Probably a GM floating around here

Footage taken by a passersby has revealed the sheer instinctive guts and determination of those who confronted Usman Khan in the moments after he carried out his murderous attack inside Fishmongers’ Hall.

Two men can be seen cornering the terrorist on London Bridge armed only with the nearest objects which came to hand – a five-foot antique Narwhal tusk and a fire extinguisher.

As the fight spilled out onto London Bridge, and despite being stabbed three times by Khan, Lukasz used the tusk to prod and push him against a railing to prevent him escaping and causing further injury.

A man alongside him sprayed fire extinguisher foam over Khan to disorientate him further.

Amy Coop, a director of the TV soaps Hollyoaks and Doctors who attended the event, wrote on Twitter: “A guy who was with us at Fishmongers’ Hall took a 5ft narwhal tusk from the wall and went to confront the attacker.

“You can see him standing over the man with what looks like a white pole in the video. We were trying to help victims inside but that man’s a hero.”

I think a GM there is likely, no?

Passerby Thomas Gray, 24, leapt out of his classic Mini and helped wrestle Khan to the pavement before stamping on his wrist to release the knife from his hand.

Mr Gray described how the attacker brandished an eight inch knife in each hand.

“One thought was going through my mind – stop the dude. I’ve played rugby for most of my life and the rule on and off the pitch is ‘one in, all in’,” he told The Telegraph.

“I was just a Londoner doing my bit.

“Hats off to the six or seven guys who were there before me, they’re so brave. They were chasing him down the street with a silver fire extinguisher and that’s what drew my attention to him. He was being sprayed with foam.

“We could see it was something serious and we should try to fix it.”

After the attack, he said he “did the British thing and went to the pub” with his friend Stevie.

“We had a pint and shook it off then came back and let the police know I was here with the keys for the cars in case they wanted me to move one of them.”

And yes, very British.

Are Black Friday Deals Really Deals?

Ive gotten into a little bit of a muddle. I’ve been looking for a new tablet computer mainly for email and reading (i dont mind Android or Apple).

However with all the black friday sales going on its hard to gauge what is a good deal and what isnt these days.

Does anyone recommend a tablet?

I have looked at the Galaxy Tab A i also like the look of the iPad Air, but really dont know. There seem to be loads including the Fire Tab on amazon at a sale price today, but are they really bargains?



A thriving steel industry will be vital to the Green Industrial Revolution. Labour will support our steel through public procurement, taking action on industrial energy prices, exempting new capital from business rates, investing in R&D, building three new steel recycling plants

From the Labour Party Manifesto.

Why? The country’s fine with steel recycling plants, We have plenty of them too. It’s basic steel plants, from iron ore, that we’ve not got. And shouldn’t have anyway.

Updating TW

Me again!

As i have said previously the theme used on TW is out of date and full of holes. We also need to add things like an SSL certificate os makes sense to do it all together.

You can check out the new site: here

Its just on a temporary server for the moment. Take a look around and let me know any suggestions, changes and all that.


CT – Update


9. Have enabled email notification and email subscription.

Should we enabled threaded comments here? Or is that too much?


Thanks for all the previous responses, we have tried to listen as much as possible.

Ill go through point by point so if you want to make any comment it’s a bit easier.

  1. CT is back online. Its hosted on Amazon and has a LetsEncrypt SSL as suggested by some here.
  2. I have added a minimal blog-style theme
  3. Read More ONLY appears if the blog post is longer than 500 characters, most will be readable from the homepage
  4. Comment counts are displayed below the title so you can see where the action is
  5. Comments are made via the wordpress comment system (the same as here) and not moderated
  6. Comments are able to be threaded
  7. There is a CT cookie which will allow your browser to remember your comment info WITHOUT an account
  8. We have some google ads on the pages at the moment they are rather large as GoogleAdsense is yet to propagate properly and will become smaller once its worked itself out.


Just want to test everything before we start writing content again.


Relaunching CT


Back with more questions.

We’re going to be launching the CT again in the next few days. We cannot just launch it on here as is gogle banned and we’d ideally like to earn some advertising revenue.

We have a few options, one is to use a simple theme on wordpress (like this one, but its quite limited and is no longer updated) i have uploaded all the old CT content to a test blog as a content store for now. If anyone wold like to suggest designs or themes i’ll take a look.

Ideally i would like to use the Ghost platform ( instead of wordpress, its very very simple and very very fast but does not come with native comments… so..How do you feel about Disqus? We quite like the way it works and can turn off any comment moderation, as well as anonymous commenting. Some of you would have to make an exception for Java in this instance..

I’d like some input before rushing ahead.

Dear God, the stupidity

But if you look at productivity statistics, you see that it has fallen, almost catastrophically, across the board in the last decade. There is no story about automation that’s consistent with output per hour falling precipitously. It’s literally the reverse of what you would expect.

That links to this.

Where it is stated that productivity is growing more slowly than it used to. But not that produxctivity is actually falling.

Acceleration and velocity are not the same thing.

TW redesign / Changes

As i posed earlier, we listened about making changes to the site and reverted back to the old site.

This begs the question, what changes should be made?

The theme / backend that is activated is 3 years out of date and hasn’t has any security updates or fixes for over three years.

If anyone has any suggestions for a new theme / template for wordpress, please comment below.

We dont want to tinker too much, but just catching up on maintenance…

Reviving ConTel / ConTin

We’re going to revive con tel, we are just trying to decide in what format. Some of you had some issues with the previous design and how it worked. The main reason is continental telegraph provided a (small but steady) income. TW is google banned for ads (probably because we use the word cunt too much) so cant really be monetised, unless we use affiliate programs which use Java and Tracking (which 90% of you savvy lot arent using). So this begs the question… what format to we revive it in?

Would you like us to use the TW theme, so its familiar and simply has different content? (but with google ads).

Suggestions please 🙂

& also – we noted and listened regarding the redevelopment of this site.

Mistakes and accidents do actually happen

Three former executives at the company that runs the ruined Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant have been acquitted of failing to take action in anticipation of the March 2011 nuclear meltdown, in the only criminal action resulting from the disaster.

Tsunehisa Katsumata, a former chairman of Tokyo Electric Power (Tepco) and former vice presidents Sakae Muto and Ichiro Takekuro, had apologised for the triple meltdown at the plant, but said they could not have foreseen the disaster.

AKA hindsight is 20/20.

Politics Site

Google has ‘somewhat’ censored this blog and the CT.

Myself and a few others are looking at starting a political news and comment site…

Struggling for names and domains.

Heres a few ideas… / / /.com

Any other suggestions?


Expansionary austerity does exist and work then?

Fiscal consolidation is austerity. Currency depreciation is expansionary. Get the second larger than the first, the net is expansionary.

What did Osborne try? Fiscal contraction plus currency depreciation…..