I wuz raped so I should inherit more money?

Rape’s a terrible thing. But quite how it means you should inherit more money is difficult to discern.

Ms Dillon is seeking 4 million Australian dollars (£2 million) from her father’s $18 million estate, rather than the $750,000 she was left.

In a 25-page affidavit lodged at the New South Wales Supreme Court and reported by The New Daily, she claims she was raped by Bill Landeryou, a Labor MP and close ally of Mr Hawke, who died in February aged 77.

Ms Dillon alleges she was sexually assaulted three times: at a Hilton hotel, in parliament and at the MP’s home.

“These instances of sexual assault occurred during a period when, to my knowledge, my father was preparing to challenge the current Leader of the Opposition for the role of Leader of the Australian Labor Party,” she alleges in the affidavit.

Other than “bad stuff happened to me, give me money” what is the actual argument here?

You what?

They can’t possibly believe this. Can they?

As Helen Joyce recently noted in Quillette, it has become an article of faith in progressive circles that our sexual attraction follows the abstraction of gender, not the reality of biological sex.


For we are righteous

Calls grow to stop Boris Johnson with tactical voting as race tightens
Eleventh-hour appeal to anti-Tory voters as poll shows Conservative majority halved

Tactical voting is a good thing

Cosy stitch-up’ by Farage and Tories makes it hard for us to win, says Jo Swinson
Lib Dem leader attacks Brexit party’s move to stand down in some seats but still hopes for gains

Tactical voting is a bad thing

Bless, eh?

An interesting claim

Legal action is being launched in a dispute between the National Theatre and a group of lesbian claimants.

A group of women claim their human rights were violated when they were refused service at a theatre bar in July this year.

They allege they were turned away for sporting t-shirts with definitions, including “Lesbian – noun – a woman who loves other women”, before being confronted and asked to leave by security.

The counterclaim is that they were shouty, bolshie and just not nice to have in a bar. It’s the detail of the lezzie claim that’s fun though:

In legal documents seen by The Telegraph, it is claimed that the lesbian women were turned away due to staff feeling their t-shirts would offend a transgender colleague.

The mind boggles really. Probably the answer here being people who are offended by t-shirts shouldn’t work in a public bar…..


In a tweet directed to the university, she said: “This speaker is part of the anti-trans platform. Free speech is one thing, but trans rights are human rights and we shouldn’t be debating human rights.

We’re told these days that health care is a right, housing is a right, food is a right. We cannot discuss these things?

Freedom of religion is a human right yet we cannot discuss Israel, Judaism?

Tracey Loughran, a historian and dean in the Essex University humanities department,

She really want to insist that universities cannot discuss human rights?

Well, no, of course not, the argument is in fact that what I declare to be rights isn’t discussable only what we might add to that roster in the future…..

Good question – Is Welsh a culture or a race?

I don’t know the answer here but I would incline toward the idea that it’s actually a racial rather than merely cultural grouping. All those Celts rather than Anglo Saxons etc. Of course, thinking this way does mean that South Wales isn’t Welsh but then that’s true anyway. Be a slur on the hell that it is to call it Welsh.

But we do still get this:

This week, Gwynedd council raised concerns that Welsh people of colour will have no tick-box option to indicate they are Welsh and minority ethnic in the 2021 census, as a result of the survey format designed by the Office for National Statistics. This is a bitterly disappointing and frankly astounding omission. It implicitly embeds the dangerous assumption that people of colour aren’t Welsh, or that those who can speak Welsh have to be white.

So, what is Welsh? A culture or a race?

Hmm, well, gosh

There haven’t been any reported cases of gender fraud, where a male athlete is given a female passport or birth certificate by an unscrupulous nation, for the purposes of slipping a “man” into a women’s Olympic event. If there were going to be mass gender fraud, we’d have seen it by now.

Aren’t we going to have to go back and check certain of the East German, Bulgarian etc records to be sure about that?

Actually, one bit more

So, current pensioners eat their capital. They sell their investments over time that is.

So, we’re going to make all new pensions savings now buy those secondary investments. Because savings must be in new stuff, right?

So, what happens to the price of those secondary investments? And what do current pensioners get to eat then?

Well, yes, but….

It’s important to note that when bonds are repaid this does not usually, if ever,
impose a cost on tax revenues. The government repays bonds that come due for
repayment by issuing new bonds at current interest rates. The funds redeemed
are usually immediately reinvested in new bond issues so that, as the graph of
government borrowing noted above shows, net repayments of bonds almost
never take place. We expect this to continue in the future.
In that case bond issues can fund the investment required for the Green New
Deal programme and there is no need to plan to repay the borrowing in
question: historical precedent shows that this repayment does not happen. That
said, if it was desired that repayment take place then it might be funded in four
Reason for
Reason the repayment arises
The asset invested in
pays a return that
allows borrowing to
be repaid out of the
surplus made
• The surplus earned on renting social housing
• The savings made from investing in energy saving
• The return on investment in new methods of
energy generation
• The trading surplus from selling services e.g. for
the use of new transport systems
• The profit from investment in new technology
The investment
promotes economic
activity that results in
more tax being paid
because more people
are employed
• Investment in the economy creates what are
called ‘multiplier effects’. This means that not only
does a pound invested become the income of the
person who works on the investment project, but
that when they spend the proceeds that often
involves paying others who in turn spend more.
Given that tax is paid at every stage of this
process government investment has been shown
to be more than capable of paying for itself in tax
terms by simply promoting more economic
activity, as the Green New Deal would do.

The bottom of the page rather contradicts the top, no? If all this government investment financed by borrowing has a multiplier effect which repays the debt then why is the debt never repaid?

