Well, yes, but

What is it that you actually expect?

The 24-year-old bottle blonde behind Sweden’s bikini-clad ‘grope-watch’ vigilantes has been accused of spurring fear and racism at the pool where she launched her campaign, with the manager saying staff have received a deluge of hate mail since she began last month.

Meanwhile, the Telegraph has learnt that the co-founder of the group’s Stockholm spin-off last year received a suspended prison sentence for taking part in a neo-Nazi attack on anti-racist protesters, armed with a knife.

Siri Bernhardsson and friends, who refer to themselves as the “tafsvakten” or “grope-watch”, started patrolling the local swimming pool in Kalmar, southeast Sweden, last month in a bid to deter migrants from molesting female bathers.

But their campaign has sparked outrage among locals and the swimming pool’s management, who say the stunt is encouraging racism towards refugees.

!) There has been an influx of refugees.

2) There have been incidents at swimming pools. Not just the odd grope but in Germany the rape of a child.

3) Yes of course there will be a reaction.

4) Yes of course some of said reaction will be by mouth breathing racists.

But what did anyone expect would happen?

A rather large part of what we call civilisation is that social training, that control, of what young men are like in their natural state. Introduce a decent portion of those who have not been so socialised and there will be such problems. Whatever the race or religion of either group in fact.

Socialism and the unity of all people

Anti-migrant mob in Germany ‘cheered’ as refugee shelter burned in front of them
Up to 30 drunken onlookers clapped and cheered as a former hotel, which was being converted into an asylum seeker refuge, caught alight in Bautzen, Saxony

Caught fire” there is a bit of a misnomer, accelerants have been found.

But this sort of anger about foreigners is, while not exclusive to the old DDR, very much more common there than in the old GDR. A couple of generations of socialism don’t seem to have brought on that peace and brotherhood of all men.

And it’s also the old DDR that has the vast expanses of empty properties that people can be put into. And if we look at it purely on an economic basis filling those up with the young immigrants isn’t all that bad an idea: the local populations very definitely skew old, as many of the young moved west.

It’s one of those “interesting” problems.

Aye aye

Claiming refugee status means that your claim for refugee status will be considered. Not that it will be granted:

Sweden intends to expel up to 80,000 migrants who arrived in 2015 and whose application for asylum has been rejected, Interior Minister Anders Ygeman said on Wednesday.
“We are talking about 60,000 people but the number could climb to 80,000,” the minister was quoted as saying by Swedish media, adding that the government had asked the police and authorities in charge of migrants to organise their expulsion.

There’s going to be an awful lot of pissed off people.

Here’s an idea

Authorities in the German city of Cologne are to set up a “safe zone” for women during the annual carnival which begins next week, to avoid a repeat of the New Year sex attacks on women.

Why not turn the whole city into a safe area? Heck, the whole country?

Won’t work, or at least shouldn’t

The European commission is expected to propose scrapping arrangements that mean refugees have to claim asylum in the first country European they arrive in.

Because it’s not really just an EU regulation. That’s the way the whole international asylum seeker set up works. Claim in the first country you get to where it is safe for you to do so.

Aid and succour to those fleeing a violent death, starvation or oppression is the point of the system, not allowing people to pick and choose which place they’d like to receive it in.

So now we understand the problem

This cover-up of sex assaults in Sweden is a gift for xenophobes
Andrew Brown

Police failure to report widespread assaults by immigrant gangs at a Stockholm music festival will be immensely damaging for the country’s race relations

Remarkable really. It not the attacks that are the problem, not that there are groups willing to make such attacks which is the problem but that people might get a bad image of a group that is the problem.

What? Paul Mason and the absurd

Meanwhile, groups of apparently foreign men in Cologne staged what look like premeditated sexual assaults on women, prompting a new outburst of the racism barely hidden behind German constitutional reality.

Err, racism is “taste discrimination” as the economists have it, not “rational discrimination”. and objecting to a bunch of young men criminally feeling up the birds of the nation isn’t taste discrimination nor racism: it’s rational discrimination.


Don’t want to start shouting Sheeple and the like but…..

