The maker of Always sanitary pads has given in to claims of discrimination by transgender men and removed the ‘Venus’ symbol of the female sex from the wrapping.

Menstruation is – as with the inverse, pregnancy – rather the definition of the feminine.

A trans activist using the pseudonym ‘Melly Boom’ had tweeted in July asking Always why it was ‘imperative’ to have the sign on their sanitary products.

The tweet said: ‘There are non-binary and trans folks who still need to use your products too you know!’

Time to end care in the community, no?

We’ve got your problem right here Emma

Sgt Emma Slade, who has responsibility for policing prostitution in Avon and Somerset, said: “Vulnerable women are being enslaved and exploited for sex within pop-up brothels. They are isolated and suffer terrible abuse. Many of the women are recruited and trafficked on false promises of legitimate work but find themselves in a very different circumstance.”

Slade said that when police carried out safeguarding visits to brothels, they often found women from the far east and eastern Europe who spoke no English and did not know the emergency services phone number.

That someone is from the Far East or Eastern Europe does not mean they’re enslaved. It simply means they’ve moved from there to here to rent out their gonads.

Sex slavery is appalling, a vile crime, repeated rape. Migration to be a tart in a higher paying market might be something that you disapprove of but it’s not even a crime.

Pecunia non olet

Michael Jackson songs have been pulled from primary school teaching materials in the wake of child abuse allegations.

A company that supplies music lesson resources to around half the primary schools in England removed all mentions of the late pop star from its teaching material.

Charanga took the decision earlier this year, following the release of the Netflix documentary Leaving Neverland, which detailed claims from Wade Robson and James Safechuck that they were abused by him as young boys.

Mark Burke, director of Charanga, said: “In light of the allegations made against Michael Jackson in March, we felt it inappropriate to promote or share his content with our users.


The music stands or falls as music. The sexual behaviour as sexual behaviour. One does not infect the other, either way around.

Still, be interesting to see the BBC subtitles of a show arguing this point. They’re still using Gill Sans aren’t they?

Well, I suppose so, yes

The flippantly named NoFap community has gained a strange prominence since it was founded in 2011 by Pittsburgh web developer Alexander Rhodes. Inspired by a small study that suggested that male testosterone levels rose after seven days of abstinence from ejaculation, followers avoid masturbation in order to “reboot” their brains.

Not quite sure what the end result of the rebooting will be but reasonably certain it will happen.

Even among noodle armed snowflakes a week’s entire abstinence will have the average 18 year old male leaking testosterone through the eyeballs. Might not be an entirely happy rebooting……

That first law of the social sciences

All stereotypes have some truth in them:

As the first member of the Royal Family to marry someone of the same sex, it is perhaps fortuitous that Lord Ivar Mountbatten likes to shock.

The 56-year-old cousin of the Queen is preparing to celebrate his first wedding anniversary with James Coyle, who works as senior cabin crew for an airline.

Also “member of the Royal family” is doing some work there. Pretty extended family….

But what will be the effect on the children?

A school will be built with obscured ground-floor windows to prevent paedophiles from looking at the children, plans have revealed.

Concerns have been raised over the opening of a large school next door to a probation centre frequented by convicted paedophiles.

The new Livingstone Academy will take over a closed magistrates’ court building in Bournemouth, Dorset.

But the site is just a short walk from a probation office that is used by “people known to offend with children”.


And what will be the effect upon children of no natural light on that first floor? Greater or lesser than the ill effect of being perved at?

‘Avin’ A Giraffe

This is such unusual behaviour in the Third Sector, isn’t it?

The founder of Britain’s leading charity for survivors of child sexual abuse had a sexual encounter with a woman he knew had allegedly been abused, it emerged yesterday.

Peter Saunders stepped down from the Independent Inquiry into Childhood Sexual Abuse, the investigation into sexual abuse in schools, churches and other institutions, after failing to declare the incident, The Mail on Sunday reported.

The former teacher, who founded the National Association for People Abused in Childhood, first saw the woman in 2008 after she gave an interview talking about the abuse she endured as a child.

Mr Saunders, 61, joined her and her female friend for lunch at a restaurant later that year. After drinking three bottles of wine between them, he went upstairs to use the lavatory where he admitted a “sex act” took place.

After the encounter, which he insists was entirely consensual, the woman complained to police that Mr Saunders had forced her to carry out the act. He was questioned by officers and denied the allegation. The Crown Prosecution Service decided not to proceed due to “insufficient evidence”.

Mr Saunders, who is married with five children between him and his wife, told the newspaper that he was “deeply sorry” and would carry the shame of the incident for the rest of his life. He also expressed regret for paying the restaurant bill on the charity’s credit card.

That last line rather grates, doesn’t it.

Just how unusual is this?

Zahia Dehar: from teenage escort to the summer star of French cinema

Hmm, that path from lady of negotiable virtue to actress is just such a rarely taken one, isn’t it?

