Do other apes get STDs?

I might have mentioned this before but if I have I can’t recall the answer. Or maybe I just think I did and didn’t, which would be why I can’t recall the answer rather than some onset of LATE.

Do other apes get sexually transmitted diseases?

There’s a pretty big variation in sexual patterns among our close relatives. Gorillas are polygamous and while the Silverback rules sexual activity remains within that small group. Chimps are hierarchical and the alpha male gets a lot more while the betas try to steal the occasional shag if they can. Bonobos have sex like the man who drinks halves asks whose round is it – often and widely.

I would assume that STDs exist in other apes. Can’t see any reason why bacteria and viruses wouldn’t colonise where they could. But are they there? And are there different patterns of them consistent with those different mating patterns?

I’d sorta assume that anything that happens to bonobos – within the varied population groups at least rather than across them – must be trivial in symptoms because anything serious would have wiped out the group that had it already.

But does anyone actually know?

Seriously weird idea

UK shamed as Europe’s biggest market for sex slaves

It’s unlikely to be largest market for immigrants who then sell sex. Germany, Spain, that’s legal. You expect to have more of what’s legal.

Actually, it’s legal in the UK but brothels aren’t etc.

And imagine that it really is true. Proper sex slavery. Then that would indicate that Spain, Germany, have less of it – where brothels etc are legal.

Can’t really see any way that this supports the standard feminist narrative. Also, can’t see the full report, maybe someone else has reported on it too…..

Blokes and birds

Someone who gives birth to a live child is a bird:

A Man Who Gives Birth Is Not A Man, Sorry, She Isn’t

Is I being transphobic?

Around here we’re fine with whatever social politesse people decide they want to follow. I’m prepared to agree – in public at least – that Diane Abbott is the Right Hon, that Harriet Harman is actually a QC. Just as I’m entirely willing to be polite and address those who let me know by their favoured pronoun of Miss, Ms, or Xe.

However, there are limits to such and that’s when these differences are important.

It’s quite impossible to understand why she can’t get a date

going on Tinder as a queer, dark-skinned black woman

Really not sure what queer means in this context. Aggressively lesbian? Politically and loudly lesbian? Dunno. But at a guess it means not hetero.

OK. It’s going to be a fairly small dating pool. Lesbians are some 1 to 2% of the population.

I am reminded with every swipe that my body is an irregularity in the world. I have somehow managed to be not just black, but darker than most people here in the Bay Area.

Could be. Would never say that race isn’t a factor in human relationships.

I have managed to ignore the trending master cleanses, the Atkins diets and all other manifestations of the thin-crazed California culture which paints my 300lb body into an oddity.

Ah. 21 stone is going to be, umm, a fairly specialised taste, isn’t it?

But as I got older it became exhausting to navigate relationships in my dark black body. It has become my job to remind the people in my life that the burden of their anti-black conditioning falls on me. If anti-blackness denies a black person their humanity, then the primary function of colorism is to normalize a world in which people are offered less dignity, empathy and, yes, desirability, the deeper their complexion is.

We sure it’s all about skin colour?

Our practice of a “queered monogamy” – my girlfriend and I welcome and encourage sexual and intimate exploration, both together and separately – allows me to witness all types of interactions between my body and the world.


OK, 21 stone woman with nose ring looking for extra relationship quickie presumably with fellow lesbian. And the reason she can’t get a date is her skin colour?

Although I will give her one thing. California is markedly more racist than some other parts of the US. Yeah, I know, not how we normally think of it but…

Interesting point

I am surprised there is not more outrage from the LG community that trannies are persuading children to doubt their gender rather than their sexual orientation.

LJH in comments here.

Yes, entirely obviously, gender and sexual attraction are not the same thing. And yet there does indeed seem to be some blending of the two concepts going on….and it’s not us out here doing that.

What adults do is one thing

What adults to children another – as that bloke said about millstones and the briny deep.

The only NHS gender clinic for children is risking a “live experiment” by sending hundreds for life-changing medical intervention without sufficient evidence of its long-term effects, experts have warned.