Police in Sweden have been accused of hushing up a series of sexual assaults by asylum seekers at Europe’s largest teen pop festival, with one senior officer saying police wanted to avoid “playing into the hands” of the anti-immigration Sweden Democrat party.


In an internal police memo seen by the newspaper, officers identified a group of approximately 50 men, “so-called refugee youths, predominantly from Afghanistan,” whom they suspected of being behind the attacks, adding that “several of the gang were arrested for sexual harassment”.

Despite a record number of girls reporting crimes, police made no mention of the phenomenon in the report on the festival posted to their website, which said instead only that there had been “relatively few crimes and few arrests given the number of attendants”.

Sweden’s Prime Minister on Monday called for an immediate inquiry into why no crimes were prosecuted and whether police hushed up the assaults.
“I feel a very strong anger that young women should not be able to attend a music festival without being offended, sexually harassed and attacked,” he said.
On Monday afternoon, Dan Eliasson, Sweden’s national police commissioner, agreed that the offences were “completely unacceptable” and launched an “immediate internal investigation into any wrongdoing or crimes”.
“I will be extremely displeased if we held back on any information for political reasons,” he said.

Displeased perhaps isn’t the right word, incandescent with rage and laying about you with a Viking battle axe might come close though.

there’s a vague similarity here between this and my general view of Islamic terrorism. That some of us will be killed I think inevitable, as 7/7 showed. There always will be nutters in any movement or religion. But I’m much less worried about the actual terrorism than I am the reaction to it: I can easily see, hell, the Home Office is just drooling at the prospect, the continued erosion of our own civil liberties in order to “beat the terrorists”. And that would be a price higher than a few score dead every few years.

True, no one’s actually asking me to be the one to die so that’s quite easy to say but…..

That gangs of imperfectly socialised young men cop a grope at a pop festival….not desirable and of course something should indeed be done. But what worries me far more than that itself is the corruption of the whole policing and criminal justice system that we seem to be seeing. In the name of that political correctness, in order not to give aid to the Swedish Democrats in this case. Which is where the similarity is: it’s not actually the immigrants or the terrorists I worry about. It’s the damage we’re doing to our own rights and societies in the contortions of trying to deal with them.

Err, yes Will

Merkel and her SPD coalition partners will insist on the rule of law, getting tougher on deportation. There will be no talk of noxious multiculturalism, but instead of cultural coexistence in which the host society’s values are paramount.

When will you be recommending that for here?

And doesn’t that just settle the Rhodes statue issue? Our gaff, our rules.

I’ve said this before and no doubt I’ll need to say it again

As a BME student who – with two very minor exceptions – never faced overt racism to my face, it made uncomfortable reading. Students had been told “You don’t speak well enough to get into Oxford” and “You do know they only accepted you because you’re black”. Those in Rhodes Must Not Fall might take the worldview that BME student feeling alienated is their fault – I hope most right-thinking people would not.
Then there was the 100 Voices report from Campaign for Racial Awareness and Equality (CRAE), part of the Oxford University Students’ Union (OUSU). Although completed in 2014, it was inexplicably sat on for 10 months or so. Excerpts from it are equally grim:
“I was told of an incident during the college photoshoot where, upon seeing the two students he was going to be photographed with, a tutor responded ‘ah excellent, a woman and an ethnic’.”
What the debate over Cecil Rhodes’s statue has done most effectively is to involuntarily stop reasoned discussion about BME students and their experiences.
If we want to combat racism and an imperial legacy, over-simplified and grotesque statements conflating France and Daesh aren’t the way forwards – they simply play into the hands of tin-pot nationalists.
Victory, more often than not, is won through dialogue. Whether Rhodes falls or not, wide structural issues will stand – and they can’t all be tackled through force of character alone.
Siddharth Venkataramakrishnan is a third year English student at the University of Oxford,

Hope he can write better than that after 2 13 years at Oxford studying English.

Because he’s not actually made an argument for anything either way.

However to repeat myself from before. Current day Britain is one of the least racist societies either currently extant or across history. As far as “the outsider” and the rest of the society, this is about as good as it has ever been for humans. Doesn’t mean it’s perfect, doesn’t mean that it can’t get better but still….

