Quite so

In a statement put before the court, Dr Mackereth said: “I appreciate that in the present political climate, somepeople, including some of those who believe they are transgender, may find my beliefs to be offensive.

“However, in a free society, this is not a good enough reason to censor my beliefs and coerce me to act contrary to my conscience.

True whatever we think of this:

“Moreover, as a doctor, my responsibility is always to act in good conscience in the best interest of the patients – not to adopt various fancies, prejudices, or delusions, to avoid offence at all cost.”

Dr Mackereth added that his inherent belief is that transgenderism is a “rebellion against God, which is both pointless and sinful”.

He said: “I am, of course, aware that there are men or women who believe they have been trapped in a wrong body, and I do not question the sincerity of their convictions.

“A small number of such people have always existed. Up until recently, such a belief was considered by medics to be delusional and a symptom of a medical disorder.

“It is only recently that transgenderism has been recognised as normal and such delusional beliefs accepted at face value. What is responsible for that change is political pressure, not scientific evidence.”

Such a liberal he is

Changing the rules on advertising yachts could help that

Louis says:
July 9 2019 at 8:31 pm
“Changing the rules on advertising yachts could help that”

Why not make it illegal for people to own one?

Richard Murphy says:
July 10 2019 at 7:24 am
Because as yet I do not think that necessary

Won’t we all need one to get around London?

And isn’t it a lovely vision of society, that your having a boat or not depends upon a permission slip from a retired accountant our of Wandsworth?

Quite right too

HMS Queen Elizabeth returns to port after leak on board

Sailors should go over the side. That is what man overboard means, isn’t it?

The real point of this story being:

The UK’s most powerful warship, which cost £3.1bn, has been forced to cut its latest trials short.

Yes, that’s why they’re called trials. Big complicated things, ships. Almost all built to order, each different from the last. Therefore you try them out and fix the problems as they become visible.

In fact, you collect an experienced and special crew to do this.

That is a surprise, isn’t it?

“Women in Ireland have made very significant strides,” says Marie Sherlock, head of equality and policy at one of Ireland’s largest trade unions, Siptu. “But there are more women in lower-paid jobs in all sectors.” Women’s share of health employment has increased from 79% in 2008 to 81% in 2017, and the number of women in education jobs has risen from 65% to 74%, according to the union’s analysis. The Irish civil service and related state agencies has seen the greatest transformation, with women going from 38% of total employment in 2008 to 52% in 2017.

Sherlock says there is no single answer that will decrease the gender pay gap and the segregation of too many Irish women into low-paid, often part-time jobs. But she and her union are urging action on a number of fronts, including greater pay transparency and collective bargaining, to increase wages for both men and women.

Unions says unions are the solution to a problem.

We might have a clue here

Take the issue of parental leave: Sweden is consistently ranked as one of the best countries in the world on this measure. After the birth of a child, both parents are eligible for a total of 240 days’ leave. I never gave this much thought until I returned to Scandinavia after living overseas for several years, and saw how all my female friends and colleagues who had started families were limiting their professional careers and slipping into gender roles reminiscent of past generations. Given that they had the freedom to choose, what explained the fact those traditional gender roles were so entrenched?

Perhaps actual attributes of gender had something to do with those traditional gender roles?

Only, you know, a thought. And anyone who thinks it’s not true – on average of course – hasn’t actually me many human beings.

Incentives matter

One in 50 male offenders in prisons are self-identifying as transgender, according to a survey by the official jail watchdog, amid concerns inmates may be attempting to secure extra perks.

The figure, the first by the watchdog, suggests there are up to 1,500 transgender inmates among the 90,000 prisoners in England and Wales, more than ten times previous estimates, and at least four times the number in the general population.

Among offenders from traveller communities the number self-identifying as transgender or transsexual rose to one in ten inmates, according to the annual report by Peter Clarke, the chief inspector of prisons.

Transgender prisoners are entitled to shower alone, separate cells and can apply to switch between male and female jails.

Not that this is true:

“and at least four times the number in the general population.”

Four times the percentage maybe, the proportion.

But, you know, incentives matter to human beings. Given that the cost is a self declaration, why not?

So, we’re to entirely ban freelancing then

Zero-hours contracts exploit workers. And despite what the government’s report suggests, and the fact that zero-hours contracts tend to work very well for employers, the vast majority of people on zero-hours contracts want out. The only way to tackle this situation is to ban zero-hours contracts altogether. This will enable more people to have access to secure jobs with decent working hours and opportunities for progression.

