How polite are we then?

A baby could become the first person without a legal mother if a transgender man wins a historic court battle.

Lawyers representing the parent told a judge that he had been biologically able to get pregnant and give birth but had legally become a man when the child was born.

The man wants to be identified as the child’s “father” or “parent” on a birth certificate, however a birth registrar told the man the law requires people who give birth to children to be registered as mothers.

I had a quick – and incomplete – think through this. And couldn’t come up with any reason why it is important that the state, or just the public register, records “mother” rather than parent.

Lots of tradition, but not really a current reason.


BTW, anyone who gives birth is a woman. But still can’t think of why “mother” must appear on the document.

But all men are rapists!

The charity “sex for aid” scandal has been overblown, former International Development secretary Clare Short has said.

Ms Short said that the “hysterical response” to the coverage was “as though everyone working in development was morally disgusting, and everyone was sexually abusing everyone was way exaggerated and disproportionate”.

The – correct – statement than some men are, too many, is brushed away by he insistence that it’s all men who are dangerous to all women. That, if not actively, all men are at least potential rapists and society must be entirely changed.

When this is applied to one of their own they don’t like it, do they? It’s almost as if the corporal was right, they don’t like it up ’em.

Just an everyday story of normies

Nic Chandler, 27, from Tennessee was born male but identifies gender neutral
Met Rachel Kouris, 26, a transgender woman, on a dating site
Then met Xander, a transgender man, through work and he joined them as trio
Trio share same king size bed and insist their relationship is very conventional

OK, whatever floats your boat.

Black aids is because racial capitalism apparently

However, these ARVs only helped the individual and communal bodies who got the drugs. And in the US, this largely meant that white gay men got the drugs early and often, while black gay America largely never got them. The inability to end HIV/Aids isn’t a failure of medicine, but a failure of racial capitalism.

Hiding this epidemic is a choice, and Mike Pence and Donald Trump have made it worse. Denial, stigma and shame don’t help. This crisis requires using treatment as prevention, increasing sexual education, and undoing the homophobic health disparities caused by racial capitalism in general and the apartheid-like US healthcare system in particular.

Apologies as it is necessary to be a tad crude here.

To avoid HIV as an epidemic – there are other infection routes but they’ll not cause an epidemic – it is necessary to abstain from two behaviours, sharing needles to inject and taking it up the bum without a condom being used.

Neither of these have anything to do with race or capitalism.

Steven W Thrasher is a PhD candidate in American studies at New York University. He contributed to the recently published book The Unfinished Queer Agenda After Marriage Equality and was formerly writer-at-large for Guardian US. Twitter @thrasherxy

Ah, we’ve a PhD thesis to complete and a campaigning book to write, career to launch….

Eating their own, eating their own…..

New York’s attorney general, Eric Schneiderman, abruptly resigned on Monday night following accusations published in the New Yorker that he physically assaulted four women he was romantically involved with.

Schneiderman rose to national prominence as a foe of the Trump administration and a high-profile figure in the #MeToo movement against sexual harassment.

“In the last several hours, serious allegations, which I strongly contest, have been made against me,” Schneiderman said in a statement Monday night.

“While these allegations are unrelated to my professional conduct or the operations of the office, they will effectively prevent me from leading the office’s work at this critical time. I therefore resign my office, effective at the close of business on May 8, 2018.”


Now it would appear that the New Zealand immigration service has added “sex work” (as prostitution is increasingly described) to the list of “employment skills” for those wishing to migrate. According to information on Immigration NZ’s (INZ) website, prostitution appears on the “skilled employment” list, but not the “skill shortage” list.

A Heinlein point comes o mind. Only on Earth could there be a shortage of what every woman possess an infinite supply of.

Amazing the species survived really

Women who are hoping to conceive should go on a diet years before, new research suggests.

Writing in The Lancet, medics said the vast majority of women of reproductive age were not nutritionally prepared for pregnancy – putting the long-term health of their children at risk.

Those thinking about starting a family are often advised to make lifestyle changes, such as cutting out alcohol, and taking dietary supplements, around three months before attempting to conceive.

But the experts said one of the most crucial factors was for women to be a healthy weight before conception – often meaning diet and lifestyle overhauls need to start years earlier.

What these fools are doing of course is confusing the perfect and the good. If it were actually necessary to be perfectly nourished before conceiving there wouldn’t be any of us here.

So here’s what the actual complaint is

The moguls behind the world’s biggest pornography websites have been entrusted by the Government with policing the internet to keep it safe for children.

MindGeek staff have held a series of meetings with officials in preparation for the new age verification system which is designed to ensure that under-18s cannot view adult material.

Tens of millions of British adults are expected to have to entrust their private details to MindGeek, which owns the PornHub and YouPorn websites.

Critics have likened the company’s involvement to ‘entrusting the cigarette industry with stopping underage smoking’ and want an independent body to create the system instead.

If a commercially minded firm does this work then the work will be done in a commercially minded manner.