I’ve lived and worked in Russia, the US, Czech Republic and UK, and really, the UK stands out for the incredible indifference we have to race compared to those other places. Others who read here (I think of Tim Newman specifically, experiences in Russia) will confirm this.

Actually, last time I said this there was a comment from one lady who described a kaffeeklasch with some friends. Wondering what society would make of such children of the group that were mixed race. She was impelled to point out that of all the children of the group, only those of herself and her partner would not in fact be mixed race. Thus, given that some rather large proportion of children are going to be mixed race they’re going to do fine.

And that is actually one of the reasons why race in the UK is, compared to so many other places, so unimportant. Simply because we Brits have got into the habit of fucking each other regardless of melanin content. Sure, it’s not immediate, takes a generation or three, but the outmarriage rates are vastly higher among us than they are in just about anywhere else you might think of. I think I’ve seen rates of 30% or so for Afro Caribbeans for example. At that rate the “problem” goes away quickly enough by any societal standard. A slight tint to a formerly pinkish society is what we’ll end up with.

Frances has her critics it seems

OK, so it’s Reddit, and not necessarily the most sane part of it, although this is even more odd.

But seriously? The Cologne attacks were made by paying locals to pretend to be immigrants so as to stir up anti-immigrant feelings?

Quite apart from anything else isn’t that rather overestimating the intelligence of those in Pegida?

Elsewhere the American fascists have picked up on it. First comment: only a Jew could have said such a thing.

Yup, rather over estimating the intelligence of Pegida and allies.


The fight on Sunday underlines the difficulties Germany faces in handling hundreds of thousands of migrants. Although incidents in such centres are common, the chaos in the shelter at Berlin’s disused Tempelhof airport was more violent than normal.

“There were apparently many hundreds of people involved,” a police spokesman said. An unspecified number of arrests were made.

Michael Elias, who is in charge of the shelter, said 830 people were housed at the facility and that between 20 and 30 started the disruption. “It’s the simple fact that there are a lot of young men travelling alone here. We withdrew … because the situation simply exploded. It was a complete blow-out,” he said.

Didn’t last long, did it?

Germany is to start deporting Syrian refugees after reinstating EU rules under which they must claim asylum in the first member state they enter.

And Greece is pretty fucked, isn’t it?

Actually, maybe not:

And a longstanding German court ruling means the country cannot deport refugees to Greece, where the majority of Syrians first arrive, because of poor conditions for asylum-seekers there.

But presumably the German courts are just fine with the Greeks themselves having to live in those appalling conditions enforced by Germany?

Hmm, I wonder….

Traffic jams up to 30 miles long built up on roads between Hungary and Austria yesterday as police stepped up searches to stop gangs of people smugglers trafficking migrants through Europe.

And in chaotic scenes at a Budapest railway station, thousands boarded trains bound for Vienna and Munich with chants including: ‘Germany! Germany!’

The town I’m in, Usti nad Labem, is on the main line Budapest, Prague, Berlin. An idle wonder really, wonder if those trains are full? Could well not be, as it would be the long way around. And there’s no Prague: Munich link (it’s a bus) so, maybe not I guess.

Hoist and petard come to mind

There are those who insist that Labour opened the non-EU immigration flood gates in order to gain a complaint electorate:

Labour have seen a collapse in their crucial ethnic minority vote since 2010 in a blow for Ed Miliband with three quarters of Indian voters abandoning the party.

Influential pollsters say that Labour are mistaken in their belief they are “sitting pretty” with the ethnic minority vote and Indian, Pakistani and African voters are turning away from the party in huge numbers.

The number of Indian voters identifying with the Labour party has fallen from 77 per cent in 1997 to just 18 per cent in 2014 – a fall of over three quarters, according to the figures from the British Election Study.

Pakistani support has fallen from 77 to 57 per cent, a fall of 27 per cent. Meanwhile Carribean support has dropped 14 per cent from 78 to 67 per cent.

Support from the African community has dropped by 20 per cent, from 79 to 63 per cent, the research shows.

Bit of a pisser if they’ve gone and changed the country but not even achieved their aim.