Pick the fallacy out of this

As is apparent, total UK debt outstanding has risen significantly in the last
decade. This has been the result of the UK government borrowing an average of
£94 billion a year from 2008/09 to 2018/19, although it is running at a somewhat
lower rate than this at present. It is this borrowing that has led to total gross UK
government debt outstanding before quantitative easing is taken into account of
in excess of £1,800 billion. The important point to note is that this average sum
borrowed per annum shows that the UK government has the capacity to borrow
at least £100 billion a year.

The bank’s willing to finance my 80% of income overdraft therefore they’ll be copacetic financing my 180% of income overdraft.


Well, yes, this’ll work

Funding the Green New Deal:

There is growing consensus on the urgent need for a Green New Deal to transform
our economy and society to meet the challenges of the climate and nature crises,
and to reverse inequality.

We’re going to take all the money off anyone who has any and piss it up against the wall. That’ll reduce inequality, job done.

It’s on the tip of my tongue

That is because the evidence is that when the whole of the UK offered a 0% starting rate of corporation tax it encouraged a wave of small business incorporation. I stress, these were new business incorporations, they were not new small businesses. The reality is that the vast majority of genuine small businesses not already set up for tax abuse purposes (as so many so called consultancies that disguise the reality of an employment are) are in fact unincorporated. This pays in all sorts of ways for most genuine small enterprises. But if they’re offered a 0% tax rate you can be sure they’ll incorporate in droves. And they’ll be new companies. So they will qualify for the new rate. And they will avoid income tax as a result.

I can’t tell you how much this will cost precisely, because no one knows. I can assure you that there will be a significant cost. It is already thought tax motivated incorporation costs the UK as a whole about £3 billion a year now, meaning £200 million is likely in Scotland. It is reasonable to think a loss considerably in excess of this would result from the Reform Scotland plan.

Now who was it that wrote a newspaper article suggesting that you do this for your nanny?

Ah, yes, the same person who actually did this himself.

Still, at least we’ve an area of tax that Snippa actually knows something about.

Fair Tax Mark – Yep, Cretins

In terms of ranking, none of the Six is an exemplar
of responsible tax conduct. However, the degree of
irresponsibility and the relative tax contribution made
does vary. Amazon has paid just $3.4bn in income
taxes this decade, whilst Apple has paid $93.8bn
and Microsoft has paid $46.9bn. This is a staggering
variance, especially as Amazon’s revenue over this
period exceeded that of Microsoft’s by almost $80bn

Just maybe Amazon made less in profits?

Amazon. Stands out as the business with the poorest tax conduct, having paid just $3.4bn
in income taxes this decade. The cash tax paid was 12.7% of profit over the decade, at a time
when the federal headline rate of tax in the United States was 35% for seven of the eight
years under examination. The company is growing its market domination across the globe
on the back of revenues that are largely untaxed, and can unfairly undercut local businesses
that take a more responsible approach. The situation is unlikely to reverse soon given the
$9.3bn of operating loss carryforwards available to offset against future profits and taxes.

Yep. Cretins.

Oh, and guess what? They’re calculating against profits recorded. Not the net position of profits and losses recorded…..truly cretins

Well, yes, OK

Put our colonial history on the curriculum – then we’ll understand who we really are
Maya Goodfellow

Sure, why not?

My mum came to the UK from India in 1973, after a chunk of time spent in Uganda, when she was only 13.

Oh, you mean we should learn your colonial history. Why?

Gli Twatti Alla Guardian

So, whinge, whine, peeps being unfair to the North:

‘Scallies with matching coldsores’? It’s time to stop sneering at northern towns
The media battering of the north of England, seen recently in Jack Hurley’s Rubbish Seaside posters, fosters shame and hopelessness in those growing up there. It needs to end

The poster series, actually in The Guardian itself, includes Exmouth, Southsea, Margate, Teignmouth, Brighton, Yarmouth, none of which are traditionally considered to be Northern towns.

Can these people actually read?

Rebecca Grant started her teaching career in Blackpool. She currently working on a PhD about educational disadvantage in Manchester, writing for Kick Down the Barriers in Blackburn and continues to teach in secondary schools. Charlotte Yates has worked in a number of roles in education and currently teaches English in a state secondary in the North West of England.

Does explain what’s wrong with the education system though.

BTW, the poster series is rather good.

There is just the slight problem here

Blue Planet, Extinction Rebellion and Greta Thunberg are all household names bringing information about serious environmental issues to the masses. They’ve helped green issues shoot up the agenda for this year’s general election, with a poll last month revealing that more than half of voters said that the climate emergency would influence how they cast their vote.

If it wasn’t for the media these scientific messages wouldn’t be heard or understood by millions of people. And Greta Thunberg’s extraordinary global impact demonstrates her mastery of skills that have little to do with what we usually think of as science.

None of the three are telling us the science.

Which is – we’ve already done sufficient to miss the more hair raising predictions of climate change. What’s left to do reveals a chronic problem that will be easy enough to deal with over the next few decades. That’s if we decide we’re going to believe the IPCC reports of course. If we decide we’re not going to then even less needs to be done.

There is no science anywhere which states that we need to cease economic growth and overthrow capitalism and free markets in order to deal with anything at all – other than varied teenage phantasms perhaps.

Good question

Then I will pose a simple question: which would you rather live in? France, Denmark, Belgium, Sweden, Finland, Austria, Italy and Luxembourg, or Mexico, Chile, the USA and Turkey?

We’d need to go and check the immigration rates to work out what everyone else seems to think. Just so we’re talking about broadly similar GDP per capita, the emigration rate from France, Denmark, Belgium, Sweden, Finland, Austria, Italy and Luxembourg to the US is what, the obverse rate from the US to France, Denmark, Belgium, Sweden, Finland, Austria, Italy and Luxembourg is what?