We might be able to connect the dots here

The number of child sex offences reported in London has risen by over 20 per cent in the last year.

Latest figures released by the NSPCC revealed that crimes against children rose from 3,911 in 2015 to 4,794 the following year.

The Met police statistics suggest that, on average, 13 children are the victim of sex crimes each day.

The punishments for child porn are getting ever heavier.

The number of cases of child abuse are going up.

Given that we know that more porn produces fewer physical crimes perhaps we’re not doing this the right way?

The robots are coming

Or not, as the case may be, to the sex industry:

EUROPE’S first sex robot brothel has been forced to move after real-life prostitutes complained sex dolls were stealing their trade.

Someone’s been reading a bit too much Jessica or Amanduh:

Janet, a prostitute with over 30 years in the industry, who works in the city’s Raval district said: “It is another strategy of the patriarchy that presents us as objects without rights or soul. A privilege of the wealthy classes.”


CEBR obvious have a more interesting dating life than the rest of us

Britons spend £129 on going on a date typically – more than twice as much as their counterparts in countries such as France and Italy, research has found.
The average amount, which is the total spent by both people going on the date, covers costs such as transport, clothes, cosmetics, entertainment and food and drink.

Hmm, OK.

And here is how the average cost of a date in the UK, at £129.30 adds up, according to the research:

Contraceptives, £4.70

Wait, what? The *average* date needs a fiver’s worth of contraceptives?

Admittedly, it’s a long time since I tried going out on the pull but that sounds a great deal more exciting than anything I did ever do.

Harvard research that may well not be true

Beautiful people may appear to have it easy in life.
But it turns out they are actually unlucky in love – as their relationships are more likely to end, research reveals.
A study which explains the high rate of Hollywood divorces has found that being attractive could actually be a ‘relationship liability’.
Even if people are not looking to poach you, being good-looking makes you more likely to cheat and be attracted to other people. While few people will be reaching for their violins, this leads to a higher break-up rate for the most beautiful.
The findings come from Harvard University, whose researchers looked at celebrities for fresh insights into the splits of Hollywood power couples like Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin or Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

The generally accepted view is that this is true of men and not of women. Good looking of both sexes (yes, cis-heterosexist patriarchal trans-hater that I am) have more opportunities, entirely so. Which tend to work out in opposite directions the men spreading the seed and the women insisting upon that exclusivity. Studying actors is going to rather obscure this, as the pretty birds are going to be with the good looking men…..

Not all that profitable this sex business, is it?

Or perhaps the life in an English provincial brothel:

Councillors in a market town are demanding to know why a brothel was allowed to continue for ten years after police were first tipped off.

Officers finally raided the “massage parlour” in Trowbridge, Wilts, as part of an operation led by the National Crime Agency into human trafficking.

We’d not expect anything particularly fascinating from Trowbridge of course but:

They found a punter with two middle-age English women who told him they were happy working at the sex den. The madame was traced as mother-of-two Marion Meyer-Smith, 49, who admitted running the brothel in the flat for 14 years.

So, happy workers and happy endings over a decade and a half. Diffucult to see why it needed to be raided really – checked, sure, for that trafficking that doesn’t really exist, for under age etc, but raided?

She raked in between £100 – £150 a week from the two sex workers, both of whom were working in their hometown.

Have we had some sudden burst of deflation or has “raking” rather changed in meaning? Running a brothel earns you part time barkeep wages these days does it?

Well, it’s a good idea isn’t it?

A BBC radio presenter allowed a phone-in caller to discuss having sex with young children and to claim his victims had enjoyed being abused.

Allan Beswick, host of the Late Night Phone-In programme on BBC Radio Manchester and BBC Radio Lancashire, engaged in conversation with the man – who said he was calling from prison – for four-and-a-half minutes without cutting him off.

Listeners were horrified to hear the man repeat details of his alleged crimes and to argue that DVDs of “child sex” should be supplied to adults as a substitute for them abusing children.

As far as we know, and this is true of both rape and statutory rape (yes, research has been done on this, on both) porn reduces incidence of real world actions. In the case of child porn the post-Soviet changes in law left Czechoslovakia/Czech Republic without a law against child porn. Incidence of child abuse fell. Law corrected, it rose back again.

So, digitally produced (of course) DVDs, why not? The aim is to reduce real world harm, yes, not the incidence of people getting their rocks off?

Not quite I think, not quite

Unfortunately, most sex education is still passed between children themselves, taught by the “naughty” peers who seem to have found out more than anyone else. Or are pretending that they have.

Shock horror, the majority of cultural education happens between children.

Didn’t the Opies spend decades proving this very thesis?

Boasting has always been, and still seems to be for many boys, the beginning of proving that you are a proper man. Frequency, volume, conquest and size still matter to them. How are young men to understand women if they have never been taught to understand themselves, and the people teaching them have been taught even less?

There was one part that traditional sex education did in fact get right. Which was to teach young women what young men were like. So hormonally doped up they leak sperm from the eyeballs and will hump anything up to and including the garden gatepost as long as it doesn’t complain too much. Any form of sex education which doesn’t get over the point that this is something that rather needs to be dealt with, if not perhaps controlled, isn’t doing its job.

Understanding network effects in dating

Celebrities have the same needs that the rest of us, they’re just wealthier, better-looking and demand more privacy. It’s why Tinder quietly set up a special members-only version of its app, called Tinder Select, to keep elite bloodlines in the elite. As the name implies, it’s a secret dating world where only the beautiful and the wealthy can connect. Unfortunately, the great unwashed don’t have a chance of getting in unless you’re invited by a core group of members.

