Ah, that explains it then

Walsh’s report strongly suggested a theory: that radical urban planning decisions from the 1950s onwards had made not just the physical but the mental health of Glasgow’s population more vulnerable to the consequences of deindustrialisation and poverty.

After you account for the poverty, deep fried mars bars and the rest it’s the socialist planners that are killing the people. They built machines for dying in.

I have a plan

More than twice as many children are waiting to be adopted as there are families willing to adopt, campaigners have warned.

Figures from the Adoption and Special Guardianship Leadership Board (ASGLB) show there are 4,140 youngsters across England where a decision has been made by authorities that they should be adopted.

In comparison, there are about 1,700 families who are approved to adopt and waiting to be matched with children.

There are 2,760 children where a placement order has been made for adoption but they have not yet been placed.

Relax the process by which potential parents are cleared for adoption.


Some Royal wealth is conspicuous. Take Balmoral Castle and Sandringham House, for example: both were bought with public funds and qualify for taxpayer support when they are used for official business. They remain the Queen’s private property, all the same.

Balmoral was bought with Albert’s private funds, wasn’t it?

Anyone know more about this?

Mr Baker, an MP for 18 years,

Did Baker claim mileage when he used his own car on public business?

Err, yes

The grotesque underfunding of the NHS, underfunding that makes vulnerable people wait years for treatment if they live long enough to access it, is not accidental. It’s the result of many years of swingeing cuts, of ideologically driven changes to the way the NHS works, of a deliberate lack of funding for the training of health professionals, of a refusal to fairly tax corporations and the most affluent people in society to adequately fund health and social care.

Quite so.

Image result for nhs budget over time


Image result for nhs budget over time

It’s even worse if you’re trans: people who are trans have to wait even longer for help, which is why the suicide, self-harm and substance abuse rates in our community are so frightening.

It is possible for there to be another reason for that…..

There’s a reason people in Glasgow’s affluent West End live longer than those in the deprived East, and that reason has existed since the West End came into being: it isn’t race, it isn’t religion and it isn’t sexual orientation or gender identity.

It’s money.

Yep. People born in the East end who make money move west. Those in the west who lose it move east. Don’t forget, no one at all measures lifespan by place of birth – it’s always measured by place of death. And guess what? One reason to lose your money is bad health. This will be true whatever the health care system because some diseases, complaints, simply stop you working. Michael Marmot’s work is simply wrong to ascribe all of the health inequality to economic such. At least some economic inequality stems from that unfortunate fact of health inequality.

On the IFS thing

So, disorderly Brexit would push public debt up to 90% of GDP. This would be a bad thing therefore we must not have disorderly Brexit.

This will become a standard now, will it? John McDonnell becoming Chancellor will push up debt levels over 90% – yes, it will, he’s going to nationalise using debt – and this would be a bad thing therefore no making JD Chancellor then?

Crocodile tears

A Labour council’s chief executive has been sacked after being paid more than £800,000 over six years while he was suspended.

Anthony O’Sullivan, 60, was suspended from his office in 2013 over claims he gave himself a pay rise when other staff had a wage freeze.

But Mr O’Sullivan continued getting his £137,000 annual salary despite not actually working for six-and-a-half years.

Gotta be union rules insisting on that, right?

Jess Turner, of the union Unison Cymru, said the saga should have been sorted “years ago”.

She said: “Staff are absolutely sick of it and the council needs to move on. “Since 2010, severe spending cuts driven from Westminster have cost the jobs of 746 Caerphilly council workers, yet as much as £6m pounds has been ploughed into a single issue.”


That tells ’em

Their judgment read: “There is no direct discrimination on grounds of sex, or age and sex combined. Necessarily, the legislation affects women only, because it was women only who previously enjoyed the advantage which is now being removed.

“But that is not to treat women less favourably than men in law; it is to equalise a historic asymmetry between men and women; it is to correct historic direct discrimination against men.”

‘N’ you can bugger off ‘n’all Honeybuns

including nationalising the endowments of the hugely wealthy public schools.

Theft, pure and simple.

Not that it will work of course, because nationalisation requires full compensation at market value. So government has to go buy those endowments. Which, given that they’re piles of cash and investments means just swapping one pile for another. But then lefties and even basic sums, eh?

Well, yes

Theresa May accused of cronyism over resignation honours list

That’s what the Resignation List is for. To reward cronies. It’s the definition of it.

Decision to give CBEs to her two controversial former advisers and party donors is condemned

The CBEs for Timothy and Hill are likely to provoke the most criticism

Just imagine the howling there would be over the Dukedoms they would have got if they’d managed to win the election convincingly.


Thank you for contacting us about BBC Bitesize.

I understand you had concerns about inaccurate information within the article titled ‘Who invented the weekend?’

Please accept our apologies for delay in response. We were making sure to raise this with the writer of the piece directly, who has responded as follows:

‘After investigating the story further we have revised the copy to read: ‘Henry Ford, the legendary car maker, made Saturday and Sunday days off for his staff as early as 1926 and he was also keen to set down a 40-hour working week. An altruistic move in part, it also gave his workers the opportunity to spend their down time buying consumer products, keeping cash circulating through the economy.’’

We hope this goes some way in quelling your concerns.

Once again, thanks for taking the time to raise this with us.

Hollie Bann

BBC Complaints

Nom it doesn’t quell my concern. But not going through that shite again.

Well done to government

The Writers’ Handbook has been developed to help all writers in the
Development, Concepts and Doctrine Centre (DCDC), irrelevant of their role
or team. The publications DCDC produces are sometimes the only contact
we have with our intended audience and so it is vital we communicate our
messages well and maintain our reputation for producing high-quality products

Irrelevant of?

To call on you readers

We have several who understand matters Scottish:

Following the deal in 2014, the Scottish Government loaned Ferguson Marine £45 million to help it diversify and the yard secured a £97 million contract the following year to build two Cal Mac ferries on behalf of the government agency, Caledonian Maritime Assets Ltd (CMAL).

Mr McColl said that when the cost of the design for the complicated hybrid vessels went up the agency should have met the increased costs and quoted a similar case in Quebec, where a contract ran over budget and the government stepped in to help.

He said CMAL had instead “buried their heads in the sand”, telling the Mail on Sunday: “I got the Government to get everyone round the able over a year ago to repeat what happened in Quebec – to get in independent experts who understand marine engineering and naval architecture. They’ve totally refused to do that.

“It’s more frustrating that the Government has not stood up to CMAL, it’s a wholly owned government entity. They simple problem here is they need to pay the actual costs to get the ferries that they have asked Ferguson to build.”

How badly has the SNP screwed this up?

Bugger off Madam

The new IMF chief should not be chosen by Europe alone
Amanda Khozi Mukwashi
The financial institution has the power to tackle the climate crisis yet it excludes applicants from the global south

There’s a simple explanation.

It simply cannot be right that the leadership of the institutions with the greatest power to tackle the climate crisis excludes applicants from those countries where that crisis is wiping out the lives and livelihoods of many millions of people. The IMF aims to create sustainable growth and to reduce poverty in the world. How can it do so when it is run on fundamentally undemocratic principles?

It’s the democracy of money. North America and Europe pay the money into these institutions. Therefore they get to decide where the money goes.

Now bugger off.

It is time for all members of the IMF to stand together and vote against a model that mocks the principles and values that the same countries place above all else.

Sigh. Ignorant twat.