Because all politicians are righteously drowned in vitriol

Why is drowning in vitriol the price women pay for being in politics?
Suzanne Moore

Another in our ever popular series “Questions in The Guardian We Can Answer”

Politicians, by definition, set themselves up as the people who both know, and desire the power, to tell us how to live our lives. Why wouldn’t we despise them?

Seriously, why wouldn’t we have a certain expressed distaste for those who take 40% of everything we do in exchange for diversity advisers?

My word, isn’t this a surprise?

The pressure on Theresa May’s fragile leadership grew last night after she was reportedly described as “dead in the water” by a former Tory Cabinet minister.

Former chief whip Andrew Mitchell is claimed to have said at a private dinner that the Prime Minister “couldn’t go on”, adding she had “lost her authority” and was “weak”.

The serving MP is alleged to have made the comments on June 26, the day Mrs May struck a deal with the DUP to prop up her minority administration in Parliament.

Published in the Evening Standard where the guy sacked by May as Chancellor, one G. Osborne, is editor.

Interesting demand from a socialist party.

This one is in America:

The party wants to raise the federal minimum wage to $15/hour, adjusted annually for cost of living increases and regional differences, as a step towards a living wage for all.
The party wants a minimum guaranteed weekly income of $600/week for the unemployed, disabled, stay-at-home parents, the elderly, and others unable to work.

Those who can do maths will note that $15 an hour for 40 hours is $600.

Be interesting that, won’t it?

The Russian emails, well, you would, wouldn’t you?

A British former GCHQ information specialist has claimed a Republican operative tried to recruit him in a bid to verify emails purportedly hacked from Hillary Clinton, potentially by Russia.

In the latest twist in the probe into whether there was collusion between anyone connected to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and Russia the British cyber-security expert Matt Tait said he had been approached by the operative last Spring.

A Democratic member of the House Intelligence Committee, which is investigating Russian interference in the US presidential election, called for the panel to immediately hear from Mr Tait.

If you knew the emails had been hacked, you’d try to get a copy and then verify them, wouldn’t you?

Anyone think the Clintons wouldn’t if the RNC had been hacked?

This is not though collaboration, is it? That would be the Trump operative asking for the hacking to take place in order that…..

Not quite right here

McDonnell repeatedly drew cheers from the crowds when he spoke of the need for electoral reform and changes to the House of Lords. He called for a “progressive intellectual alliance” between parties to rebuild what was needed for a democracy. “The House of Lords – 92 of them are there on the basis of who Charles II shagged at some point in the past,” he said. “It can’t be right that we have a House of Lords that’s based upon those people appointed rather than elected.”

For of course the hereditaries are elected…..

Which parts of elections is it that these people don’t get?

:: Day of Rage: A march from Shepherd’s Bush Green to Downing Street from 1pm. On its Facebook page, MFJ references the Grenfell Tower fire and “brutal austerity, cuts and anti-immigrant attacks”.

It states: “Politicians and many community and religious leaders will be looking to divert our rage and fury into inquiries, investigations, reports, court hearings, and parliamentary processes.

“We will not accept those brush-offs and diversions, we will not settle for less than the destruction of May’s coalition of austerity and bigotry – we must bring down this Government.”

I’m really quite certain that just a couple of weeks back we were all asked our opinion on this matter.

Err, yes, this is why we want to leave the single market lads

Because if we leave the single market, whatever the level of access is negotiated, working people across Britain will be worse off and revenue to the exchequer will plummet – revenue the next Labour government will need to bring an end to years of damaging Tory austerity.

The single market is not a simple free trade zone. It is, uniquely, a framework of rules that protects people from the worst excesses of globalisation and unfettered capitalism, in addition to easing trade across the continent. If we have mere access to the single market, we are talking about leaving this framework of rules and achieving mere reductions in tariffs for trade with the European Union.

If Britain stays in the single market, we will continue to benefit from EU laws and court judgments that outlaw discrimination in the workplace; deliver vital rights to workers on holiday pay, maternity and paternity leave, the right to join a union, and much more; protect our natural environment from pollution; and keep workers safe through stringent health and safety requirements. Large multinational companies work across borders to maximise their profits to often reduce these protections; the next Labour government, as a member of the single market, can work with other European countries to resist this and advance social justice. If we leave the single market, and ask for mere “access”, we will be compromised in achieving these goals.

By leaving we can enact ourselves those things we desire and not enact those things which we don’t.

That’s rather the point of leaving.

BTW, Labour Laddies, only by leaving can yu enact your own manifesto at this most recent election…..

