Well done to the Independent here

Prague zoo cuts off rhinos’ horns to stop poachers

A Czech zoo has removed the horns of its 21 rhinoceros’ as a precautionary measure after one of the creatures was killed by poachers at a French wildlife park.

After sedating the animals, zoo staff used a chainsaw to cut them off.

Přemysl Rabas, the director of the Dvur Kralove zoo, around 70 miles north-east of the country’s capital, Prague,

It’s er, not a zoo in Prague, is it?

Personally I think that George Osborne is currently screaming with glee

He wanted to be a journalist straight out of uni. Failed to get onto The Times trainee scheme. Ended up freelancing (this is a code word on a gossip column, it means getting £50 for tips sent in, little stories heard at parties, yes, I’ve done it, a little bit) for Peterborough in the Telegraph.

Now he’s editor of The Evening Standard.

Yes, screaming with glee. And if push came to shove I’m sure it would be Bye Bye Tatton.

Now, as to whether he’s going to be any good at it……

Americans are weird about journalism and ethics

Johnston said he had emailed details of the document to Sean Spicer, Trump’s press secretary, at about 5pm and offered to have a conversation on background to ensure that the document was authentic.

Spicer ignored him. Johnston emailed Spicer again shortly before broadcast, he said, and again received no reply. Then the Trump team briefed the nation’s White House correspondents on what was about to be reported elsewhere – a break from the typical rules of engagement, but not unheard of as a defensive PR tactic.

“He went and took what I gave him and gave it to other reporters,” said Johnston. “That’s as unethical as it gets. It tells me that the Trump White House lacks honor.”

It’s a very odd definition of ethics, isn’t it?

But then I never really do understand American journalism. There’s the monstrous egos for a start. Defenders of the truth and all that. They simply do not understand, at all, the English idea that it’s a craft, one there to fill in the white spaces between the advertisements. I’ve had commenters at Forbes absolutely horrified that I’ve had no formal training (admittedly, from someone who does such training). But, but, how can you write stuff without a Masters in how you should write stuff?

And then there’s the layers of editors at more formal places. I once did a piece for a part of the Washington Post. Simple 800 words on something or other, for which they were paying the princely sum of $100. There were at least three editors on that. Each asking for tiny changes of this or that, sometimes contradictory. The English idea is that editors edit. If you prefer, as a house style, to use – instead of ; then do so. Get on with it, you don’t need to go back to the writer for that.

And such layers of editing also take all the fun out of a piece. I don’t say this is a good joke but I thought it vaguely fun in a piece for Foreign Policy, referring to U 235 and 238, I explained them once and then second time around called them U-bang and U-not bang. No, not great but at least mildly fun. Got edited out of course.

And then we come to this ethics shit and all that. God they are monstrously egotistical about all of this. That’s why you’ve the snowflakes screaming about “access” to the White House and all that. They really just haven’t got that they’re the note takers for the stuff between the ads.

No, I don’t say that I’m great at it all myself but the one thing American journalism could do with is a serious bit of colonic (almost put colonial which would have been appropriate too) irrigation such is the extent of craniums inserted.

And yes, since you ask, I have had the occasional interaction with Cay Johnston.

I think we can read this can’t we?

Regulators should investigate the role of Google, Facebook and digital advertising in the spread of fake news, a media body has said.

The News Media Association (NMA), which represents national and local publishers, said the digital advertising supply chain which favours fake news and helps it to thrive was “murky at best, fraudulent at worst”.

In a recommendation to the culture, media and sport committee’s fake news inquiry, the body called for an “urgent investigation” by regulators such as Ofcom and the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) into its impact on Google and Facebook.

One part of an industry using whatever to cause problems for a competitive part of said industry?

How odd

The mystery of why sheep get horny in the winter might have been solved, according to new research.

Melatonin blah blah, light differences etc.

But winter? We talk of spring lamb, don’t we? And with a 150 day gestation in sheep that means they’re horny in autumn, doesn’t it?

American leftist entirely missing the point shocker

Still, the rap against progressive media remains that it preaches to the choir, and the choir ain’t that big. Kaiser fields the question again and again from potential donors: Why don’t her member organizations reach more people? “Well, they would,” she replies, “if they had the funding for marketing and promotion.”

Yep, still not getting that the majority isn’t in fact an aggrieved snowflake and thus won’t tune into a channel for aggrieved snowflakes.

No, you’ve got to check the details

The extent to which drivers are satisfied in the here and now is irrelevant to whether they are employees or self-employed in the eyes of the law, and the rights to which that entitles them. In a scathing ruling last year, an employment tribunal ruled that Uber drivers are, in fact, employees, because Uber exerts a degree of control over them – including dictating the price they can charge consumers – that should not exist between a company and its self-employed contractors.

Uber is appealing but, if it loses, it will probably have to change its contracts to reflect that drivers are employees.

They’re not. There are three classes in UK law, self-employed, workers and employees. The ruling was that Uber drivers are workers.

Err, yes Polly, that’s how negotiations are done

Here’s the Daily Mail’s comment the morning after: “In an act of betrayal and dishonesty, the House of Cronies, Dodgy Donors and Has-Beens voted last night by 358 to 256 to amend the Brexit Bill.”

Warnings that the upper house will be “signing its own death warrant” may come oddly from the Mail, not a vociferous supporter of reform until now. But hey, Brexit makes all kinds of strange new bedfellows

The Lords debate exposed the prime minister’s contradictory and deceitful arguments against protecting EU citizens living here. If, on this most popular and painfully human question, she will give no inch, that’s a terrible augury for how she intends to conduct these negotiations, opening with a war cry to all 27 countries: we hold your people hostage.

We have something you want, here’s the things we want, shall we do a deal?