The Times has spoken to five clinicians who resigned from the service because of concerns over the treatment of vulnerable children who come to the clinic presenting as transgender.

They believe that some gay children struggling with their sexuality are being wrongly diagnosed as “transgender” by the Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) clinic.

All five former staff were responsible for deciding which trans-identifying youngsters should be given hormone blockers to halt their sexual development. The vast majority of those who begin blockers go on to irreversible cross-sex hormones once they reach 16.

The NHS specialists warned that vulnerable children and teenagers had been sent down the path towards transition before experts had time to assess the causes of their gender confusion.

Given everything we know about human beings and fads and fashions who doesn’t think that there will be some swept up in it?

And congrats to The Times for taking the subject on as a major campaign.

That’s nice

FLIPPING GREAT Female dolphins may have better sex than women thanks to their well-placed clitorises
Scientists also found that randy dolphins have sex all year round – even during times when they cannot concieve

FEMALE dolphins have clitorises just like human women – only theirs are bigger and better placed suggesting they have better sex sessions.

A group of diligent scientists discovered that lady bottlenose dolphins have large and well-developed sex organs meaning they could achieve orgasms.

Dolphins are also one of those species where we know rape occurs. Hmm…..

I would suspect there’s more to this

The founder of a Left-wing campaign group has been sacked after he gave illegal drugs to younger staff members, The Daily Telegraph can disclose.

David Babbs, who co-founded 38 Degrees, was dismissed from his £75,000 role as executive director after an investigation found that he had supplied cocaine and ketamine at an after-work event.

The matter has been referred to police. The 37-year-old Cambridge graduate also faces a separate investigation over claims that he bullied and swore at staff, it is understood.

Mostly perhaps because I’d like there to be more than this. But it wouldn’t surprise at all to find that there was a certain amount of something going on at the CEO Gonads to junior staff interface.

Astonishing how education works

Lauren Singer is a zero-waste blogger based in New York City. She has produced so little landfill rubbish in four years that it isn’t even worth throwing away. Instead, she proudly displays it in a glass jar. She says one of the most common questions that people ask her is: “How do you have sex?” Are there condoms in the jar, they wonder. Or are zero-wasters too busy for sex, what with all that recycling and making their own toothpaste? On the contrary, Singer tells me. “Environmentalists are horny right now.”

Decades of teaching kiddies that they shouldn’t have casual unprotected sex – quite probably entirely reasonably – has led to them thinking you can’t have sex without barrier protection.

Which really, really, isn’t how it all works.

So, why?

Britain’s equality watchdog has abandoned a legal case against the NHS for failing to provide fertility treatments to transgender patients.

Transitioning can lead to fertility loss, but many patients are not offered a chance to have eggs or sperm stored.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) had threatened NHS England with a judicial review, saying it should take steps to ensure such patients were routinely be offered fertility preservation.

The watchdog had argued that those seeking treatment for gender dysphoria should be treated in the same way as those with other conditions – such as cancer – which threaten fertility.

Has the NHS already given in? Or did EHRC realise how stupid he demand seemed?

You know, demanding that a woman, who has always been a woman and is very much still a woman, must have the right to be a father?

Nominative determinism in human sexuality

Chasten Buttigieg Is Winning the 2020 Spouse Primary
The first same-sex husband of a major-party presidential candidate is a historic figure, but he’s also a surprisingly traditional one.

Mr. Bottigig is gay.

No reason not to let the sniggering schoolboy within out occasionally.

The only problem with the determinism bit being that presumably Pops Bottgigger, who passed on the name, wasn’t gay. Or, at least, hetero often enough to pass it on.

An actual differentiation between paedophile and ephebophile

This looks like it has been decided properly:

A gay headteacher has won a sex discrimination case against the primary school which sacked him for having sex with two 17-year-olds he met on the dating app Grindr.

