Damore’s Google suit proves Worstall’s Law

“Every organisation will, in the end, be run by those who stay awake in committee”

Worstall’s Law.


Damore, who was fired in 2017 after writing a controversial memo about gender and technology, alleges in the lawsuit that white, male conservative employees at Google are “ostracized, belittled, and punished”.

The lawsuit claims that numerous Google managers maintained “blacklists” of conservative employees with whom they refused to work; that Google has a list of conservatives who are banned from visiting the campus; and that Google’s firings of Damore and the other named plaintiff, David Gudeman, were discriminatory.

Yup, another organisation being taken over be the committecrats.

So, here’s a thing then

Some years back told to start taking pills for high blood pressure. Hmm, OK.

More recently, thinking that things aren’t quite right. Excessive sleeping – 10 hours a night and a 90 minute siesta?

Also, drinking well down, weight off (few stone, and it has stayed off for years) and exercising properly. Not gym bunny but 20 to 40 km on a bike two, three times a week, or swim a mile same number of times. No, not all weeks but often enough still that none are a strain, they’re an enjoyment.

So, off to the Doc for the usual middle age tests, PSA, diabeetus and so on. Ask Doc, well, blood pressure? Test while on pills, perfect.

Come off for a week. Bounces up a bit, as is expected. But only to “pre-high blood pressure” on rebound.

And today? Below (admittedly, without coffee or cigarette/vape today at all) being on the pills (110/70).

So, don’t take them any more.

How likely is this that weight and exercise actually cure this?

Adam Smith Institute and Adam Smith International

Dirty tricks of aid barons paid millions of our money: RICHARD PENDLEBURY analyses the work of the Adam Smith Institute


Adam Smith International, the fattest of Britain’s foreign aid fat-cat contractors, remains defiant, if not entirely convincing.

AS International is an entirely different organisation from AS Institute.

There was a common origin but there’s been no connection for decades.

ASI, which has its headquarters close to Blackfriars bridge in central London, remains at the centre of this disquiet over ‘profiteering’ in the world’s trouble spots. The firm was founded in 1992, arising from, but unconnected to, the Right-of-Centre Adam Smith Institute think-tank.

Quite so. That headline needs to change a bit, no?

Writing college papers

So, knocked that on the head. Did the one to check I could do it. And I could quite obviously make a decent amount of money doing it. $4,000 a month or up would be really quite trivially easy.

But then that’s the problem really. Couple of thousand words in the Amazon Whole Foods thing? Sure, I’ve done it already anyway elsewhere. Couple of hours for $100? Sure, why not? But what I would write about it really wouldn’t be what a prof is expecting from a 2nd year business studies student. No, not sounding grand, just reality.

One to leave for times of disaster perhaps, not the current well, wouldn’t it be nice to be making more?

Seriously glorious

I do think this is quite lovely. Writing college essays. There’s someone out there doing a media/journalism course. Who has to do a short piece as coursework. Model piece of simple journalism in fact.

Which they’ve decided to get someone else to write through an essay service*.

Hmm, maybe they want to be an editor?

*They’re offering a rate higher than such pieces normally get paid too…..this sort of stuff normally getting $0.

The credentialism of today

So, a bit more investigation of those essay writing services. I find that they all want to see a copy of my degree certificate. I have no idea where it is, never having used it at all (hmm, might have used to to angle for a US visa at some point).

But isn’t that fascinating? I must prove that I have the qualification to help people cheat?

Anyone any experience with essay writing services?

Casting around for some work. One obvious possibility is the various essay writing services out there. I should be able to turn out an econ essay after all.

Anyone got any experience as a writer of them? As a supplier to these companies? Any suggestions and all that?

I have something of a feeling that this is generally being done by Third World types and the rates of pay reflect that but who knows, maybe that’s not true?

So now we’ve a good measure of my market value

MPs who have accepted up to £1,000 an hour to appear on television shows broadcast on RT, formerly Russia Today, have defended their links to the station, classed by the US government last week as a Kremlin propaganda vehicle.

Sputnik is the radio part of all that and I’ve been on it a couple of times.