No doubt they are love, no doubt they are

Britain is leaving the EU – just as Europe is on the up
Natalie Nougayrède

Merkel and Macron are planning for a ‘golden decade’ and won’t let Brexit negotiations derail them

But a couple of politicians planning for a golden decade and a golden decade actually turning up are rather different things, aren’t they?

Malenkov was really quite certain that 1960s Soviet Union was going to be a golden decade. Stalin that the 1930s were in fact one.

Welcome to the mob

Or perhaps that’s The Mob

A man who was mistaken for a Tory councillor and beaten up by activists who stormed Kensington Town Hall in the wake of the Grenfell Tower tragedy has been left injured and badly shaken by the incident.

Robert Outram, 56, had spent much of last week volunteering at the makeshift shelters set up to help victims of the deadly blaze.

A mob has a lower collective IQ than that of the lowest member of the mob. And given that we’re talking about Momentum activists here that’s pretty low.

She’s in trouble, ain’t she?

Theresa May had provoked widespread criticism and anger on Thursday after failing to visit the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire when she came to the Westway road – staying for 15 minutes and swerving any contact with locals.

On Friday afternoon, word spread she was due to come back, this time to visit St Clement’s Church, where volunteers had been boxing up donations. Before long a crowd had gathered, filling the street outside the church.

As they waited, the people became increasingly hostile, shouting at her to come out and face them. One man began chanting: “Get her out! Get her out!”, while another screamed at police barring the door to the church: “Why have you brought her here? If she cared she would have come yesterday.”

Forty minutes passed, and still nothing. Then one of the waiting riot vans started up and began to move forward, parting the crowd. The Prime Minister’s Range Rover rounded the bend.

“She’s come out the back,” a woman shouted. As the car began to speed away the crowd rushed towards it. Around 70 people were running after her as police attempted to barricade the vehicle, creating a human barrier between the mob and the Prime Minister’s car, shoving people off as they tried to bang on the windows.

People screamed “shame on you” and “coward” as the car sped away.

The fear you or love you bit works for dictatorships but not for democracies.

Of course, these dimwits are being emotionally incontinent, the people who show up to share the pain, show the nation cares, are the Royals, that’s what they’re for. The PM’s the executive, not the figurehead.

But still, if that’s the way that people are reacting then May’s got a big, big, problem, not one I would expect her to survive for long.

Pity this

Speaking in 2007, Mr Farron told a magazine: “Abortion is wrong … Society has to climb down from the position that says there is nothing objectionable about abortion before a certain time”. He was asked if gay sex was also a sin and replied “we’re all sinners”, before later in the campaign being forced to clarify that he did not believe it was a sin.

They may not be views held by all that many people but they’re entirely legitimate, even respectable, views to hold. It’s the general view of the Catholic Church for example, in both cases.

Owen’s positioning himself

What now for Labour as the Tories flap around panicking in their hubris-inspired wreckage? There is no shortage of briefing in the press about so-called “moderates” rejoining the shadow cabinet in the interests of party unity. This “moderate” term – which implicitly portrays the left as dangerous extremists – should be abandoned for ever. Nearly 13 million British people voted for a Labour party led by Jeremy Corbyn, after all, and it’s not exactly feasible to dismiss them all as extremists. Should Labour’s right flank be brought back into the shadow cabinet? As a general rule, surely not: and not for reasons of retribution on the part of Corbyn’s team, but sound politics.

This isn’t informative and it’s not even very interesting. But what it is is Owen showing the Corbynistas, Milne especially, that he should be back inside the tent pissing out. It’s a job application masquerading as a newspaper column.

Hmm, well yes Diane

And in her first interview since stepping aside because of illness at the end of the campaign, the Labour frontbencher also revealed for the first time that she had been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes two years ago, and said that was why she had taken a break.

Flaunting a 2 year old diagnosis of Type 2 is OK but it’s pretty weak against a PM with Type 1, no?

He has, has he Paul?

Once you accept that, you begin to understand the scale of Corbyn’s achievement. Even if he hasn’t won, he has publicly destroyed the logic of neoliberalism – and forced the ideology of xenophobic nationalist economics into retreat.

Everyone else thinks youngsters were voting for free stuff.

Aha, Aha, Ahahahahaha

She really did manage to fuck it up, didn’t she?

General Election results live: Hung parliament confirmed as UK votes for chaos

There is justice:

The Tories lost seven frontbenchers, along with Cabinet Office minister Ben Gummer, the author of the widely criticised Tory manifesto.