Difficult one this

Victims of revenge porn could get anonymity in shake-up of laws to tackle new online sex crimes

If you are in fact anonymous then it’s difficult to say that you’ve been a victim of revenge porn really. Given that the definition includes being publicly….

Not really a solution

Or perhaps the problem is that it is a solution:

The gel, which is applied daily to the chest, shoulders and upper arms, contains a mixture of progesterone and testosterone. The progesterone switches off sperm production in the testes and the testosterone offsets a drop in testosterone that this causes.

Without adding testosterone back in, men get unpleasant side-effects such as low mood, weight gain and a slump in libido. Because testosterone is metabolised so quickly in the liver, it can’t be delivered effectively via a pill, and this has proved the major obstacle to developing a male hormonal contraceptive.

Recently, though, there has been significant progress. A trial in 2016 of a hormone jab demonstrated effectiveness rates close to those of the female pill, although some participants encountered other problems including acne and depression.

Scientists hope the gel version, which is being tested at centres in the UK, Sweden, Chile and Kenya, will prove easier to use and have fewer negative side-effects.

The drug comes in a pump something like a toothpaste dispenser and has the consistency of hand sanitiser. The man applies one dose to each shoulder, upper arm and pec each morning.

A slight inconvenience is that the female partner has to avoid contact with this part of the body (“unless Diana wants to grow a beard,” Owers said) to prevent a second-hand dose of testosterone. So men are advised to either shower before bed or wear a T-shirt at night.

It’s still not solved the basic contraceptive problem which, as with the pig and the chicken discussing breakfast, the man is interested while the woman is heavily involved.

People of no appearance arrested

Detectives investigating claims of historical child sex grooming have arrested 44 people.

Four women complained of being abused between 1995 and 2005 when they were aged between 12 and 16.

During the course of an investigation police said they had arrested dozens of people across Bradford, Leeds, Kirklees and other areas of the country.

Those arrested within the past two weeks include 36 men and three women. Five other men were arrested earlier.

Weird really

The two women left needing hospital treatment after they were attacked on a bus in a homophobic assault have blamed a rise in rightwing populism for growing hate crime and called on people to stand up for each other.

Melania Geymonat, 28, and her girlfriend, Chris, 29, defiantly announced they would not be intimidated into hiding their sexuality, days after they said they were attacked by several young men when they refused to kiss upon demand.

The attack was of course appalling. It’s vile to attack anyone peacefully going about their business and that’s all there is to that.

There is another little thought that crops up though. The claim is – and there’s no reason to doubt it – that they refused to kiss in public and were therefore beaten up. Does this mean that we have, as a society, managed to raise some young men to be quite so dim as to not know what the internet is for?


What will they think of next?

In a study recently published in Marketing Theory, my colleagues and I found that sperm banks in these countries solved this challenge by playing into traditional male stereotypes and selling sperm donation as an experience that makes donors feel more masculine.

Ya think?

Didn’t know this

The key to many of the health benefits of sex is the love hormone – oxytocin. Also sometimes called the cuddle hormone, it can even be released when petting your dog. The same hormone causes contractions in childbirth and is in the pessaries given to induce labour. It’s even in sperm. It’s not a myth that sex can help an overdue baby get going.

Isn’t that wondrous? A sex column in The Guardian that is actually about sex not either the feelz or the patriarchy?

I get very confused by the American word “dating”

For I don’t actually know what it means.

Sure, I know what “a date” is. I can think of a range of meanings for “dating”. But what is it taken to mean generally?

Moby has insisted that he and Natalie Portman did date, a day after the Oscar-winning actress denied they had been in a relationship and described him as “creepy”.

Portman, in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, dismissed claims in Moby’s book that the pair had been romantically involved.

“I was surprised to hear that he characterised the very short time that I knew him as dating because my recollection is a much older man being creepy with me when I just had graduated high school,” she said.

The American singer responded on Wednesday, and swore that he was telling the truth, posting a photograph of the pair together on Instagram.

Does “dating” mean they went for ice cream together? In which case, so what? Or does it mean they bonked? In which case Moby should be horsewhipped for bringing the subject up of course.


Because I masturbate while prone, coitus is not pleasurable.

I think this bird’s problems are a little different from whether she lies down to play with herself or not, no?

The “because” there being the bit to question.

Fairly damning indictment

After Ms Klavina’s disappearance was reported, the police interviewed a Brazilian prostitute who said she had been in the same group but had declined Capper’s suggestion of going back to his house as “she did not like his attitude”.

So, BiS, this is your are, isn’t it?

Two British men have been found guilty of coercion after they forced a waitress who was never seen again into their car outside a Costa del Sol nightclub.

A Malaga court on Monday sentenced Westley Capper, the 41-year-old son of a British millionaire property developer, to two years for bundling Agnese Klavina into his Mercedes. Capper’s friend, 37-year-old Craig Porter, received a six-month sentence as an accomplice to the incident in the luxury resort of Puerto Banus.

Neither man is expected to serve time in prison as Spain’s judicial system routinely suspends the sentences of first-time offenders with terms under two-years.

Ms Klavina, 31, worked as a waitress in the Marbella area and has not been seen by friends or family since the early morning of September 6, 2014. Her bank accounts have also remained untouched, the sentence noted.

When a working girl doesn’t like your attitude that’s a fairly damning verdict. Or is it a case of having better radar for these things?

