Well, yes?

Here’s a typical Dinesh D’Souza argument. In Death of a Nation – the far-right commentator, film-maker and recently pardoned ex-con’s fourth political documentary – he tries to make the case that Hitler was a lefty. That’s a tall order, and here’s the best D’Souza can muster: he says Adolf wasn’t a homophobe.

Dunno, I think the socialism part of Nazi might be a small clue.

A reading of Goetz Ali could be useful here.

The Guardian and numbers

Finally, in 2015, the ECB launched its quantitative easing programme, whereby member states’ central banks bought €2.4bn (£2.1bn) worth of securities, including €2bn of government bonds. Accordingly, the eurozone’s monetary base grew dramatically, from €1.2tn to more than €3tn.


This is why we have those patriarchal rules about behaviour

When I was attacked, it began with a demand for a cigarette. It escalated to the point where I was on my back on the pavement, being strangled. Not even a decent man who takes rejection with good grace can tell me, or any other woman, that our fear of violence is unfounded. We know what rejected men can do – we have seen what can happen. And many of us have felt it.

OPK. Well, no, not OK that it happened, but OK to the story as told.

Good progress is being made on teaching consent in schools. But ultimately it comes down to men treating women with respect and regarding them as equals with agency over their bodies. Unfortunately this sort of sea change can take generations, especially when it is undermined by the surrounding visual culture.


We used to laugh at this, the idea that this somewhat feckless, harmless man could be perceived as so frightening. But having suffered some of the long-term health implications of being attacked, I don’t find it funny any more. When you combine the larger male physique with rejection and a bruised ego, the situation can become frightening and violent. There are men who take rejection with good grace, of course. But not enough of them. And so women learn to smile and look down, to defuse the situation with soothing words and platitudes, to make our bodies smaller, to comply. We undertake the emotional labour of minimising men’s feelings of pain and humiliation.

That’s why we had all those old rules of the patriarchy. Never strike a woman, no matter what, for example. Societally enforced by every other man around being ready to administer a thrashing to those who erred.

Sure, you don’t have to like that solution. But it was a solution to that very problem you’re complaining about.

These aren’t exclusive

China in Africa: win-win development, or a new colonialism?

It’s entirely possible for it to be both you know.

After all, British in India was, made India very much richer.

Oh yes, it did. GDP per capita didn’t rise much between Clive and Mountbatten, true, but it rose a bit. The number of per capitas tripled and more. That’s Malthusian growth, to be sure, but it is still economic growth.

Sport’s very dangerous for women, oh yes

Football could be more dangerous for women than men because their brains are more susceptible to damage from heading the ball, new research suggests.

In a new study which looked at nearly 100 amatuer players, females showed five times the amount of brain tissue damage than males on scans.

Seems the warming hasn’t changed,even if the reason for it has. Who knows, it might even be right this time. But people have been saying sport’s very bad for women for some time now. Wombs fall out or summat wasn’t it?

How intresting

But, as I said, $12,000 is a bargain. The average cost of a round of IVF in the US is over $23,000. Most people have at least three rounds before they are successful (some, of course, are sadly never successful). Many people have to pay that cost themselves, because their insurance covers nothing. I feel lucky, in a way, that I knew that I would need to pursue IVF several years before I was ready to think about starting a family, because I was able to prioritize finding a job with insurance that would support it.

So, that lady’s health care insurance – wider than the normal – should be counted as part of her compensation for turning up to work, no? At which point, what gender pay gap?

Further, it’s an interesting twist on asymmetric information, isn’t it?

Quite obviously nuts

Yes, yes, of course this is paranoia. The British left could never be that organised, could they? And yet, and yet, there does seem to be an awful lot of thrashing around in search of a justification for The Elect to be bringing up all the children in the country from the very earliest age that it’s possible to influence their beliefs.

Who knows, perhaps the nursery songs to teach them interesting words will feature Pavel Morozov? Pavlika, Pavlika, ya ya could go along nicely to that Kate Bush tune, no?

Sounds like a sensible place to put it all

Nuclear waste could be stored under some of the most beautiful parts of the country prompting a row with rural campaigners.

A committee of MPs has controversially given the green light to Government plans which could see nuclear waste buried deep in vaults beneath England’s national parks.

The decision was condemned by campaigners who it put “our treasured landscapes under the threat of inappropriate and major development”.

No bugger’s allowed to do anything else with that land, is he? And it’s all being saved in perpetuity as well. What’s the hassle?

It’s all just Jewish lies about anti-semitism

Can’t help thinking that there’s the odd historical resonance to this claim:

One of Jeremy Corbyn’s closest allies on Labour’s ruling body blamed Jewish “Trump fanatics” for “making up” allegations of anti-Semitism in the party at a meeting attended by the Labour leader.