Matthew Aplin, 42, who was principal at Tywyn Primary School in Sandfields, West Glamorgan, was openly gay according to a new court ruling. But while police and his local authority bosses decided no criminal offence had been committed the school governors decided to dismiss him.

He challenged their decision but in the end resigned, then claimed he was a victim of constructive dismissal and mounted an employment tribunal claim on the basis he was a victim of “unfair dismissal and sexual orientation discrimination.”

The sexual orientation bit I’m not so sure about. A bird who’d shagged two male teenagers, a bloke who’d shagged two female, they would not have been fired. But he was. Hmm, not sure about that.

But note he was at a primary school. There’s a hell pf a difference between paedophilia and ephebophilia. And as long as there’s no duty of care to those ephebes – which as a primary school head there won’t be, not unless he’d been grooming them for a decade – then this seems the right answer from the court. Even if the reasoning is off.

This is interesting

The centre maintains that there is an essential experience that comes from being born in the body of a woman that shapes some of its core services, but said it would see to the safety of anyone who calls its crisis line.

What a lovely mixture we’ve got. The general lefty insistence is that environment is all in shaping a personality. Except with trans, gender and sexual taste apparently. When it’s all born and baked in.


Geordies are sheep now, apparently

A Sudanese shepherd granted asylum in the UK has claimed that “immorality” in Newcastle encouraged him to sexually assault a man in the city centre.

Zain Osman, 25, who arrived in the country on a lorry, thrust his hands down the victim’s trousers and tried to force him to perform oral sex on him in the street.

Not that you’d want a blow job from a ruminant really. Not more than once at least.

Update, there might be a more unkind way to tell this story. Attempted sex with a Geordie? Jeez, he must have been drunk.

Umm, what?

Why we need a new philosophy of sex

A number of years ago, I found myself at a public sex beach in southern France for research purposes. Unsurprisingly, I experienced some ethical dilemmas. Because I was researching the ethics of sexuality, my research involved potentially having sex with men and women at the beach.

The question of whether I “should” or “could” do so was complicated by a number of factors. I am a woman. I am queer. I am an academic. At the time, I was also in an (increasingly) difficult relationship with a man who was a philosopher. Given all of these complex factors, I desperately needed ethical assistance supported by philosophy (that I read and revered) that did not judge, and was aligned to my sexuality. But this philosophy – whichever way I turned to find it – doesn’t exist.

Engineers have, over the past few thousand years, gone from struggling over how to put the olive press together to landing men on the Moon. Philosophers are still stuck in this sort of navel gazing. Which has added more to human utility?

OK, add in that the engineers have also worked out how to clothe, feed, entertain and house us and stuff too.

Also, has the word changed meaning while I wasn’t looking? A queer woman in a relationship with a bloke? Eh?

We can test this contention

Fake lesbians on film: will audiences only watch women if they’re in bed together?

We have a genre of film making which is rather more ruthlessly capitalist even than Hollywood. Most of the actors in it are not lesbians although there’s often enough some faking of it. Lesbian porn is popular among the viewers, yes.

People have been known to watch Anne Hathaway keep her clothes on – to remark on those pointy elbows – so the only is not true. But fewer might be supported.

This isn’t what misogyny means love

Quiz time! Put your calculators away, please, I have a maths problem designed to test every inch of your natural intelligence. Ready? Here we go: Pete Davidson is a 25-year-old comedian. He is dating Kate Beckinsale, a 45-year-old actor. What’s their age difference?

Twenty years? Wrong. The correct answer, judging from popular responses, is: “Too many years to be acceptable”. While society takes older men hooking up with younger women for granted, we still seem to have a lot of hang-ups about women dating younger guys. There is a one-word explanation for this: misogyny.

Yes, obviously, sexual attraction moves in mysterious ways. Rather a lot of us like a nice pair of buns and all that. But it’s not really a hidden secret that men are attracted to nubility and women rather more to status. Human society only makes sense if we can agree upon those as tendencies at least.

That human society then goes on to assume these are universals, rather than the tendencies they are, is not misogyny.