Wonder if these legal eagles have actually thought this through? Freelancing, such as wot I do, being a form of zero hours contract of course.

And to be honest about it I’d be seriously pissed off if someone said that they were going to make it illegal for me to – occasionally – write for The Times.

I’m not sure this is beating addiction

After drugs and booze, an ultramarathon taught me how to love the mile I’m in
Breaking the cycle of my addictions was tough, but then I found inner strength by pushing myself to complete a 50-mile race

To a certain extent it appears to be a replacement of the addiction.

Physical activity does stimulate endorphin production after all.

Yes Polly

In jumping in with Boris Johnson, even moderate Tories have lost all credibility
Polly Toynbee

That’s why more people say they’ll vote for Boris than Grandpa Death.

What other form of credibility did you have in mind in a democracy?

Well done Telegraph, well done there

One prisoner is released by mistake each day including violent and sex offenders

How does he get back in if he’s released each day? But the truly great part is that this is then the first line of the article:

A prisoner a week is being released by mistake including violent and sex offenders, Ministry of Justice figures reveal.

Amazing, they’ve reduced the problem to only a seventh of the starting point in only a handful of words!

Times Subs – Report for your beating!

Their journey of 22,422 nautical miles (36,084km)

Err, no. That’s the conversion for statute miles.

41525.544 km for nautical.

As Chris Miller of this parish points out in the comments over there:

The kilometre was originally defined as 1/10,000th the distance from the pole to the equator (and, despite some improvement in modern measurement and a change in the definition of the standard, it remains a very good approximation). So any circuit that includes both poles should be at least 40,000 km in length. How then, have they managed to find a route some 10% shorter (36,084km)?

A nautical mile was defined as a minute of longitude at the equator, so (again ignoring minor corrections for the oblateness of the earth) the journey cannot be less than 21,600 nm, which indeed it is not.

Aha! Has someone used a conversion from statute miles to kilometres, instead of from nautical miles? Yes, it would appear they have. Subs: report for your beating!

That one of the Times’ subs is an occasional reader here just makes it all the better…..

Seems a strange place to go looking

A BRIT teenage lad has been brutally raped by two men after being kicked out of a brothel on the infamous Punta Ballena strip in Magaluf, it has been reported.


It said the holidaymaker was enticed into the brothel by two prostitutes on the promise of a striptease – but thrown out after telling them he had no money.

The two men are said to have been waiting for him when he was kicked out on the streets via a back door.

Doctors examined him at Son Espases Hospital in the Majorcan capital Palma and are understood to have confirmed he had been the victim of a sex attack.

If you were into male on male sex then why would you be hanging around the back door of a hetero brothel?

Which bit did Heather Mills lose?

Heather Mills has said he and 90 other people have been awarded the highest media libel settlement in UK legal history following a claim against News Group Newspapers.

I thought it was a leg below the knee. Not something that normally causes a change in gender is it? But then with the modern fashion for trans this and that perhaps unipedal is a male gender.

Sounds like an election winner

A Labour government would break up the Treasury and create a new devolved unit in the north of England, the shadow chancellor has said.

John McDonnell said the £250bn unit would be responsible for improving national infrastructure, including overhauling the north’s creaking transport system.

More money for chippy northerners.

Hmm, gosh, doesn’t Labour’s possibility of gaining power depend upon keeping their northern city fastnesses?

I don’t know what the law is here

Rory Stewart, the surprise star of the Tory leadership election, has said he would help organise an “alternative parliament” in order to stop a no-deal Brexit if the new prime minister tried to prorogue parliament in order to bypass MPs’ wishes.

The MP for Penrith and the Border, whose campaign featured a series of walkabouts around the country to gauge public opinion on Brexit, also accused fellow no-deal opponents who are now supporting Boris Johnson of a destructive pessimism about their ability to change the Conservative party, or even win the next election.

Stewart said a former Speaker, such as Betty Boothroyd, could be enlisted to oversee a parliament continuing to sit in defiance of Boris Johnson if he presses ahead with a no-deal Brexit by seeking to prorogue the Commons, or to use some other “constitutional manoeuvre which means whatever legislation parliament tries to pass does not bind his hands”. He said any plan to prorogue parliament, an option still entertained by Johnson, would be a constitutional outrage.

Umm, doesn’t trying to overturn the sovereignty of Parliament constitute treason?

So, do we get to put his head on a pike or not?