Peter Willsman, one of the so-called “JC9” of key Corbyn supporters on the party’s National Executive Committee (NEC), said he would “not be lectured” by Jewish supporters of the US President “making up duff information without any evidence at all”.

He also appeared to suggest that examples of anti-Semitism within Labour were being “falsified on social media”. One Jewish Labour MP said his comments “beggar belief”.

A fun claim

A rail boss has been accused of “living on another planet” after claiming that Britain’s railways are the envy of Western Europe.

Robert Nisbet, regional director of the Rail Delivery Group which represents train companies, said that other EU nations can “only dream” of having the UK’s levels of punctuality and efficiency.

Mr Nisbet conceded that passengers had faced “frankly appalling” levels of service, but went on to defend the performance of the railways.

In terms of the total cost as opposed to performance I think he’s onto something too.

Err, yes

There is plenty of discussion in the financial media this morning on whether or not this will be the week when the Bank of England finally raises interest rates above 0.5%, which has been their ceiling for near enough a decade. The broad consensus is that they will. The broad agreement as to the reason is that pride requires that they do so.

OK, so, why shouldn’t they?

The savings ratio is at an all-time low as households are under threat of being unable to make ends meet.

Tuberoso betrays his lack of economic knowledge again.

As Keynes pointed out, the paradox of thrift. In a recession people logically save more. But that’s bad for the economy as a whole. So, we actively desire to lower the savings rate to get out of the recession. The policy has now worked, huzzah. But then that means we’re out of the recession and should be raising interest rates in order to raise the savings rate, no?

We touched on this a few months back

Several explanations have been offered to account for the anti-Semitism that plagues sections of the Labour Party. More than one of them might be valid. For example, there is within the Labour Party an element characterized by a visceral rejection of all things Western and capitalist. Since Israel is both of these to some extent, they reject what it stands for, and equate pro-Jewish as pro-Israel.

Very much not sure of this

Fat tourists are CRIPPLING the donkeys that carry them around the Greek island of Santorini forcing locals to cross-breed them with mules to make them sturdier

It’s quite rare to cross breed anything with mules, they generally being sterile.

Donkeys on the picturesque Greek island of Santorini are being crippled by carrying heavy holidaymakers – as locals resort to cross-breeding the beasts with mules so they can carry heavier tourists.

It’s possible, obviously, as not all mules are sterile. But my guess is that the donkeys are being crossed with horses to create mules.

But what do I know against the might and knowledge of the Daily Mail?

Everything is new to those with no experience

Is it a boy? Is it a girl? No, it’s a terrible new trend that needs to be aborted. I speak of “genital-reveal parties”, which appear to have become de rigueur these days. OK, so technically they are called “gender-reveal parties”, but since gender is socially constructed, you’re really just revealing what genitals your unborn baby comes attached with.

In case you are unfamiliar with this extremely gender-normative phenomenon, it is a ritual in which a couple simultaneously finds out and reveals the sex of their unborn child in “creative” ways.

So, you hoping for a boy? Or a girl?” is just the sort of thing that no one has ever asked.

There is a slight problem here

Best of all, though least likely to generate headlines, is the committee’s insistence that, from childhood, we all “need to be equipped in general with sufficient digital literacy”, and that social media companies pay “an educational levy” to fund this formidable social undertaking – from primary school onwards.

This is the civil defence of the future, the means by which we shall be given at least a chance of spotting the proliferating falsehoods, pseudo-science, cheap conspiracy theories and outright cyber-attacks we will encounter every day online. These are the new tools of contemporary citizenship.

Why is this any different from he perusal of the lies in the average election manifesto?

Well done to City University here

Last week the Centre for Food Policy at City, University of London released a briefing paper written by, among others, Professor Tim Lang, looking at British food security post-Brexit. It pointed out that the US is currently only the tenth largest exporter of food to Britain. “For the US to replace the combined food imports from the other nine of the top 10,” the report said, “would require a vast food flotilla and logistics operation exceeding that of the 1940-45 Atlantic convoys.”


It’s Tim Lang, so what idiot assumption has he made?

Leading food policy specialists have assessed the food security risks of Brexit in a new report.

Feeding Britain: Food Security after Brexit – published by the Food Research Collaboration – takes stock of how food security and food regulation are being addressed by the UK Government in the Brexit discussions.

The authors say a careless Brexit poses significant risks to food flows into and out of the UK and they urge the Government, industry and public to keep focused on food.

Oh Aye?

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Pissups and breweries come to mind.

It’s that second to last word that matters

Manafort’s decision to take his chances in court has startled many observers. Speculation about whom Manafort may be protecting with his silence – and why – has steadily intensified.

Bradley Moss, a Washington-based attorney who specialises in national security issues, expressed dismay that Manafort was allowing his case to go this far.

“They have him nailed dead to rights,” said Moss. “He is going to spend the rest of his life in jail if convicted.”

Maybe he thinks he’s got a defence?