Relaunching CT


Back with more questions.

We’re going to be launching the CT again in the next few days. We cannot just launch it on here as is gogle banned and we’d ideally like to earn some advertising revenue.

We have a few options, one is to use a simple theme on wordpress (like this one, but its quite limited and is no longer updated) i have uploaded all the old CT content to a test blog as a content store for now. If anyone wold like to suggest designs or themes i’ll take a look.

Ideally i would like to use the Ghost platform ( instead of wordpress, its very very simple and very very fast but does not come with native comments… so..How do you feel about Disqus? We quite like the way it works and can turn off any comment moderation, as well as anonymous commenting. Some of you would have to make an exception for Java in this instance..

I’d like some input before rushing ahead.

Dear God, the stupidity

But if you look at productivity statistics, you see that it has fallen, almost catastrophically, across the board in the last decade. There is no story about automation that’s consistent with output per hour falling precipitously. It’s literally the reverse of what you would expect.

That links to this.

Where it is stated that productivity is growing more slowly than it used to. But not that produxctivity is actually falling.

Acceleration and velocity are not the same thing.

TW redesign / Changes

As i posed earlier, we listened about making changes to the site and reverted back to the old site.

This begs the question, what changes should be made?

The theme / backend that is activated is 3 years out of date and hasn’t has any security updates or fixes for over three years.

If anyone has any suggestions for a new theme / template for wordpress, please comment below.

We dont want to tinker too much, but just catching up on maintenance…

Reviving ConTel / ConTin

We’re going to revive con tel, we are just trying to decide in what format. Some of you had some issues with the previous design and how it worked. The main reason is continental telegraph provided a (small but steady) income. TW is google banned for ads (probably because we use the word cunt too much) so cant really be monetised, unless we use affiliate programs which use Java and Tracking (which 90% of you savvy lot arent using). So this begs the question… what format to we revive it in?

Would you like us to use the TW theme, so its familiar and simply has different content? (but with google ads).

Suggestions please 🙂

& also – we noted and listened regarding the redevelopment of this site.

Mistakes and accidents do actually happen

Three former executives at the company that runs the ruined Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant have been acquitted of failing to take action in anticipation of the March 2011 nuclear meltdown, in the only criminal action resulting from the disaster.

Tsunehisa Katsumata, a former chairman of Tokyo Electric Power (Tepco) and former vice presidents Sakae Muto and Ichiro Takekuro, had apologised for the triple meltdown at the plant, but said they could not have foreseen the disaster.

AKA hindsight is 20/20.

Politics Site

Google has ‘somewhat’ censored this blog and the CT.

Myself and a few others are looking at starting a political news and comment site…

Struggling for names and domains.

Heres a few ideas… / / /.com

Any other suggestions?


Expansionary austerity does exist and work then?

Fiscal consolidation is austerity. Currency depreciation is expansionary. Get the second larger than the first, the net is expansionary.

What did Osborne try? Fiscal contraction plus currency depreciation…..

Oh tee hee indeed

From boom to bust: changing tastes and hefty costs leave Victoria’s Secret and lingerie rivals exposed

The subs will have squeezed themselves with joy over that one.

Actually, not, because the Telegraph doesn’t have any subs any more but still, whatta pun, eh?

So, Jeremy sent me an article

About Stella Creasy and her maternity leave demands. Which ended up as this:

Sir, Stella Creasy, MP, is arguing for more, greater or at least different maternity rights for MPs. Alice Thomson suggests (“MPs deserve maternity rights like rest of us”, Jun 19) that these should be “the maternity rights that women in every other walk of life take for granted”.

This is not what should be done — general maternity rights already include returning to your job at the end of the leave. And if there is an election during such a period the insistence cannot be that the seat should not be fought (akin to not challenging the Speaker). Perhaps this will be suggested, but that would be moving from rights to maternity privilege.
Tim Worstall
Senior fellow, Adam Smith Institute

Possibly a bit overinclusive

All around the world girls, women, transgender and intersex people suffer from the stigma of menstruation through bullying, cultural taboos, discrimination and the inability to afford sanitary products….

Only one direction of transgender can possibly suffer from this so don’t we need to discriminate a little more here?

No, not really

However it shifts our perspective, the chicken-induced Anthropocene is more writing on the wall that industrialized animal agriculture has gone too far. Without radically reimagining our food system, our future in the Anthropocene looks just like the lives of those 66 billion chickens every year: nasty, brutish and short.

We’re all living ever longer lives as a result of having a secure food supply. Nasty, brutish, short? Don’t these people understand the origin of these phrases? It’s a description of life before industrialised animal agriculture….

Had to be really

The intricate illumination of medieval monasteries was traditionally thought to be the work of monks.

But blue pigment found in the dental plaque of an 11th century nun suggests that women were also the artists behind some of Europe’s most precious books.

Scientists discovered tiny traces of ultramarine paint trapped in the teeth of a female skeleton buried within the grounds of a monastery at Dalheim, in Germany.

The pigment is made from the precious stone lapis lazuli, which was only mined in Afghanistan in the medieval period. It was more expensive than fold so only the most skilled and trusted scribes and painters were allowed to use the material.

Muphry’s Law. A piece about medieval copyists contains a typo.