kieran Harris, 28, of Fir Parade, Dewsbury, was found guilty of two counts of rape. He was jailed for 17 years.

Fahim Iqbal, 28, of Quarry Road, Dewsbury, was found guilty of aiding and abetting one of Harris’s rapes. He was jailed for seven years.

Mohammed Usman, 31, of Quaker Street, Bradford, was found guilty of two counts of rape. He was jailed for 17 years.

This is fun

The newborn baby of Shamima Begum is a British citizen and could return to the UK despite the teenage mother losing her citizenship over her support for the terror group Isil, according to lawyers.

For there’s a concept similar to anchor babies in EU law. Mother of an EU citizen under 18 presumptively gains EU residence…..

They say not but I don’t believe them:

Jihadi bride Shamima Begum will be barred from using her baby’s British citizenship as a backdoor route to return to the UK, Government sources have indicated.

It emerged on Wednesday that the newborn baby of Ms Begum, who left east London to join Islamic state in Syria four years ago, is a British citizen because he was born at the weekend before his 19-year old mother was stripped of her British citizenship on Tuesday.

Home Secretary Sajid Javid confirmed the boy’s status to MPs: “If a parent does lose their British citizenship it does not affect the rights of their child.”

Haven’t things changed?

Only 14 per cent of police officers in the capital are from BAME (black and ethnic minority) communities, compared to 43 per cent of the London population.

Not to say that this is better or worse. But it’s certainly different from what it was.

Part of the political disconnect is that those doing national politics – and national media etc – think this reflects the nation, not London alone.

From 2011 Census, 14% BAME for England and Wales (less for UK as whole).

And rather lower for many other areas. Always been amused by the cast in Vera. Get quite a few you’d not think ethnically Geordie in there. Not as a plot point, just as a general member of the cast, with local accents ‘n’ all. You know, this is what modern GeordieLand looks like.

Not really. Take Hartlepool – in the region, think there’s an episode or two there. 92,000 people odd. 89,000 of whom are white. Maybe 600 in total British Indian/Pakistani. 200 more Bangladeshis, perhaps 200 total of all varieties of Black (ie, African and Caribbean). (From “2011 Census: Ethnic group, local authorities in England and Wales”).

No casting director in London’s going to believe that. No one in national media’s going to believe that. We should have no more than token BAME in Vera because that’s what the BAME presence is up there, token? Gerraway wi’ya.

And thus is built that gap. London’s very different from the rest of Britain. Might well be better – but it’s definitely different.

Well, no, not so much

Arizona: Four women convicted after leaving food and water in desert for migrants

A lot of weight upon that “after” there.

A federal judge has found four women guilty of entering a national wildlife refuge without a permit

That’s the misdemeanor – think £5 fine from the magistrates level of crime – they’ve been found guilty of.

And how we are diminished

A decade ago it was an argument among such female labourers that suddenly flared into an accusation of blasphemy and set in train bloody events that are still unresolved.

The accusation against a Christian mother-of-five called Asia Bibi and the death sentence that followed divided Pakistan and prompted religious extremists to assassinate two senior politicians who spoke out for her.

The 54-year-old was in October acquitted on appeal, but remains in protective custody until the ruling has been reviewed. She is widely expected to be freed to flee to the West and claim asylum.

Pakistan’s supreme court demolished her conviction saying it was fatally undermined by procedural problems, contradictory testimony from her accusers and an apparently forced confession.

But even settling her abroad is not without complications. Wary of a reaction from Britain’s Muslim community, prime minister Theresa May reportedly shrugged off the pleas of cabinet ministers that the UK step forward and offer a route to safety. Australia, the US or Canada are likely alternatives.

Is that actually true?

Sure, there’s no legal reason why we should offer Bibi asylum or refuge. No real reason at all other than being the ex-colonial power and thus the grown ups in the room.

But the reason why not? There’re enough from there here that’ll cut up rough if we do?

Time to bring Charlie Napier’s management method back from there to here then isn’t it?

Fascinating really

Sajid Javid has defended his right to highlight the Pakistani Asian background of grooming gangs.

The home secretary said it would be wrong not to investigate why more than 50 per cent of those involved in recent child sexual abuse grooming cases were of Pakistani heritage.

Mr Javid, himself of Pakistani heritage and a Muslim, warned that ignoring the ethnicity of abusers would give “oxygen” to extremists.

He also defended his previous comments in a tweet in October in which he described a Huddersfield gang as “sick Asian paedophiles.”

Isn’t is remarkable that a defence is thought necessary? Rather than it just being an obvious statement of truth?

No, it is not true that all men of Pakistani background are kiddie fiddlers. It is true that a preponderance of child grooming gangs are of Pakistani background. Yet to say so requires a defence?

Is this racism?

Now my experience of “the question” is laid bare in the data: within the last month alone, one in five BAME people has had someone assume they aren’t British on the basis of their ethnicity.

The BAME content of the population has changed in the last generation. Cultures take time to change.

And, well, what actually is the percentage of BAME population that isn’t native born? It’s possible that it’s 20% or more isn’t it? Note, percentage of BAME, not percentage of total population.

The list

Amusing that The Guardian does this. They do quote the judge:

He added: “Amongst the aggravating factors are that these girls were young when the abuse started, they were targeted because of their extreme vulnerability. They were threatened and intimidated and plied with drink and drugs often to insensibility and often in order to facilitate sexual abuse. These were planned offences by a large group of Asian men.”