A certain amusement here

Ruth Hunt hasn’t had an easy ride. The outgoing chief executive of Stonewall has been accused of driving away donors. She has been charged with running “a militant trans agenda” by one former supporter and “[losing] what the big principle was” by another. Earlier this year the Times and Daily Mail claimed her resignation as a victory in the face of “growing protest by leading gay and lesbian supporters”.

For the head of a charity campaigning for lesbian, gay, bi and – under Hunt – trans rights, it might have been crushing. But Hunt, 39, is unflappable and unapologetic.

“The truth is, the support for our position significantly outweighs the opposition,” she says. And for proof, she points out that in her five years in the job, Stonewall has more than doubled in size, expanding from 75 to 160 staff, while its income has grown from £5.4m to £8.7m.

The organisation campaigning for trans rights has more employees than actually have the chop in any one year.

Well, OK, not really. But it’s a substantial proportion, I’ve not got the latest numbers:

The number of gender reassignment surgeries carried yearly on the NHS has tripled
since 2000, figures show. In 2000, 54 surgeries were carried out, compared with 143
in 2009, the Daily Telegraph reports.

We are approaching bureaucratic perfection, are we not? Where there are more shuffling paper than there are customers?

Rather more seriously, note that definition of success within a bureaucracy. Increased head count, greater budget. No reference whatsoever to greater output….

Quite amazingly unobservant

Barry Manilow: glad to be gay, without trying to sell something
Rebecca Nicholson

For some stars, their sexuality is now a commodity that can be traded

We’re among human beings here. Sexuality has always been traded. Not just in the sense of the sexual marketplace but in terms of celebrity – what is it that is being sold?

Rock Hudson wasn’t in the closet because he was gay but because the gay sexuality wasn’t something people were buying at that time. That is, it’s long, long, been about trading sexuality – it’s just which is traded has changed.

Seven year itch explained

What’s less clear, though, is why females should value unusualness in a mate.

When puzzling over why this mating preference arose, it occurred to me that attraction to novelty fits with a simple kind of learning called habituation. Psychologists have long known that when an animal is repeatedly exposed to some stimulus – be it a sound, a touch or in this case a visual pattern – it responds to the stimulus less and less. This occurs because the nervous system starts to “tune out” repetitive information. Since repetitive information is usually unimportant, habituation helps to free up the animals attention for other more important things.

Ever so slightly infelicitous

But I can’t help noticing that Gentleman Jack is the latest in a glut of recent high-profile lesbian period dramas.

Umm, yes.

recent high-profile lesbian dramas


recent high-profile period dramas



recent high-profile lesbian period dramas

Looks like an extremely specialised taste there.

Still, this is the BBC, it won’t be that graphic. Maybe they’ll shout at each other then eat chocolate together?

Err, yes

Scotland Yard’s detectives had believed in ‘Nick’. His claims of being raped and tortured as a child by a group of paedophile VIPs that included a former prime minister, military generals and the heads of MI5 and MI6, had been described by the Metropolitan Police back in December 2014 as “credible and true”.

For more than 15 months, the force took seriously Nick’s insistence that he had personally witnessed three children being murdered by the gang.

So, what we really want and need to know. Did Bea Campbell, OBE, believe these allegations?

It’s one of those compass needle tests, butt end version.

This is quite fascinating

Penis extensions don’t work, study finds
Procedures carry high risk of complications ‘and should almost never be carried out’


“These procedures should almost never be done,” said Muir.


“Many men who wish to undergo penis enlargement procedures have an average-sized penis but believe their size to be inadequate. Sadly, some clinics seem to ignore this. Surgeons in the private sector should not do this. It’s wrong on every level.”

An unknown number of men who seek such treatment have either body dysmorphic disorder or penile dysfunction disorder, both of which involve an obsessive dissatisfaction with their appearance.

Body dysmorphia should not be treated by not very effective surgery.


There are two ways of reading this

From a PR email:

Dismay as new report reveals that health inequalities continue to disadvantage older LGBT people

· – LGBT men and women aged 50+ have poorer self-rated health and are more likely to have other conditions that impact their health and wellbeing

· – Action is needed to improve health outcomes of the older LGBT community by enhancing inclusivity of mainstream health and care provision, strengthening training of health and care staff and enhancing data collection

Could be that the entire NHS is homophobic, sure. Or lesbophobic, qphobic and so on.

Could be that not being heterosexual is damaging to your health. And there are certainly good reasons why the second could be true. Anal sex is more likely among the male and gay, anal sex plus promiscuity is well known as an HIV risk. Lesbians are less likely to have children than hetero women, the largest risk for breast cancer is to not bring a fetus to term and then breast feed it – that’s why nuns have such a high incidence.

I do not insist on either answer. But we do need to find out before we decide what to do about it.


The things The Guardian will complain about:

In other cases, Tennant made a joke in which he referred to sex acts involving a young girl. In another case, he joked about his wife bringing home a sex toy, but bemoaned that he was considered a “pervert” for buying his own cock plug, which he described using vulgar and obscene terms.

There is in fact a double standard here. Innumerable newspaper sex advice columns suggest that women might think about, possibly should celebrate, buying a vibrator. Not that we’ve actually gone hunting for the proof of this but we would expect a rather different response to a man buying a fleshlight.