There’s a simple explanation here

The trial began in 2011. A year after starting the drugs, the young people were apparently more likely to report thoughts of wanting to harm themselves. The worry is that perhaps the treatment they received was causing them to have these thoughts of self-harm and suicide.

One of the criticisms of the study, put forward on Newsnight, is the design. The study involved giving the drugs to a group of adolescents and monitoring the effects. However, there was no control group, that is, adolescents who did not receive the drugs. This makes it hard to be sure whether the rates of self-harming thoughts are related to the drugs, would have happened anyway, or perhaps were lower than they would have been without treatment.

It is an important issue because there are high rates of self-harm and thoughts of suicide among children and teens with gender dysphoria.

In other words, they’re nuts.

Surprising what dormice taste like

Roberts has placed a stuffed toy dormouse at the top of the jar to show how fat they got and that they were not as tiny and spindly as modern visitors might imagine. Nearby are kitchen utensils that would have been used to cook them.

They were evidently delicious, and consumed in vast numbers. “I’ve not had one myself,” said Roberts. “But friends have and apparently they taste like a cross between rabbit and chicken.”

Or perhaps not that surprising – tastes a bit like chicken covers rather a lot of foods….

Er, why?

Dame Vera said: “As Victims’ Commissioner, I cannot be expected to adhere to the official line that mobile phone data is only required when necessary to achieve a reasonable line of enquiry.

“The overwhelming evidence from those who support rape victims is that the reality is so very different. This evidence has led me to conclude victims are routinely being asked to hand over their mobile phones, even in some cases where their attacker is a stranger and there could not have been any communication between them.

“I want this practice to stop. I want to see a change in culture, where the current digital download form is withdrawn and where only proportionate downloads are made, and only in cases where it is absolutely necessary.”

They’re only a victim once it is established that a crime has actually happened. Including the concept that if a rape didn’t happen then the accused is in fact the victim. Meaning that we;d rather hope that the Victims’ Commissioner would be on the side of the people trying to work out if an offence has been committed…..

Americans never do quite get English, do they?

Johnson, whose full name is Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, was born in New York City (he gave up his US citizenship in 2016) and was educated at the prestigious English prep school Eton, and later at Oxford University.

Eton’s not a prep school love. It’s a public school.

The pitch worked. Johnson easily defeated Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt to become the next party leader and future prime minister.

Foreign Secretary. The Foreign Minister was that short arse Duncan chappie wasn’t it?

It had to be really, didn’t it?

The Republic of Ireland’s postal service has apologised for spelling “the moon” wrong in Irish on its new commemorative stamps celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo landing.

The postal service, known as Na Psot, launched the stamps last week.

Four astronauts with Irish ancestry are featured on the stamps.

The Irish word for moon is “gealach”. But the stamp spelled “gaelach”, which means being Gaelic, Irish or relating to the Scottish Highlands.

It’s like finding out that a Scot actually is mean, a Welshman voluble.

Poor little dears

Pink lights that highlight children’s acne to disperse them from public places and anti-loitering sonic sirens only children can hear should be banned, says the children’s commissioner for England.

Anne Longfield told The Telegraph the devices were “cruel and demeaning” as it emerged that increasing numbers are being deployed by councils, businesses and residents to disperse groups of young children congregating in public.

They’re supposed to be cruel and demeaning Love.

The truly important thing here

The New Yorker’s indefatigable Jane Mayer has written the definitive piece on the Franken affair. In it, she conclusively establishes that Franken’s main accuser, Leeann Tweeden, of the 2006 USO tour incident, was acting as a right-wing operative, a birther no less. Tweeden, Mayer documents, had participated in identical Franken skits involving fended off kisses several times before and had registered no objection.

The photo of Franken with his hands hovering over the breasts of a sleeping Tweeden was a sight gag. The joke was that everyone on the USO tour was wearing flak jackets. Again, Tweeden never objected until it was part of a well-orchestrated right-wing takedown of Franken.

Was Franken guilty of anything? He was guilty of horsing around, and Mayer tracks down three women who felt their space was violated. That’s it.

No, that’s not it. The two things truly important are that Al Franken is a Democrat. And a Progressive.

To explain this

The Italian-American economist is more than just a theorist. Her faith in the ability of governments to create inclusive and sustainable prosperity has found a large and receptive global audience. In the US, she has the ear of Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren. Across the Atlantic, her “mission-oriented” approach to public policy serves as the foundation of the European Union’s €100 billion ($112 billion) research and innovation program and inspired Scotland’s government to set up a national investment bank.

The European Union wanted to be told that EU finding of research and development was very important. Further, that the EU should take equity stakes in the users of that new tech in order to increase the funds the EU could use to spend to be the EU.

A certain Italian American economist was hired, on a grant, to investigate the manner in which government could and should increase technological development. The answer being that governmental type things like the EU should spend lots on basic research and development and then keep equity stakes in the tech that was developed.

The economist then went on to found an institute which gets money from…..

And there are people out there who say that public choice economics isn’t true.

So, don’t bother to write for Medium then

Medium says it offers a chance to get published behind their paywall. Doing so then gains you some portion of what people pay to be able to get past the paywall.

I tried this. Two essays. Not saying that either are pure and golden but each is a couple of thousand words looking askance at policies being advanced in the Democratic primaries.

No, not saying that the political line is the reason for the following.

After a couple of weeks neither has been reviewed by Medium for inclusion behind that paywall. One actually tells me their editorial staff is so overwhelmed that they won’t even bother. The other says they’ve not got to it yet – that second being the older one by a couple of days.

Yes, I have sent emails and asked and got no response.

So, the conclusion has to be that Medium, as a place to write and get paid, simply doesn’t work.

Ah well, shrug.


Why? Why would we want to invest a lot in a sector which pays lower than average wages? This would just be making us all poorer, obviously. Think on it: Fast food workers make less than accountants, so therefore we must invest in burger joints not financial management? No, of course not, we want to invest in the industries that pay the higher incomes to the workers, on the sensible grounds that we think it a good idea that people get higher incomes. Investing in manufacturing, given those lower wages, thus makes us all poorer — both by gaining more lower-wage jobs and also by losing the higher incomes that would have been gained by more sensible policies.

By the way, the very complaint being made of free-market economics is that it’s already doing this, investing in the better-paid sectors. That’s why there’s a plan, to force the market to stop investing in nice highly paid service jobs and to spray money at impoverishing manufacturing ones. The basic insistence here is that laissez faire economics is by itself and on its own making us richer. By golly, surely this must be stopped!