Today, the 27-year-old model, lingerie designer and muse to the late couturier Karl Lagerfeld is celebrating her first film role and has found herself compared to a young Brigitte Bardot.

In Une Fille Facile (An Easy Girl), released in France on Wednesday, Dehar plays the liberated Sofia, who sleeps with rich men who buy her gifts; it is set in a steamy summer in the south of France, featuring sun, sea, sand and sex, with luxury yachts and jewels thrown in. One reviewer said the film had a “classically Gallic nonchalance when it comes to sex”.

I thought it was novels where you’re supposed to do what you already know about?

That’s that then

A transgender woman made redundant by the Times has lost an employment tribunal in which she claimed to have experienced discrimination and unfair dismissal.

The background – not the legal allegation so much, the background – was really that since The Times does not uncritically support the varied trans agendas then therefore it’s antitrans in its working environment. Bit of a stretch that claim really.

A newspaper that allows a columnist to refer to “bumboys” may or may not be anti-gay, anti-LGBT or whatever, but the use of the word bumboys by a columnist isn’t evidence either way.

Jeez, this is getting ridiculous about trans

In The Guardian, a reminder:

On the issue of gender bias, Oliver cited numerous studies in which women were statistically misdiagnosed; a 2017 study found that women were less likely than men to be referred for knee replacements; another found that women over 50 and critically ill were less likely to receive life-saving interventions. This can be attributed, Oliver said, in part to dismissal of women’s pain as hormonal emotions, and a long history of studying male (as in assigned male at birth) bodies as a stand-in for all bodies.


We know this already

Morgan-Richards said the research presented several avenues for further study – including why sex remained useful for species at all, when from an evolutionary perspective females save time and energy by reproducing alone.

Because variation is important over the longer term.

Jeez, we’ve got evolution pretty much sorted out, we don’t need to wonder and ponder on such basics any more.


Social worker suspended after telling female colleague ‘I like a nice set of baps’ while looking through her shopping basket

One wonders

“He spoke to her about watching pornography of women of her size, saying that it turned him on and he had been having a good time.

“Colleague A was embarrassed and raised her hands to indicate that he should stop talking like that.

Perhaps he advice should be don’t lift your chat up lines from those sorts of movies?


As listeners to the Football Weekly podcast already know, I’m a laugher not a fighter. I would much prefer not to be writing this and to exist in a world where my transition did not require any comment. But since we do not yet live in that world, here I am. All I ask is for respect and kindness – for me and for transgender people in general – at a time when those commodities seem to be in ever‑shorter supply.

You’re a journalist writing about sport. Your gender and or sexuality don’t come into it. What is this “require any comment?”

Isn’t this anti-LGBT?

The Welsh seaside town of Porthcawl is planning to install anti-sex public toilets that would spray occupants with water and sound an alarm.

Violent movement sensors would automatically open the doors and sound high-pitched alarms, with fine water jets soaking the interior. Weight-sensitive floors would ensure only one user could be in a cubicle at a time, to safeguard against “inappropriate sexual activity and vandalism”.

I’m absolutely certain that I recall the claim that cottaging is an essential part of the gay male culture and therefore to oppose it is to be homophobic.

What’s that about the left eating itself?

A transgender employee of the Guardian — which once called itself the “world’s leading liberal voice” — has resigned, accusing the newspaper in an email to staff of being “an incredibly transphobic organisation”.

In a cutting resignation letter sent last month, the employee said the paper “fundamentally not only stands against my own values but also against what I am”. A second trans staff member resigned weeks later, also citing the “harm” they say the newspaper is doing to trans people.

Following the leak of the email to BuzzFeed News, the trans employee, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said she felt complicit in the newspaper’s “transphobic” reporting by continuing to work there, and revealed the damaging effect the Guardian’s coverage of transgender people has had on her well-being. This included fear of using the women’s toilet at work.

Et tu Custodies?

Non-sequitur much?

Most people watch X-rated internet content, so it’s pure hypocrisy to judge those who have worked in the industry


Isn’t watching it using judgement?

Most people have broken the law therefore it’s wrong to judge criminals?

Most people have written some prose therefore it’s wrong to judge prose?

Most people have had sex therefore it’s wrong to judge people over who, why, where they have had sex?


However, the travestis’ understanding of themselves is quite different from the model we’re familiar with. As the anthropologist Don Kulick writes in his ethnography, the travesti do not accept the western trans narrative: “What is evident in travesti talk about transsexuals is their firm conviction that one can never change sex … Not only do sex-change operations not produce women, and not only do they rob one of all possibility of experiencing sexual pleasure, travestis believe, but they also invariably result in insanity.”

Kulick quotes one travesti who insists that, if you are born with a penis, then “you are a man and you will die a man.” In the West, statements like these would be enough to get someone banned from Twitter or even investigated by the police, as is becoming increasingly common in the UK.