Nothing else is said about race nor origin. Except the following:

The 20 men convicted were:

• Amere Singh Dhaliwal, 35, of Holly Road, Huddersfield – jailed for life, minimum of 18 years
• Irfan Ahmed, 34, of Yews Hill Road, Huddersfield – jailed for eight years
• Zahid Hassan, 29, of Bland Street, Huddersfield – jailed for 18 years
• Mohammed Kammer, 34, of West View, Huddersfield – jailed for 16 years
• Mohammed Rizwan Aslam, 31, of Huddersfield Road, Dewsbury – jailed for 15 years
• Abdul Rehman, 31, of Darnley Drive, Sheffield – jailed for 16 years
• Raj Singh Barsran, 34, of Caldercliffe Road, Huddersfield – jailed for 17 years
• Nahman Mohammed, 32, of West View, Huddersfield – jailed for 15 years
• Mansoor Akhtar, 27, of Blackmoorfoot Road, Huddersfield – jailed for eight years
• Wiqas Mahmud, 38, of Banks Crescent, Huddersfield – jailed for 15 years
• Nasarat Hussain, 30, of Upper Mount Street, Huddersfield – jailed for 17 years
• Sajid Hussain, 33, of Grasmere Road, Huddersfield – jailed for 17 years
• Mohammed Irfraz, 30, of North Road, Huddersfield – jailed for six years
• Faisal Nadeem, 32, of Carr Green Lane, Huddersfield – jailed for 12 years
• Mohammed Azeem, 33, of Wrose Road, Bradford – jailed for 18 years
• Manzoor Hassan, 38, of Bland Street, Huddersfield – jailed for five years
• Niaz Ahmed, 54, of Woodthorpe Terrace, Huddersfield – to be sentenced on 1 November
• Mohammed Imran Ibrar, 34, of Manchester Road, Huddersfield – to be sentenced on 1 November
• Asif Bashir, 33, of Thornton Lodge Road, Huddersfield – to be sentenced on 1 November
• Mohammed Akram, 33, of Springdale Street, Huddersfield – to be sentenced on 1 November

By the way, no, I’m not racist, not in the slightest. I am very much so culturalist. I would strongly suspect, for example, that I’ve more in common with Maro Itoje than I do with Freddy Michalak – and so on through the possible permutations.

They did get there in the end

A series of trials that were almost derailed by the English Defence League founder, Tommy Robinson, have ended with 20 members of an Asian grooming gang being convicted of a catalogue of rape and abuse against girls as young as 11.

The gang members, who were mainly of Pakistani heritage and came from the Huddersfield area, were convicted after a court heard how they passed victims around like “commodities” and used them for their own “sexual gratification”.

Ringleader Amere Singh Dhaliwal, 35, was jailed for life earlier this year and told he must serve a minimum of 18 years in prison by a judge who described his treatment of the girls as “inhuman”.

The abuse took place between 2004 and 2011 and involved victims aged between 11 and 17.

Details of the case and the three trials can only now be disclosed after a judge agreed to lift reporting restrictions following a challenge from the media.

But the second trial almost collapsed in May when far right campaigner, Robinson, was arrested for allegedly breaching reporting restrictions by filming outside the court.

As has been pointed out in the comments here before. Simply too many defendants to all be in the court at the same time, thus a chain of trials. The risk wasn’t particularly that Tommy would damage the one he was at, but the next one.

OK, now on to he interesting question. It’s said that Nick Griffin warned of this. Possibly even on his QT appearance. Now, is it possible for us to get chapter and verse on this? See a transcript of what he actually said?

For if it was more than just “dirty foreigners messing with birds” to the point of being a useful guide to what we’ve now proven happened. Well, if it was, then we’ve an excellent empirical argument against no platforming, don’t we? Sure, we’ve already a barrel full of logical and moral ones, but how about something practical?

He’s got a point here

Jeremy Corbyn has said he does not believe it is anti-Semitic to describe the creation of Israel as racist in a move which saw his relationship with the Jewish community plummet to new depths.

The Labour leader called for the party on Tuesday to adopt a personal statement which would have permitted activists to describe “Israel, its policies or the circumstances around its foundation as racist”.

I think that he is anti-semitic. And not particularly through any animus to Jews, but because he’s so deeply invested in the Palestinian (for which read, really, anti-US hegemony) idea. But put that to one side.

Is it right to say that the foundation of Israel was racist? To the extent that you think the Jews were/are a race, mebbe, mebbe not. You could substitute culturalist, tribalist, religionist, you might get closer. There was certainly some distinction made between those who were in group and those who were not.

But whether you’re right and whether you’re allowed to argue the case are rather different things. Of course you can/may argue that case, just as you should be allowed to argue any other.

After all, because something actually was racist – if we assume it was – doesn’t mean that it was therefore a bad idea. Whether it was a bad ‘un or not depends upon whether it was a bad ‘un or not. Who got to rule the Danelaw and why was definitely something decided along racial – or tribal – grounds. Doesn’t mean that Yorkshire’s a bad idea, does it?

Well, yes, not a surprise

More than 80 per cent of the rise in Britain’s population between 2001 and 2016 was because of migration, a new analysis has found.

Migration Watch UK said that 3.1million migrants had come to the UK over that period and 2.5million children had at least one parent who was born abroad.

When adjusted for migrants who had died, the figures suggest that 5.4million of the 6.6million increase in the UK’s population over that period.

All of the rich nations – absent migration – have fertility rates below replacement level.

Not exactly a great surprise.