It’s women love

What is it about boys and bragging about their big cars?
Catherine Bennett

If women, in general, did not react to displays of social success from men – with wet gussets and knicker removal – then men would not make displays of social success.

To put it another way, men have big cars the same way that your first husband had a big house.


Gay bars in London are closing down at such an “alarming” rate that the redevelopment of the Joiners Arms, an east London pub that counted Alexander McQueen, Rufus Wainwright and Wolfgang Tillmans among its regulars, will only get the go-ahead if it includes an LGBT club venue – and the mayor’s office will send an inspector to make sure it is gay enough.

Tower Hamlets council has told the developers of the Joiners site that their plans for offices and nine luxury flats will get planning permission onlyif it includes a pub that will “remain a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender-focused venue for a minimum of 12 years”. It is believed to be the first time that the sexual orientation of a venue’s customers has been included as a condition of planning approval.

How in buggery does that work?

It is the clientele that makes a place a gay venue or not. Do he developers have to start bussing people in to meet the quota?

Dangerous thing this polyamory

Two women in Germany are in hospital with broken bones after a threesome with a man went badly wrong.
The first woman suffered broken bones in her feet and legs after she toppled ten feet from a balcony in Bad Breisig as she reached her climax.
Her naked friend screamed and ran down the stairs to help her, slipped, and broke bones in her arm and neck.

I can see Rocco rewriting his script already.

This is a bit strange

Published last week, The Muslimah Sex Manual: A Halal Guide to Mind Blowing Sex is the first such guide written by a Muslim woman. The author has chosen to stay anonymous, using an alias.

Candid advice is offered on everything from kissing to cowgirl positions – with the core message being that Muslim women can and should enjoy a varied sex life and take the lead in physical relationships.

This is all mindblowingly new apparently. And in certain cultures it might be but not really in Islam.

Among the things I’ve done over the years was a bit of time reading some of the “Ask the Imam” pages of various publications. Can’t remember quite why but it was research for something or other I was thinking of writing. And the advice is at times quite eye-poppingly frank. Certainly of a great deal more practical use than what you’re going to get from the average Catholic priest. One of the English language Gulf newspapers quite happily detailing how anal sex is not haram (different schools of scholars disagree here), some women do enjoy it (and many do not) and why not, the woman’s enjoyment is an important part, a duty on the part of the husband.

They also describe what is haram – in common with the basic Catholic teaching, pretty much anything desired by both is fine, as long as the male orgasm allows the possibility of conception.

There is a certain amusement at this:

“Islamically, there’s an emphasis on enjoying physical relationships within the context of marriage, not just for procreation. It is the wife’s right that her husband satisfy her sexually.”

Any Rabbi will tell you the same thing which is an interesting confluence of the two religions.

That this is the first book marketed as the haram guide written by a woman I’m quite willing to believe.

For example:

“I saw many Muslim women were getting married with no real avenue for learning about sex,” she said. “Couples knew ‘penis into vagina’, but little on how to spice up their sex life. Different positions, different things to try in bed – it’s all absent in contemporary Islamic literature. For those in the west, certain things permeate through osmosis, so women have heard about BDSM and doggy style, but only in a vague sense.”

So, an Imam written guide to Islamic sex from Leicester in 2008 discusses doggie style and cowboy positions. Hey, why not, go for it is the general view. This also being one of those who abhors anal.

“However, in practice, sex seems to all be about men’s pleasure. Cases often come up on our helpline where women’s complaints range from being forced into participating in unwanted sexual acts, rape, to being treated like a piece of meat with zero effort made to ensure the woman has an orgasm. I suspect the problem is much bigger, as most would feel too embarrassed to talk about it.”

Another Imam written guide saying anal might be OK but containing this great advice:

Foreplay is Highly Recommended
Islam emphasizes on foreplay. Imam ‘Ali (A.S.) says, “When you intend to have sex with your wife, do not rush because the woman (also) has needs (which should be fulfilled).” 1
Sex without foreplay has been equated to cruelty. The Prophet (S) said, “Three people are cruel: …a person who has sex with his wife before foreplay.” 2
Another hadith equates sex without foreplay to animal behavior: “When anyone of you has sex with his wife, then he should not go to her like birds; instead he should be slow and delaying.” 3

As for the role of a woman in sexual foreplay, the Imams (A.S.) have praised a wife who discards shyness when she is with her husband. Imam Muhammad al-Baqir (A.S.) says, “The best woman among you is the one who discards the armor of shyness when she undresses for her husband, and puts on the armor of shyness when she dresses up again.” 4 After all, modesty and chastity in public is the hallmark of a Muslim lady.
These sayings clearly show that the husband and the wife should feel completely free when they are engaged in mutual stimulation which is known as foreplay. There is nothing wrong, according to Islam, for a woman to be active and responsive during sex. As for the Islamic Shariah, all the mujtahids are unanimous in saying that the act of sexual foreplay in itself is mustahab (recommended). Likewise, it is recommended not to rush into sexual intercourse.5 The operative word is mutual pleasure and satisfaction.

