This is a surprise, eh?

Christy Turlington, one of the world’s most recognised supermodels, has accused the fashion industry of being “surrounded by predators” as it braced itself for a slew of sex harassment claims in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

Ms Turlington broke cover to denounce the business for leaving vulnerable young models – both female and male – at the mercy of “some creepy playboy type”.

Vast numbers of would be wannabes, all chosen for looks, and a limited number of places…..

Don’t think much of this solution, no

Julie Bindel argues convincingly that legalising prostitution is not the best way to prevent women and girls from abuse and exploitation by pimps (The case against legalising prostitution, 11 October). However, history has demonstrated that abolition does not prevent this either. The solution may be to set up state-run brothels throughout the UK.

The management could ensure that all the sex workers were over 18 and consenting; sex workers could receive help with any alcohol, drug or other problems; and counselling and advice in areas such as jobs, benefits and housing could be offered to those who wished to move away from sex work. They would be working in a supervised environment, to greatly increase safety, and any violent users could be banned and, of course, arrested and prosecuted.

It’s not actually necessary for an organisation to be state run for Plod to do his job. In fact, given that it’s already true that prostitution itself is legal in the UK sex workers do indeed call in Plod at times.

But then think of state run – rather than state licensed – brothels. The plethora of anti-ageism, anti-sexism, anti-racism, anti-fat shaming, anti-lookism that will descend… say nothing of the state setting of prices.

Well, no, this isn’t new

This gleefully liberal approach (in fact, simply boring and tasteless) is echoed in sexual behaviour. As far as we can pick out trends, they point to a nonchalance about sex that a few years ago would have been shocking. One such trend is “pigging”, a game that involves men sleeping with the most unattractive woman they can find before texting her later to say she’s a pig.

Used to be called a grimmy run.

The best example of which is the quite possibly apocryphal bod at Dartmouth who went on one, met a bird and etc. After which she said – you’re at Dartmouth, aren’t you? And on a grimmy run? Yep. Me too and I just won.

GBS said this to Mrs Worthington too

Singer Courtney Love warned young actresses about Harvey Weinstein in 2005, according to a video that emerged on Saturday.

The frontwoman of Hole was asked at the Pamela Anderson Comedy Central Roast if she has any advice for girls trying to break into Hollywood, TMZ reported as it published the footage.

“I’ll get libeled if I say it,” the punk singer-songwriter said.

“If Harvey Weinstein invites you to a private party in the Four Seasons, don’t go.”

Don’t let your daughter go on the stage…..


Hillary Clinton falsely claims Donald Trump is an ‘admitted sex assaulter’ as she compares him to Harvey Weinstein – but claims allegations against Bill are ‘clearly in the past’

Doesn’t really wash.

Weinstein is accused of sexual offences up to and including rape. The Donald claimed that powerful, rich and or famous men could, with their agreement, grope certain women*. Bill haqs been accused of certain sexual offences up to and including rape.

One of these is not like the others.

(*Is there anyone at all who believes that there are no star fuckers out there among the female population? Activity in a nightclub containing premiership footballers is going to be difficult to explain without the existence of them, isn’t it?)

There’s a lot resting on the “should” here

The opposite, abolitionist position – favoured by feminists including myself, and every sex trade survivor I have interviewed – is: prostitution is inherently abusive, and a cause and a consequence of women’s inequality. There is no way to make it safe, and it should be possible to eradicate it.

Julie Bindel (who else?).

I don’t actually know of any human society that has managed that should. Anyone else?

One for Rocco

Doesn’t Ron Jeremy look a bit like Harvey Weinstein?

There will be a number of look alike actresses out there.

Hmm, thinking about it, they’ve probably already wrapped on the shooting of that one, haven’t they?

Slightly odd analysis here

South America’s macho culture, combined with the strong influence of the Catholic church, means it is a particularly difficult place to be a transgender woman like Salamanca. In the past eight years, 74% of all reported murders of trans people were in Central and South America, according to a 2016 report from Transgender Europe (TGEU). Due to violence, poverty and the risk of HIV, the life expectancy for trans women in Latin America is estimated at between 35 and 41 years.

Is it actually the trans bit that matters here?

But prejudices are hard to overcome. When she was attacked, Salamanca was working in the sex industry, where trans people are particularly vulnerable (65% of those murdered worldwide were sex workers, according to the TGEU report). Yet prostitution is one of only two jobs – along with hairdressing – available to most trans women in Colombia. Those who end up in sex work are mostly in Santa Fe, the notorious barrio on the eastern edge of Bogotá.

There’s rather a lot of weight on that idea that they can only get this job, isn’t there?

For streetwalker prostitution in one of the already most violent slums/barrios in the world is going to be a dangerous thing to be doing.

Thus being presented with the murder rate for trans-prossies doesn’t tell us much unless we also know the murder rate for prossies more generally.

Really not quite the way that I’d put it

More specifically, The Butterfly Effect is a four-hour, seven-part exploration of the impact of the tech industry on the porn industry. It’s about the way free porn sites, notably PornHub, have made it very hard for porn workers to make a living.

The music industry has gone through similar upheaval, but musicians get more sympathy than porn actors (and can make money doing live gigs), Ronson says.

I’m really quite certain that sex has a live gig employment section.

Perfectly sensible answer

Asked by Campbell if gay sex was sinful, Welby said: “You know very well that is a question I can’t give a straight answer to. Sorry, badly phrased there. I should have thought that one through.”

