Err, whut?

The government often appears eager to appease the fuel lobby. One populist pressure group, Fair Fuel UK, cares only about the right of its 1.4 million members to drive their vehicles, full of cheap fuel,

What cheap fuel? Where?

UK fuel is already taxed at twice the rate that the Stern Review would set a carbon tax at…..

Guardian journos and economic numbers…..

But on the campaign trail he also consistently pledged to cut the US’s $19tn deficit “big-league” and “very quickly”.

Err, no, that’s the debt.

A 20-percentage-point cut to corporate tax rates alone would add $2.4tn to the national debt, according to nonpartisan pressure group Americans for Tax Fairness.

And that’s bollocks because that’s over a decade.


Telegraph subs not reading own articles


Pound soars to six-month high after Theresa May calls general election, but £46bn wiped off FTSE 100 in worst day since Brexit vote

At bottom of article:

Stocks, however, were rattled by the announcement. The FTSE 100, which tends to be inversely correlated to the pound as around 70pc of its constituents are dollar earners, suffered its worst day since the immediate aftermath of the Brexit vote. It surrendered 180.09 points, or 2.46pc, to close at 7,147.50, wiping almost £46bn off the value of Britain’s biggest blue chips.

The headline should therefore read “because” not “but.”

How quaint

Australia’s two largest legacy media organisations recently announced big cuts to their journalistic staff. Many editorial positions, perhaps up to 120, will disappear at Fairfax Media, publisher of The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald, and News Corporation announced the sacking of most of its photographers and editorial production staff.

Both announcements were accompanied by corporate spin voicing a continuing commitment to quality journalism. Nobody in the know believes it. This is the latest local lurch in a crisis that is engulfing journalism worldwide.

Now, partly thanks to Donald Trump, many more people are turning their mind to the future of news, including “fake” news and its opposite.

How, in the future, are we to know the difference between truth, myth and lies?

Hands up everyone who sought the truth in either Murdoch or Fairfax titles….

The actual reason the papers are full of this shit is that this time around it’s the jobs of the people who write the papers on the block.

It’s amazing, isn’t it?

Machetes in hand, the indigenous Cocas are climbing the steep scrubby hills that overlook their territory. Young boys climb alongside elders while a trusty donkey carries their camping equipment. Other groups man outposts beside the entrances to Mezcala, the lakeside town their forefathers founded in the late 13th century, over 200 years before the Spanish arrived in Mexico.

They’re heading out on a unique voyage – bringing the community together to discuss their tactics against displacement. The men and boys will spend the night huddled around ceremonial bonfires, telling stories about their heritage, before descending upon the sacred Isle of Mezcala the next morning to discuss with a larger group how to defend their land and way of life. Based in the western state of Jalisco, the Cocas go back more than 700 years and have had to fight off waves of invaders over the centuries.

The latest threat to their land? A wave of American retirees heading south – pretty ironic, given President Donald Trump’s demonisation of Mexican immigrants. Thousands of American and Canadian retirees have settled in the neighbouring towns on Chapala and Ajijic in recent decades to take advantage of the cheap living costs, year-round sunshine and stunning views of Mexico’s biggest lake.

The same Mexicans heading north to take over inland California are to be welcomed. If people from inland California make the reverse passage they are to be shunned.

Umm, why?

Millennial porn again

O’Actually is a website dedicated to educating and enhancing female sexual pleasure. The site’s content ranges from podcasts, to stimulation guides, to products to encourage women to explore their sexual experiences more. . . er, deeply. One method is through a program called the Pleasure Pledge designed to help women take charge of their sex lives by committing to achieving one orgasm per day.

To participate in the pledge, women are asked to commit to their personal pleasure by vowing to have an orgasm a day via her preferred method. This program is believed to be successful and help women get more in touch with their bodies.


Yesterday the Telegraph told its staff they were planning to lay-off 20 sub-editors and farms out their work to Press Association.

Did the Telegraph have 20 subs left?

And yes, isn’t that a gorgeous corollary to Muphry’s Law there from Guido.

Well done to the Independent here

Prague zoo cuts off rhinos’ horns to stop poachers

A Czech zoo has removed the horns of its 21 rhinoceros’ as a precautionary measure after one of the creatures was killed by poachers at a French wildlife park.

After sedating the animals, zoo staff used a chainsaw to cut them off.

Přemysl Rabas, the director of the Dvur Kralove zoo, around 70 miles north-east of the country’s capital, Prague,

It’s er, not a zoo in Prague, is it?

Personally I think that George Osborne is currently screaming with glee

He wanted to be a journalist straight out of uni. Failed to get onto The Times trainee scheme. Ended up freelancing (this is a code word on a gossip column, it means getting £50 for tips sent in, little stories heard at parties, yes, I’ve done it, a little bit) for Peterborough in the Telegraph.

Now he’s editor of The Evening Standard.

Yes, screaming with glee. And if push came to shove I’m sure it would be Bye Bye Tatton.

Now, as to whether he’s going to be any good at it……