Why Men Make More Money

It\’s not actually as if this is a surprise, of course:

Money doesn\’t make the world go round: it\’s testosterone. The more that traders have, the richer they\’ll become – up to a point.

John Coates, who used to manage a trading floor at Deutsche Bank on Wall Street but is now at the Judge Business School at Cambridge University, and Professor Joe Herbert, a neuroscientist, set out to study the brains of City traders to discover what makes them tick.

They measured levels of testosterone and cortisol (a stress hormone) in 17 traders at a City of London bank for eight consecutive business days. They found that those traders with higher testosterone levels in the morning were most likely to make money on the day\’s trading. One trader hit a six-day "winning streak" during which he made more than double his daily profit. During that time his testosterone levels went up 74%.

This free market/capitalism thing, it does indeed reward judicious risk taking. And yes indeed, testosterone is what makes men more likely to take risks (judicious or not). Thus we have an economic system which rewards part of the male set up.

It is also, of course, possible to create an economic system which does not reward such risk taking, and thus does not privilege males simply for their hormonal make up. But is the absence of advance (which is the corollary of the absence of risk taking) worth the greater gender equality?



while hedgehogs are into girl-on-girl cunnulingulus.

Wow! Umm, and just what is the cunnulingulus of which the Good Professor speaks? A google search provides four entries, two the rather strange online handle of a game player, this article itself (and this blog post will presumably follow at some point) and the Great Peter Briffa commenting upon the same piece.

Dogs do it,
Frogs do it,
Even horny hedgehogs do it,


Froggie Sex Machines

A startling revelation: the Frogs are trying to spice up their sex lives and in doing so they\’re buying up British designed sex toys.

One possible explanation is that the Brits (as George Mikes pointed out, the Continentals have sex lives, the British have hot water bottles) needed technological assistance and thus developed the technology to aid them. Necessity being the Mother of Invention and all that.

Another is that the Frogs have rather changed the nature of their relationships in recent years. Anecdotally at least, the normal method of dealing with a boring sex life there was to take another partner, wasn\’t it?

Or possibly both are true, the latter change meaning they are now taking advantage of the British Industrial Revolution and lead in technology.


Gayers in the Westminster Village

From Ian Dale\’s survey of sexuality in politics:

All this does seem to prove that political parties do attract more gay people, proportionately, than other areas of society. This is especially true among activists, I think. One or two people in previous threads have had a go at explaining this phenomenon, but I don\’ think any of them have done so very successfully.

Easy peasy.

Politics is showbusiness for ugly people. Showbusiness has a similarly high rate of gayers.

All that\’s left is to work out whether Iain actually tried on the stage or had enough self-knowledge to know that politics it was going to have to be.



Lindsay Lohan

I came across the same phenomenon when researching an article on Sienna Miller: the 18th-century idea that young actresses are little different to common prostitutes is alive and thriving through 21st-century technology.

Umm, no, not quite. There is indeed a certain level of young actresses who are so thought of but they are referred to more often as a MAW (Model, Actress, Whatever). The W part being the clue. Ashley Dupree being an example, although the lower levels of B movies and so on are full of this sort of personnel.

Not What I Expected

Seeing this story:

The founder of a website which sold sperm to lesbians who wanted children has been jailed for 16 months for fraud and forgery.

I thought, Aha! He\’s been doing what that American doctor used to do. When asked for a sample to impregnate a woman he would run through the catalogue, agree, yes, yes, this blonde 6\’4\’\’ Aryan type would be just right for you, right, I\’ll just go and get it for you. He would then return a few minutes later from the store room slightly flushed and red faced with a more personal sample which was then used.

Lot\’s of to be 5\’5\’\’ frogfaced (for the Good Doctor was not blessed in the looks department) children were thus produced.

But, sadly, no, the story turns on simple accountancy.

American scandals can be so much more fun…



On being asked to comment on the idea that the 28 year old mistress of the 66 year old Czech President is pregnant the spokesman said:

I am a civil servant and not a valet.


Not Everything Gets Worse You Know

Despite my gloom and regular jeremiads, it is true that life and society, in oh so many ways, do get better over time.

(I was one of those surveyed, by the way. YouGov, here’s a hint for free – we have civil partnerships now, we can’t get sacked for being gay, heck, we can even serve in the army, so you really don’t need to preface the question with “Some people might think the following questions to be of a personal nature”. We’re grown-ups, and we can cope with you just asking which team we bat for).

Only just over 50 years ago….

Nazi-Style Sex Orgy

Sounds, erm, different:

Max Mosley, one of the most powerful men in world sport, was under pressure to resign as boss of Formula One’s governing body last night after he was exposed enjoying a Nazi-style orgy with five prostitutes.

Jewish groups condemned the behaviour of Mosley, 67, whose father, Sir Oswald, was the leader of the British Union of Fascists and a friend of Adolf Hitler.

Mr Mosley was caught on video by the News of the World with five women in an underground “torture chamber” in Chelsea, where he spent several hours allegedly indulging in sado-masochistic sex.

Then again, as PJ O\’Rouke has pointed out, absolutely no one has ever fantasised about being tied up and ravished by a liberal.

Eliot Spitzer


“It is also my client’s understanding from the same source that Gov Spitzer did not remove his mid-calf-length black socks during the sex act."

Not exactly high style, is it?

So, Umm…

The Singapore government is offering students lessons in seduction in an attempt to boost the city state\’s flagging birth rates.

Are they looking for examiners for the practicals, do you think?

Well, Yes

Although, to be fair, we didn\’t look to Prezza for the porno, rather the comedy value.

Is there a reason I need to know about the legal, consensual sex acts of various tri-state governors? I know the economy is bad, but surely things are not yet so dire that we must look to our elected officials for pornography.

Susan Ager

Women elected to high political office do not have sex scandals.

A woman governor would not pay what amounts to weeks of day care fees for one hour of sexual stimulation. Women know how to take care of themselves.

Is she really stating that the reason women politicians don\’t get caught up in political scandals is because they own a Rampant Rabbit?



Excellent Question of the Day

Shtupping the secretary was no barrier to Paddy Ashdown becoming de facto ruler of Bosnia and now Afghanistan; a similar offence cost John Prescott little more than widespread ribaldry about cocktail sausages.

Steve ‘Shagger’ Norris and ‘Bonking’ Boris Johnson – hey, just what is it about Tory London mayor wannabes? – content themselves with knocking off political journos, councillors and local party activists.

In an era when it is possible to be president of France and still get off with a supermodel, just why do our leaders set their sights so low?

Alan Duncan

Mr Duncan, 50, an MP since 1992, will be the first member of the Cabinet or shadow cabinet to have entered into a legal partnership with a same-sex partner……

Mr Duncan popped the question to Mr Dunseath on holiday in Oman on Valentine\’s Day.

Mr Duncan said: "James joked that if I had not asked him on Valentine\’s Day he would have asked me on Feb 29."

D\’ye think that might be a little more about the detailed mechanics of their love life than we really want to know?

Come On, Own Up

The largest earthquake to hit Britain for almost quarter of a century was felt across large parts of England in the early hours of this morning.

Who was it that finally perfected their technique?

Department of the Blindingly Obvious.

Britain is facing an infertility timebomb because the increasing use of IVF means that couples with inherited fertility problems are able to have children and pass the condition on to the next generation, scientists report today.

Well, duh!

Where the inability to have children is as a result of a genetic defect, if those genes get passed along…..

Although it also has to be pointed out that donor insemination, the largest part of the assisted conception industry, clearly doesn\’t suffer from the same problems.