It’s not quite as portraye……

Bit of a surprise

Vatican police have raided a cardinal’s apartment where a drug-fuelled homosexual orgy was taking place.

Police entered an apartment at the former palace of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (or Holy Office) last month not far from the Vatican City.

The occupant of the apartment is alleged to be a priest who serves as a secretary to cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio, the head of the Pontifical Council for Legislative texts and a personal adviser to the Pope.

Men not boys? What is the Catholic Church coming to*?

*Err, men, apparently.

Seems perfectly sensible to me

The Scottish Conservatives leader, Ruth Davidson, has raised eyebrows by posting a picture of the actor Gillian Anderson in lingerie on social media.

Davidson, 38, posted the image of the X-Files star on Twitter before going on holiday for two weeks

Ruthie is a lesbian, sexually interested in women. Gillian Anderson is a most toothsome example of womanhood to be interested in. Zero people would be shocked to learn that a heterosexual male thought Gillian toothsome.

There’s a possibility that this LGBTQIA thing hasn’t quite settled in and taken yet. Intellectually people have got that tastes differ, but perhaps not entirely that this means that rather different people could find the same person toothsome, coming from the other direction as it were.

Aren’t divorces fun?

But almost six years after their £12million fairy-tale nuptials, Bernie Ecclestone’s daughter Petra is divorcing her husband James Stunt in what could be the biggest settlement in celebrity history.
Questions have been raised before around the source of Mr Stunt’s money, with the businessman known for keeping his life extremely private.

There’s a prenup in place.

My assumption, one which could be entirely incorrect of course, has always been that he’s not actually got any – or perhaps not much – money of his own. He’s been spending her inheritance in my opinion.

But the joy of a contested divorce like this is that we’ll all find out, won’t we?

Amazingly, this result does not come from Britain

Sex is good for the heart because it reduces the levels of a harmful chemical in the blood, scientists believe – but the effect is only seen in men.

Having sex several times a week can cut lead to better circulation and healthier blood vessels in men, which researchers say is crucial for preventing a build-up of the chemical homocysteine.

But scientists say women benefit much less because sexual arousal is less dependent on having a healthy blood flow, which is a key factor in keeping homocysteine under control.

If it had we would just point out that it’s a result of lying back and thinking of England…..

Perhaps one of our readers has experience of Taiwan, where the result does come from, to see if there could be some similar explanation?

Teens are still having sex

We might file that under the least surprising headline in all of history. Even better than “things have not moved necessarily to Japan’s advantage” and certainly competing with that one from A Hitler, “But what are these Russian tanks doing here?”


A man filmed having sex with a woman on a Ryanair flight was reportedly on his stag do while his pregnant fiancee was at home.

So much modernity in one sentence. Actually quite a bit of archaism as well. There was only a short period of history when, for the normal folk, pregnancy didn’t come before the marriage. Marriage being what happened when the betrothal had shown that pregnancy did indeed happen in this couple. Obviously, not always and everywhere and so on but entirely usually.

So, we can call that bit modern or archaic as we wish. So too in fact the stag do part. shagging on such is hardly unknown.

Must have been a young couple though. There’s not much room on Ryanair, is there, gotta be supple to manage it.

Not wholly sure I believe this

An academic study in the Netherlands found that roughly 5% of the population falls under the “transgender” umbrella, comprising 1% who are assigned male at birth identifying as girls/women, and vice versa; and 4% whose identities are between or outside the gender binary, that is “non-binary” individuals, who often use the pronoun “they’’; and “non-gender” people who may use the pronoun “per”.

I have a feeling that we’re getting tied up in definitions here. Stonewall used to say that 10% of the population is gay on the basis that that’s about the number who have had a same sex sexual experience. Once. Gay as in overwhelming preference for same sex activity is more like 1-2%.

When we say trans do we mean someone having the (or “a” given the variety possibly) op, our friend Mark who knows but regards the surgery as barbaric, or the rugby club dressing up as Japanese schoolgirls on the pub crawl?

Interesting theory

A controversial university study has come under fire for claiming that lesbian and bisexual attraction exists because ‘men think it’s hot’.
The offending report was published on Science Direct by Menelaos Apostolou, an assistant professor at the University of Nicosia in Cyprus.
In his paper entitled ‘The evolution of female same-sex attraction: The male choice hypothesis’, Apostolous comes to the conclusion that same-sex attraction in women stems from male desire – all based on his poll of 1,509 men.
The academic went on to say in an interview that a ‘considerable proportion of men desire same-sex attractions in women’, which he cites as a ‘possible reason’ why women have them.