Tarquin and Jocasta won’t get a look in as part of the nascent bureaucracy therefore.

How terrible, eh?

But we don’t all agree love

Finally, something on which we can agree: charity officials ought not to buy sex. No one, so far, seems prominently to have argued, of the Oxfam employees’ misconduct in Haiti and Liberia, that, providing their female purchases were adult, and not coerced, then their prostitution should rightly be called sex work, that is: a perfectly dignified transaction, from which both sides – say, impoverished survivors of a disaster and benevolent male humanitarians – stood to benefit.

I have actually made the argument. Private transactions alleviated poverty, great!

We have yet, admittedly, to hear from Amnesty International, the human rights NGO, which now doubles as the world’s leading advocate of legalised prostitution. In 2015, a year that will forever be celebrated by its allies in the pimping and trafficking community, Amnesty committed to the decriminalisation of all aspects of “sex work that does not involve coercion, exploitation or abuse”.

That definition rather kills off pimping and trafficking, doesn’t it?

You think they waste our money this badly?

A former prostitute claimed last night that the Oxfam boss at the centre of the sex scandal regularly paid to sleep with her.

She said Roland van Hauwermeiren had sex with her twice a week for six months in Haiti – after the 2010 earthquake had destroyed her home and killed five members of her family.

The mother-of-one said the aid worker paid her between £70 and £140 each time, after initially meeting her on the street near his £1,500-a-month hilltop villa known as the Eagle’s Nest.

London prices in Haiti after the earthquake?

You think they spend our money that badly?

(Or, more likely, the Mail has the exchange rate wrong but still…..ah, no:’It went on for six months. I would go round twice a week and he would pay me 100 to 200 US dollars a time.)

Where has this woman been this past five decades?

In this moment of brave truth telling and female empowerment, it’s time to address one topic that’s been missing far too long from our conversations around sex: female pleasure.

There is a large and thriving industry – has been for decades – talking about female sexual pleasure.

Shannon Bledsoe is the executive director of global non-profit organization WCG, which is partnering with actress and activist Jessica Biel to launch, a sex positive online resource.

Just another competitor trying to get on the bandwagon then.

Contrary to reports, masturbation does not kill Germans

Masturbation kills up to 100 Germans a year, according to a study which has also uncovered the bizarre ways people have died pleasuring themselves.

One man – wearing pantyhose, a raincoat and a diving suit as well as a plastic bag over his head – died in Hamburg after sitting next to a heater and trying to melt slices of cheese on his body.

No, that’s not masturbation killing him.

Mozzarellaphilia perhaps…..

Another man in Halle was found dead with Christmas tree lights clamped to his nipples having apparently tried to stimulate himself by electrocution.


Forensic examiner Harald Voß said the most common reason for autoerotic deaths was the desire for the ultimate orgasm through depriving oneself of oxygen.

That’s just INXS.

What a weird thing to fire people for

One of Britain’s biggest charities last night denied claims it had covered up the reasons behind the departure of senior aid workers, some of whom were accused of using prostitutes in Haiti during relief efforts.

​Oxfam is facing calls to review reports that it let three men resign while four men were sacked over allegations which have emerged about their time in the country in the aftermath of a major earthquake, according to an investigation by The Times.

Sure, they say they’ll pay and they don’t, that would be bad. They’ve taken pledges not to have sex except with those they’re married to, might be a moral case there but employment? Kiddie fiddlers, criminal offence under UK law – even in Haiti.

But willing and paid sex between two consenting adults?

Paying for sex is against Oxfam’s staff code of conduct and in breach of United Nations statements on the behaviour of aid workers, which the charity supported. Prostitution is illegal in Haiti.

Why are they all against private enterprise as a manner of alleviating poverty?

Tempus fugit etc

How to be the PERFECT Muslim wife: Imam instructs women must make themselves available to their husbands whenever they demand intimacy and sex before marriage is banned, reveals documentary

Yes, I’m very happy about the change myself. But 60 years ago this would have described near any European nation.

Just an observation, not a recommendation.

Hmm, well, yes

Rape and abuse victims in women-only refuges face being looked after by biological men after England’s biggest group of women’s shelters decided to review its ban on transgender staff.

The move, which could overturn almost half a century of refuges being run by women for women, was described by some feminists last night as the most significant erosion of female spaces yet.

It comes after the government promised to consult on letting people change sex on demand. Activists insist that “self-declared” transgender women — most of whom retain male organs — should be allowed to enter and work in woman-only spaces.

Interesting clash of demands then. Very interesting, given that we’ve at least one claim of a trans woman raping while imprisoned – in a women’s jail – while serving a sentence for rape. I think I’ve recalled that correctly.

Underlying this though is something more serious. I’ve no dog in this specific fight, doesn’t bother me either way. But the serious bit is akin to Blair’s decision to abolish the office of Lord Chancellor. Quickly reversed, as the post is so written into the structure of the law and society. Equally so here. Change eh definition of male and female and there’s a hell of a lot of other things which also need to be changed. And no real guide as to what the correct change should be.