Cash and Sex

There\’s an implication or two here.

In Russia good grades are traded for cash, in Iowa for sex.

Implication 1): cash is more valuable than sex in Russia, sex than cash in Iowa.

Implication 2) there\’s not enough cash in Russia and not enough sex in Iowa.

Implication 3) There\’s sufficient cash in Iowa and sufficient sex in Russia.

Presumably then one\’s preference for which country to live in will change over time. As youthful abandon gives way to pension worries, one will become miore desirous of moving from Russia to Iowa.

Or would it work the other way around? As sex with young women becomes more difficult to achieve as one becomes richer in maturity, would one become more desirous of moving from Iowa to Russia?



Lies, damned lies and Government Ministers

So Harry Harperson is still plugging away at making the purchase of sex illegal.

Harriet Harman will today step up her drive to make buying sex illegal when she releases new figures showing that more than half of men and women support the move if it will reduce people-trafficking for sexual exploitation.

Labour\’s deputy leader, the minister for women and equality, will also highlight cultural double standards after some respondents, particularly older men, condoned buying sex but condemned those who sell it.

A Home Office-led review into the demand for prostitution, due to report this year, is looking at whether ministers should make it illegal to pay for sex. The review is looking at a range of options to curb demand, but the Home Office minister, Vernon Coaker, has given a broad hint he will back criminalising the purchase of sex if there is a sign of a national consensus on the issue.

OK, so they\’ll do it if there\’s public support. And they\’ve got that public support if it will reduce people trafficking.

Hmm….but is there actually any people trafficking?

I\’m sure there is, yes….but a great deal less of it than the general public seems to think.

Yes, people do indeed travel to the UK in order to sell sex. People are also smuggled into the country to do so.

That\’s the number of people that we are told are "victims of people trafficking". But the vast majority are not in fact victims at all. They\’re people making a rational choice: they wish to come to the UK in order to sell sex and so they break whichever laws might stop them from doing so.

As I say, there are indeed people who are forced into it, people who are indeed "victims", but that\’s a tiny number. Certainly nothing like the tens of thousands numbers that are thrown around. That number is the number who do it voluntarily.

But apparently that\’s how you get your pet laws passed these days. Scare the pants off the public by telling them that there are tens of thousands trafficked, knowing full well that you mean something very different from what people are hearing, then manufacture support for your own grossly illiberal proposal on the back of that misunderstanding.

Statistics, statistics

Bryony love?

while the average age to lose your virginity in the 1980s was 17, today a quarter of young people are sexually active before they turn 16.

Averages are just that, averages. It\’s entirely possible that when the average age of virginity loss was 17 that 25% of people lost their cherry before they turned 16. Some lose their virginity after they\’re 18 you see, and it, umm, averages out.

Swedish Sex Toys

OK, so this is good for a giggle.

Sweden is famous for breaking sexual taboos, so barely an eyebrow was raised when state-run pharmacies began to sell over-the-counter sex toys this summer, alongside the more conventional headache pills and hot water bottles.

Now the shops are being hauled before the Equal Opportunities Ombudsman, the government referee on sexual discrimination, after two men complained that the erotic toys – the bestselling are vibrators and vagina love eggs — are all for females and these toys discriminate against males.

The pharmacy chain, Apoteket, had a “misguided and untrue view of sexuality whereby a woman with a dildo is seen as liberated, strong and independent, while a man with a blow-up plastic vagina is viewed as disgusting and perverted”, said one of the petitioners.

However the discrimination laws do lead to some entirely ludicrous results:

Dating services also have to charge the same for males and females.

There are always vastly more men than women on such sites. It\’s thus entirely rational to charge men more and women less.

Bravo! Bravo!

Kids these days… They need to understand that hardcore internet gangbang porno videos are merely for light entertainment, and are not step-by-step instruction manuals for the making of sweet love to young ladies.

This had to be researched?

"Beer goggles" really do work, according to researchers who claim to have proved for the first time that people look more attractive after a drink.

I\’m sure that this says something about the researchers more than the real world. Anyone who had a mildly adventurous youth (whether interms of booze or sex) would confirm this, surely? Only those who didn\’t would even want to test it.

Or perhaps I\’m being unfair about science students. Perhaps it\’s actually evidence of a real thirst for science itself…..yes, everyone knows it but finding out why is important?

John Edwards and Rielle Hunter

Yup, it was all true.

Well, maybe and maybe not. Now the two things are, is he the father of the child? Further, do we actually believe this about the payoffs?

He insisted he had "not been engaged in any activity of any description that requested, agreed to or supported payments of any kind to the woman or to the apparent father of the baby".

A televised confession by Mr Edwards taped by ABC News, which had been investigating the affair, was due to be broadcast late on Friday night.

Fred Baron, the chief fundraiser for Mr Edwards, indicated that money had been given to Ms Hunter and Andrew Young, the former Edwards aide, who is married with children, who has said he is the father.

"I decided independently to help two friends and former colleagues rebuild their lives when harassment by supermarket tabloids made it impossible for them to conduct a normal life," said Mr Baron, a Dallas trial lawyer.

Up to you really.

One thing that is really going to grate amongst the more po-faced American journos is that once again it was the National Enquirer the broke the story while they all looked the other way as if someone had just farted at the dinner table.

Sex Advice

I do wonder sometimes. Here\’s a piece on sex and childbirth.

OK, the set up is that the woman has gone off sex a bit after having the child. Nothing unusual there at all. The bloke\’s a bit miffed by this, nothing unusual there at all either.

The advice? Get him to care for the baby a bit.


Look, \’e\’s not miffed because there\’s now three of them, he\’s miffed because he\’s not getting any. Why not tell her to lie back and think of England occasionally to keep him happy?

After all, we all do things in a relationship that we\’re not all that keen on, just to keep the relationship going, don\’t we? I\’ve been clothes shopping for example…..


1. Men do not like tits because they buy Zoo. Men buy Zoo because they like tits.

We can demonstrate this by means of a simple thought experiment. Zoo was launched in 2004. Hands up if you ever thought about tits before then. Yes, one hand will do.


Oooh, Dear

Not sure about this you know:

In a keynote speech Michael Gove, the shadow schools secretary, condemns the so-called "lads magazines" for encouraging men to view women as mere sex objects.

"Our strategies for dealing with teenage pregnancy need to be focused more on young men and their responsibilities," he will say.

"That\’s why I believe we need to ask tough questions about the instant-hit hedonism celebrated by the modern men\’s magazines targeted at younger males.

"Titles such as Nuts and Zoo paint a picture of women as permanently, lasciviously, uncomplicatedly available."

We know that newspapers chase the prejudices of their readers rather than create them. It would seem therefore to be logically at least likely that magazines do the same. So it\’s not that these offerings cause lads to think of women in such terms, rather that they do and are willing to pay to have such prejudices pandered to.

All of which rather means that once again a politician has got confused between causes and effects.


Gee, Ya Think?

Last year, 49,484 women their second termination, while 11,136 had their third and 2,605 their fourth.

Some 52 women had their seventh abortion, and 29 their eighth.

Campaigners say this shows that some women are using abortion as a method of contraception ( altough technically of course it is post-contraception).

Ya think?

Erm, Zoe?

Some might suggest young people are taught abstinence but even investing $1bn in "abstinence-only" sex education across the US has not prevented young people delaying having sex….

That\’s actually the point of the $1 billion, isn\’t it?