Weird, just weird

At least 15 migrants in and around the French port of Calais have died in the past year as an influx of young men and women from east Africa take ever greater risks to get the UK, according to an investigation by the Guardian.

Agreed, bad thing.

He said the UK – along with other northern European countries – had to “provide a mechanism” that allows those with legitimate claims to seek asylum when they first arrived in southern EU countries.


The system is quite simple and very clear. You have the right to asylum in the first non-dangerous country you can get to. You do not have the right of choosing which country you will try to claim asylum in. Those who are in Calais should be claiming asylum in France: if not in whatever countries they were in in transit to get to Calais.

This really is nothing at all to do with Britain. Someone walks off a boat from Syria into Rotherhithe and claims asylum then they get it (or should). Someone gets off a plane from North Korea into Heathrow and claims, they get it. But someone already in a safe country like France does not have the right of asylum in Britain. That’s just not how the system works.

Those bloody courts again!

Judges block Home Secretary from deporting convicted terrorist
A convicted terrorist banned from Britain for being a risk to national security has been stopped by the courts from being deported.

And yes, so the courts should.

There\’s two entirely different points here.

The challenge hinged on interpretation of the Immigration Act 1971 and other immigration legislation. The court hearing included a debate about the meaning of the word “while” in the phrase “while he is in the United Kingdom” from the 2002 Nationality, Asylum and Immigration Act.

Patrick Mercer, a Conservative MP and security expert, said: “This is particularly worrying in view of the Home Secretary’s efforts to exclude this man. The immigration Acts have been exploited and this loophole needs to be closed.”

The first is that the politicians have not managed to pass laws which are entirely clear in their application. That\’s the politicians\’ fault of course, not the judges. And it isn\’t just this slightly trivial point of the law. There\’s a tension between the laws passed against terrorists and the laws passed proteting human rights. Indeed, given the waves of laws we\’ve had on both the law is at times directly contradictory.

Whether or not you think the Human Rights Act (no, Council of Europe, not EU) is a good idea or not it does make a difference to all sorts of other laws that we\’ve got or have passed recently. That\’s the point of it in fact. Very similar to all this stuff about privacy injunctions: the politicians can\’t whine about the judges working through the implications of these new laws that the politicians themselves have decided to impose.

The second point is much more important in this particular case:

Lord Justice Pill, Lord Justice Rix and Lord Justice Lloyd backed the terrorist\’s right to be in Britain while he mounts an appeal. Lord Justice Pill commented that denying him access to Britain could lead to \”potential injustice\”.

His case is that if he\’s sent to Tunisia then he\’ll be killed/injured/tortured/have his human rights violated.

He may be a scumbag terrorist. Might be a killer, might not be, who knows? But it\’s hardly the mark of a lenient justice system that we work out whether he can or should be sent to Tunisia to be killed/injured/tortured/have his human rights violated before we actually send him to Tunisia to be killed/injured/tortured/have his human rights violated.

What\’s the point of allowing him to appeal after he\’s been sent to Tunisia and been killed/injured/tortured/had his human rights violated?

Of course he should be allowed to stay in the UK while his appeal is heard.

Really, what are people making a fuss about?

At the extreme, the argument that we ought to \’oick \’im out straightaway is that those sentenced to capital punishment get their appeals heard after the execution of the sentence.

That\’s not quite what we\’d like in the land that invented liberty, is it?

Eminently sensible idea

Foreign footballers and international businessmen are to be offered a £15,000 personalised visa renewal service to avoid them having to queue, as part of an increase in immigration fees announced yesterday.

Officials from the UK Border Agency will offer to visit highly skilled migrants at their office or home to sort out their immigration documents.

During the visit they will take the new “biometric” photograph and fingerprints and then provide an on-the-spot decision on whether the visa will be renewed.

The Home Office admitted that the £15,000 price is in excess of the £1,982 cost of providing the “mobile biometric enrolment and case-working” service.

Those who can and are willing to pay for immediate service should of course be charged for such. Straight old price discrimination, a good thing.

All we need to do now is add another level on top of this. For £100,000 we\’ll guarantee that you get the visa, not just a quick decision but the right decision.

If there are those willing to pay for the right to live and work here we should charge them to do so.