Rapist fathers should not have rights over their victims’ children

Presumably they don’t have the CSA after them to pay either?

Or doesn’t it work like that? We’re to create a class of fathers who must hand over the cash but have no other rights are we?

It’s not waste, you idiot

Charity shops are being flooded with poor-quality clothes that they have to turn away, because of fast fashion, the head of the environment select committee has said.

Mary Creagh, Labour MP and chair of the Environmental Audit Committee said the fashion industry is failing to cut waste, leading to tons of clothes clogging up landfills.

She explained: “the whole industry is based on us buying more than we need, and not valuing an item of clothing when it comes to the end of its life.”

Things that people desire are not waste. It’s their utility that matters, not what you think they should value.

Quite masterly trolling here

Supporters of Margaret Thatcher as the new face of the £50 note have received a boost after she was placed on the longlist of candidates by the Bank of England.

It had been thought that the former prime minister would fail to make the cut, after it was announced that the Bank was looking only for people with a scientific background.

But Baroness Thatcher had been a scientist in her early career, and had worked on developing emulsifiers for ice-creams for Joe Lyons foods.

She has been credited with helping develop Mr Whippy ice cream, though it is disputed whether she was on that particular team at the company while it was being made.

Masterful. Congratulations to the troll who made that decision.

Sounds like the system is working then

Third, it is that the accounts that the profession produces are not fit for most purposes, precisely because they are only designed to assist those deciding whether to supply capital to a company or not, and nothing else is considered.

They’re designed to do this, they do this. What’s the problem?

That a Senior Lecturer at Islington Polytechnic does not like this isn’t a problem with the system now, is it?

The political extinction of a plurality of the population

Isn’t this a lovely thing to wish for?

One is Flip Chart Rick who wrote this yesterday:

I will never get behind Brexit. I will have to accept it if it happens but I will never be reconciled to it. It is a stupid idea. I will never forgive the people who took us down this road. I will do whatever I can to bring about their political extinction.

That seems like a fair summary to me.

Isn’t that nice? A plurality of the country should be politically exterminated? Because wrongthink, you know.

They’re lying obviously

A report based on science from the Met Office and around the world sets out a range of climate scenarios over the next century to help homes and businesses plan for the future.

Even in the lowest-emission scenario, average annual temperatures are expected to be up to 2.3 degrees Celsius (36.14°F) higher by the end of the century.

In the highest-emissions scenario, summer temperatures could be up to 5.4C (41.72°F) higher by 2070 and winters up to 4.2C (39.56°F) higher.

36 oF? I think not.

But also that higher estimate depends upon the idea that RCP 8.5 will happen. Which it won’t. For we really do know this one thing about climate change, that RCP 8.5 will not happen. We’ve already done the work to make sure that it won’t.

Yes, I know, you’ll tell me that I shouldn’t be taking any of it seriously. But still, it does annoy that people continue to alarm us with something we know, absolutely, isn’t going to happen.

A strange theory

We seem to have more reports of whale beachings and strandings than we used to. This could be because the modern world is distracting them, undersea noise perhaps.

It could also be because there are more whales around. We stopped hunting in any volume what, 50 years ago? We might this be returning to the “natural” level of strandings.

Anyone know which is the correct answer here?

This could be interesting

Suppliers to the steel tycoon Sanjeev Gupta’s rapidly growing empire have warned they are struggling to get credit insurance and are owed substantial sums.

Five companies that supply goods and services to parts of the Gupta Family Group (GFG) Alliance’s British operations told The Sunday Times they were struggling to secure payment from the steel, commodities and energy conglomerate.

He’s been spending a fortune in borrowed money buying up marginal metals assets. Credit insurers refusing to insure is the first sign that it’s not working.

No government at all is ever a functioning one

What is extraordinary about this is that the UK has not even got the option of crashing out of the EU whilst keeping any pretence of having a functioning government, if the ability to enforce the law and collect tax owing is indication of that, on which I think most would agree.

So, to the man who insists that the tax gap is £120 billion. Being able to collect tax due is the definition of a functioning government. Which the UK government currently does not do. Therefore, by this definition, the UK government is not a functioning one.

And Brexit is going to change this how?

Sure, there’s an answer to this. Which is that a functioning government is one which collects the tax due which is worth collecting. But that inevitably means a tax gap. Which isn’t something Spudda is likely to agree should happen either.


But the report was also criticised by experts for inappropriately “medicalising” unruly behaviour. Based on information from 9,117 children and young people, health chiefs say 5.5 per cent of preschool children now have a mental health disorder.

However, nearly half of these were characterised as “behavioural”, with the single most common form being “oppositional defiant disorder” (ODD).

The concept was devised decades ago in the US, but it was not fully adopted by England’s National Institute of Health and Care Excellence until 2013.

The watchdog recommends that parents of affected children attend NHS-funded parenting classes.

To be diagnosed with ODD a toddler must display at least four symptoms, such as spite, aggression and disobedience, for six months or longer.

Professor Tamsin Ford of Exeter Univeristy, who co-authored the new report, defended the criteria, saying he behaviour of children with ODD is often so bad it prompts parents to question whether they should let them out of the house.

Never. A bureaucracy would never, ever, widen the definition in order to ensure the growth of the bureaucracy, would it?

We’ve not seen this with the definition of poverty becoming relative poverty, we’ve not seen it with homelessness meaning having a home. Just doesn’t happen, does it?


Cat owners have been advised they could risk breaking the law if they force their pets into veganism.

One in six pet food suppliers has branched out into supplying vegan or vegetarian food for animals as owners embraced the new trend over ethical concerns with meat diets.

But yesterday the RSPCA said cats could become seriously ill if given exclusively plant-based diets and owners could run the risk of getting a criminal record.

A spokesman said while dogs were omnivores and could theoretically survive on a vegetarian diet, cats were carnivores and needed meat.

They pointed out: “Under the Animal Welfare Act, the law requires an owner to take reasonable steps to ensure that all the pet’s needs are met.

“This includes a healthy diet, as well as providing suitable living conditions, ability to behave normally, appropriate company and protection from pain, suffering, injury and disease.”

Sigh. I refuse to believe that the Portuguese are more advance in these matters than the British. Bags of cat food here might not have meat in them but they then, if they on’t, have a bit on them saying “Contem Taurina”.

Cats are obligate carnivores because they cannot produce the amino acid taurene. They must get it from their food, which therefore must contain taurine and that only comes from animal bits. Or is synthesised of course.

Job done.