Pressed on why he could not answer, the archbishop said: “Because I don’t do blanket condemnation and I haven’t got a good answer to the question. I’ll be really honest about that. I know I haven’t got a good answer to the question. Inherently, within myself, the things that seem to me to be absolutely central are around faithfulness, stability of relationships and loving relationships.”

In response to Campbell’s assertion that those could be characteristics of same-sex relationships, Welby said: “I know it could be. I am also aware – a view deeply held by tradition since long before Christianity, within the Jewish tradition – that marriage is understood invariably as being between a man and a woman. Or, in various times, a man and several women, if you go back to the Old Testament.

“I know that the church around the world is deeply divided on this in some places, including the Anglicans and other churches, not just us, and we are – the vast majority of the church is – deeply against gay sex.”

He added: “I am having to struggle to be faithful to the tradition, faithful to the scripture, to understand what the call and will of God is in the 21st century and to respond appropriately with an answer for all people – not condemning them, whether I agree with them or not – that covers both sides of the argument. And I haven’t got a good answer, and I am not doing that bit of work as well as I would like.”

Asked if he was trying to reconcile Anglican church leaders in places such as Uganda and more liberal churches principally in the UK and north America, Welby said: “It is irreconcilable.”

But, he added, homophobia was sinful “because you are hating individuals. I don’t think it is sinful to say that you disagree with gay sex. But to express that by way of hatred for people is absolutely wrong in the same way as misogyny or racism is wrong.”

Hate the sin, love the sinners.

Wonder how much stick he’s going to get for an absolutely bog standard theological view?


Should we ban sex robots while we have the chance?
Jenny Kleeman

From our ever popular series, Questions in Guardian headlines we can answer.

If men (and it will be men – even the few male sex dolls produced by Abyss Creations every year are generally shipped to male customers) become used to having sex with synthetic companions that are programmed to meet their most precise specifications, how will they then interact with real women who have the inconvenience of having their own idiosyncrasies and free will?

Perhaps the most important question to ask is why there is a market for sex robots in the first place. Why do some people find the idea of a partner without autonomy so attractive?

Dunno love but if it’s modern men refusing to have sex with modern women then I’d probably start my investigation by asking what is it about modern women driving the refusal?

Erm yes, I think we know what we call this, don’t we?

The dilemma I have a 23-year-old daughter. Her mother and I split up when she was seven due to her mother’s infidelity. I still see my daughter regularly and she is close to my wife and the two other children we have. My daughter didn’t have a “proper” boyfriend until she was in her late teens. Last week I was informed that her new boyfriend is a little older than her. It transpires he’s 48! He also has a wife and two children who he is preparing to leave to be with my daughter. I am, in equal measures, furious, horrified, embarrassed, ashamed and desperate. This new boyfriend is older than my wife, who is 46. I am 55. My daughter wants me to meet this man, but I am too shocked and angry that a man of his age and with his responsibilities could behave in this manner. How should I handle this? I am too embarrassed to talk to my friends about it.

I think at least that we call this “Daddy issues?”

But it’s not illegal in the first place

Harriet Harman has accused two major unions of “legitimising exploitation” after they backed the decriminalisation of sex work.

Certain aspects of it are – soliciting, brothel keeping and working. But the work itself is entirely legal.

As ever, it’s odd to have a woman who appeared to support paedophilia, sex with those who cannot consent, opposing consensual sex among adults.

Err, yes, likely to happen

A double rapist, who had a £10,000 sex change operation behind bars, has been put in segregation at a women-only prison after making unwanted sexual advances on inmates.
Martin Ponting, 50, a father-of-three, became Jessica Winfield in jail after being sentenced to life imprisonment in 1995.
She was moved in March this year from male-only HMP Whitemoor, in Cambridgeshire, to HMP Bronzefield in Surrey – Europe’s largest female prison.
Now, it has emerged that she was segregated last week due to reports of her making inappropriate advances on her fellow inmates.

Who would not have guessed this might happen?

Xe would appear to be biologically intact…..

Well, how about that then, eh?

Most governments in the world, including the United States, prohibit sex work.Given these types of laws rarely change and are fairly uniform across regions, our knowledge about the impact of decriminalizing sex work is largely conjectural. We exploit the fact that a Rhode Island District Court judge unexpectedly decriminalized indoor sex work to provide causal estimates of the impact of decriminalization on the composition of the sex market, reported rape offenses, and sexually transmit-ted infections. While decriminalization increases the size of the indoor sex market, reported rape offenses fall by 30 percent and female gonorrhea incidence declines by over 40 percent.

Umm, yeah, OK

‘War is obscene, not my nipples’: Women and men strip for 10th annual Go Topless Day Parade in New York City as they demand the desexualization of female breasts

I always do like these demands that humans stop being humans. You know, secondary sexual characteristics and all that……


The prevalence of HIV in Uganda is more than 3% higher among women than men, according to research revealed by the government.

While the overall rate of those aged between 15 and 49 living with the infection has declined in the past five years to 6% – from 7.3% – women remain disproportionately affected by the epidemic.

Health experts have attributed the disparity to the fact men tend to have more sexual partners, so a man with HIV would spread the infection to more people. Teenage girls and young women are also more likely to face discrimination when seeking preventative measures, such as asking for condoms.

Of course, I don’t actually know, but just pose the question. Perhaps male to female infection is easier than female to male?