They stopped asking me when I pointed out that my time is valuable to me at at least thus there should be some nominal at least payment (as with the BBC, enough for a decent round perhaps, that sort of amount).

A clear and useful indication of market value there then.

Not quite how everyone else recalls it

Richard Murphy says:
October 21 2017 at 4:34 pm
I was Forbes first ever paid UK blogger

Well, actually they pay almost nothing

And to be candid, I could not be bothered, wanting to keep the material on one place

Not convinced about that first, think there were some before the recruitment drive which picked him up. And prompted me to go ask for a job.

As to paying near nothing I did rather well for a number of years. Best month there was €17,000. Yes, month.

But then people were reading what I was writing.

The current best bet is that I too will be fired – but I did last a rather larger number of years.

Life can be a bit odd at times

I was just asked to do a piece for an Iranian newspaper. Hmm, well, I do that weekly already so that’s not that odd. But it was about the subject of newspaper subsidies in Iran. My response being obvious, free market firebreathing stuff, if subsidies are needed then there should in fact be fewer Iranian newspapers.

But it is still just odd writing about free markets in a country that has such obvious state control of the press. They might well not use it for that very reason.

Well, yes, it does happen

Apple is looking into multiple reports of batteries swelling within new iPhone 8 Plus smartphones, which apparently broke them open as a result.

At least five separate reports of the new 5.5in iPhone 8 Plus smartphones have shown deformed phones, swelled batteries and screens being detached from the aluminium bodies of the devices.

It’s happened to me. Not with an iPhone I hasten to add, I’ve not spent the price of one of those on my entire lifelong (erm, decade long) phone ownership. But an old Sony that’s exactly what did happen. Battery swelled up and cracked apart the phone.


Email just received:

Did you break up with us and just never sent that text? We haven’t heard from you in a while and wanted to check in. Our goal is to make your Forbes experience a fantastic one and in order to do that, we’d love to know what you’re interested in! Please take a moment to update your information.

We hope to hear back from you!

The Forbes Brand Marketing Team


Displacement activity

I’m supposed to be doing a big document for something. I don’t like doing big documents. I’ve spent so long rolling out 500 to 2,000 word pieces that I find that really, trivially, easy. Now ask me to write 10 k words and it looms like some monstrous difficulty, rather than that it is, 5 pieces that I can do trivially. I know this, it just doesn’t transfer from intellectual knowing it to doing it easily.

Also, a slight further difficulty in that I’ve got to think about this.

However, I am now recalling the power of displacement activity. I’m days and days ahead in my normal tasks, have cleared up all the odd payments, unfiled invoices there were, inquired about this and that that I should have, nailed down the price for that odd lot of weird metal that I’ve been offered…..done, in fact, absolutely everything except the one main task in front of me.

And, umm, written a blog post about how I’m avoiding doing that main task by writing a blog post…..

Presumably, if someone insisted that I must do something else I want to do even less then I’d get it done, right?

How gloriously small the world actually is

Yes, coincidence and all that but I like this story so there.

I wrote for the Washington Examiner about Bodega, a start up with vending machines. There’s snowflake outrage about how this might replace actual bodegas. For the image they used AP which gave them the top connected image, of course.

Which is actually an art installation called “Fauxdega” by a young Englishwoman from Bath called Lucy Sparrow. Details here.

Hmm, a shop filled with hand made felt representations of what might be sold in such a shop? Chacun a son gout, of course.

But Lucy is the daughter of an old friend of mine and long time friend of this blog, Mark Sparrow. So, small world and all that. Lucy also sold out the entire stock in 16 days (9,000 pieces at $20 and up apparently) which is a welcome bit of capitalist rapaciousness in the art world. Plus being a useful export and all that.

She has put that alternate reality within easy reach: A felt cigarette pack costs all of $20; a box of candy is $35.

Such compulsion, and the suppressed anxiety it suggests, is palpable in the 9,000 objects Ms. Sparrow has brought to New York.


I have the next 5 weeks free and clear from my usual work. I’m sure we can guess why.

So, what should I do? Anyone want a book written? Should I perhaps drag out that idea of a little novel that’s lying around and have a go at that? Any other ideas?