Calling Rocco

A gay porn studio has sparked a furious backlash over a film that shows a man performing a sex act using a didgeridoo.
The explicit movie has been branded ‘racist’ and ‘incredibly disrespectful to the Australian aboriginal community’ for its portrayal of the wind instrument as a sex toy.
The adult film – titled ‘Didgeridoo Me’ – shows a sleeping man being woken up by his partner loudly playing the long pipe.

He then attempts to gets his revenge by grabbing the five-foot instrument and attempting to use it in a sex act.

Now Rolf’s out do you think he would go for the sequel?

Umm, yes, well

Forced into porn: Japan moves to stop women being coerced into sex films


But months later, the 26-year-old became one of an alarming number of Japanese women who say they have been forced into appearing in pornographic films by unscrupulous, and unregulated, production companies.

Then in her final year at university, Aroma agreed to attend a follow-up interview, where the president of an entertainment production company presented her with a contract that indicated she would be required to remove her clothes for a photo shoot.

“That was the first I’d heard about nudity,” she said. “I cried, but felt under a lot pressure to say yes, so I agreed.”

Over the following months, the agency raised the possibility of making a pornographic video, summoning her several times to the firm’s office for meetings. Faced with repeated demands from as many as eight male staff, she eventually capitulated.

“They told me I could stop at any time if I felt uncomfortable or if it hurt. But that wasn’t true,” she said.

University student. Had months to back out if she wished.

From January to November 2016, 148 women sought help from Lighthouse, which supports victims of human trafficking, and People Against Pornography and Sexual Violence – a dramatic rise from the 83 cases recorded for the whole of 2015 and just 29 the year before.

I think we’re using slightly odd meanings of “coercion”, “trafficking” and so on, aren’t we?

In one high-profile case that resulted in the arrests of three talent scouts, one woman was forced to appear in more than 100 films after being told her family would be informed if she refused. Some victims say they were forced to have sex without protection, or were gang-raped.

Blackmail and rape are serious crimes. Hang the bastards.

“The incredible thing is that production firms can act with impunity,” Ito said. “There is no law against coercing women into appearing in porn films, and no government supervision of the industry. But this isn’t just a legal issue, it’s a violation of human rights.”

It’s legal to have sex in front of a camera. For adults at least it is. And we do indeed have to let adults make their own decisions. Otherwise they’re not actually adults, are they?

Three things about this sexual trafficking case

A Romanian couple have been jailed for trafficking a 14-year-old girl and other women into prostitution in the UK, in the first prosecution for child sex trafficking under the 2015 Modern Slavery Act.

First and only prosecution so far. It’s not a common crime then. We’re really not talking about those 100,000 Vietnamese birds in the nail bars.

In the case of the pair’s youngest victim, they “deliberately and callously stole her childhood,” she said.

The pair had operated in the UK since 2013 and lured the 14-year-old, one of nine siblings from a poor family, in 2016 after promising her a job as a waitress.

But on the night she arrived in the UK, she was told to change into “sexy” clothes and put on heavy makeup, because “she had the face of a child”, said Haughey.

Yes, vile, hang ’em. But do note our second thing. There doesn’t seem to be much of a market for child prostitutes if she’s got to look older, does there?

Others knew they would be working as prostitutes and were told they would share takings. But when they had arrived in the UK thye found themselves in debt bondage – told by the couple they owed money for their travel costs, as well as their “patch” of the street and rent in the flats they used in Paddington, west London. While the women could earn at least £250-300 a night, they were often given as little as £20-30 a day.

And that’s not trafficking, is it? It’s exploitation, most certainly, but it’s not trafficking.

As I an others have been saying all along we’ve no doubt at all that real trafficking does occur. Also that it’s vile, stamp on it. But a great deal, the vast majoirty in fact, of what is called trafficking just ain’t.

Err, yes, but that’s not what we want to know, is it?

LGBT people are prone to mental illness. It’s a truth we shouldn’t shy away from

If it were the dreadful manner that society treats people then that would be both appalling and something we must do something about.

If it were that the two are simply correlated, well, that’s different. Know about it, treat the illness etc but it is still different.

An no, we’re not even going to go there and start trying to claim that the two are the same thing.

But it is true that thing we want to know is which of the first two is it?

Is this the way to solve the IVF sperm shortage?

For any keen masturbators out there, this news will be thoroughly welcomed.
Instead of keeping the self-love strictly to your bedroom on lonely nights, you should think about doing it while you’re at work.
Known as a ‘masturbation break’, psychologists believes it could be a great way to combat the stress of your job.
While using such a pastime as an escape, perhaps from your boss who is constantly breathing down your neck, would provide similar benefits.

Not that I’ve ever found having any of my bosses breathing down my neck to be an aid to sexual relief mind.