Only those already potentially exposed to Paris’ herpes should date those also potentially exposed to Paris’ herpes.

Very sensible form of quarantine.


A senior NHS boss has been forced out of his job after exposing a hospital sex ring where senior consultants used code words to arrange sex with colleagues, it is alleged.
The health workers exchanged hundreds of emails in which they used code words such as ‘Marmite’ and ‘cappuccino’ to arrange sexual liaisons at one of the country’s top hospitals, it was revealed last month.
The discovery of the sordid activity – which often took place yards from patients – has led to claims of a cover-up after the hospital refused to sack the two highly-paid consultants after a disciplinary hearing lasting just 20 minutes.

Consenting adults have sex with people they are not married to.


Opportunity costs

Adults are having sex less often than they were 20 years ago, according to a scientific study in America of almost 27,000 people.

Researchers found that adults had sex about nine fewer times per year than they did back in the late 1990s.

The more things there are to do the more it costs to do any single one of them. Because the price of something is what you give up to have that thing. If there are more things to give up then each and any one choice costs more, people do less of things that cost more.

This has long been tracked more generally. I think we’ll all agree that women’s choices have significantly increased over recent generations. Women are, self-reportedly, less happy than they were. Sure, we can make jokes about feminism and unrealistic goals but the fact of the matter is that female happiness has been moving down much closer to male self-reported happiness.

Closer to that of those who always did have the wider range of choices.

Opportunity costs, it’s the second important thing you’ve got to know about economics.

Seems entirely fair to me

Paedophiles should not face jail for looking at pornographic images of children unless they are a physical threat to youngsters, says Britain’s most senior child protection officer.
Officers should instead focus on the most dangerous offenders who have access to youngsters or are directing abuse online, said chief constable Simon Bailey.

We should probably be producing digital porn for the paedos, giving it to them in fact.

For we know quite well that among adult heterosexuals access to porn reduces the rape rate. On the fairly simple grounds that the bloke who’s not had sex for so long he’s got sperm leaking out of his eyeballs is more likely to attack than someone who’s just wanked himself into a stupor.

And we don’t actually care what it is that people get off to. Makes no difference to us or society if someone deals with their stiffie with pictures of a Ferrari, Lola Ferrari or Lolita. Shrug.

What we do care about is that any physical activity with another takes place only with another consenting adult.

So, produce and distribute – digitally produced – kiddie porn and cut the rate of attacks.

Not that I expect this to be taken up such is the hysteria but it does actually make sense.

Didn’t we know this?

‘Golden trio’ of moves boosts chances of female orgasm, say researchers

She likes you, she loves you, she’s feeling horny?

Agreed, not quite the experience of Sr. Siffredi of these parts but……

Sadly, that’s not what they say:

A study from a team of US researchers suggests that a combination of genital stimulation, deep kissing and oral sex is the “golden trio” for women when it comes to increasing their likelihood of reaching orgasm with a sexual partner.

Isn’t there a Monty Python sketch where the teacher is trying to give the sex lessons and asks the class about foreplay, having to then shout “What’s wrong with a kiss?”

Still, now we know about Adam Johnson. Just trying to help the young girl out, obviously.

Milo’s in a bit of trouble then

Reading around it appears that a bit got lost in translation. He using British (and possibly slightly gay) English and referring to boys with older men, meaning twinks of 16 to 18 with 30 and 40 year old boyfriends. Americans leaping in and insisting he means 13 year olds with adults.

Hmm. The problem with the case for the defence here is that Americans are odd about age gaps anyway. Not entirely but in general they think people should only date within their own age group, a couple of years different perhaps. A decade gap is looked upon as really rather odd, especially late 20s reaching down into late teens.

Don’t insist that’s it of course, just that’s my reading of it so far.


‘Get your t*** out, show us your m****’: Drunken yob hit with £8,400 bill for abusing stewardess

Most impolite to be sure but if those stories about those who work for the airlines are true that seems very expensive for a peek at something widely shared, no?

The perils of impotence

At one point he fretted to his analyst that he thought he might be impotent after a disappointing encounter the night before.

“You tell me that you had sex 29 nights in a row with different girls. On the 30th, you say you’re impotent,” his doctor replied drily. “You know, even God rested after six days.”

This is something that needs proving Owen, not assuming

Despite the transformation of attitudes because of the work of LGBT activists, LGBT people are still exposed to homophobia and transphobia from the earliest of ages. A society that still fails to accept LGBT people as genuine equals causes much higher levels of mental distress among LGBT people, along with its grimmer symptoms: alcohol and drug abuse, even suicide.

Which way does the causality run?

No, I don’t know either but that is what has to be shown, we cannot just assume it.

Entirely amazing this, just flabberghasting

A transgender model, who has spent almost $300,000 on 127 surgeries to become a ‘desirable’ woman, has told of her struggle to find love with a man who accepts her.
Kelly Star, from Perth, says she has been single for 12 years, despite receiving lots of male attention for her curvaceous figure and 32K breast implants.
The 46-year-old said since beginning her transition into a woman at the age of 16, she has struggled to find a compatible partner who will openly date a trans-woman.

Entirely impossible to understand, isn’t it?

Stereotypes do come from somewhere

Isn’t it the greatest finding of the social sciences that there’s a truth at the heart of stereotypes?

Sometimes even a declaration is ignored by an uncomfortable practitioner. Straightness is still automatically assumed, unless you’re lucky enough to have a doctor who doesn’t see heterosexuality as the default for everyone they treat.

Somewhere between 98% and 96% of the people who walk through the door will be straight. The assumption thus seems fair enough.