Care in the community is modern slavery now, eh?

A suspected modern slavery victim has been rescued from a garden shed where he has lived for more than 40 years.

The 58-year-old was found at a mobile home site north of Carlisle in Cumbria in a dawn raid on Wednesday by officers from the Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA).

The potential modern slavery victim was taken by specialist trauma officers to be medically examined and assessed, said GLAA.

A 79-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of modern slavery offences.

Terrors. And this might be an unkind reading but:

It was reported that the arrested man lived in a mobile home and the shed stood outside it.

A member of staff who helps run the site said: “Most people were aware that he was living there, he was a nice enough man.

“I used to say to him “you’ll have to get yourself a flat” but he didn’t seem to want to move, the shed was where he lived as far as he was concerned.

“He was free to come and go, he’d get lifts into town and that kind of things.

“The thing is that he seems to have learning difficulties and people thought he was being looked after and seemed pretty happy with that.

“They used to feed him and treat him well he was never abused by them, he was treated like one of the family, but lived in the shed.

Well, care in the community or modern slavery, your call.


Sir Gregory is currently the Master of Trinity College, Cambridge, which has now has produced 33 Nobel Prize winners — three more than Sweden. If it were a country, it would be ranked just after France, at number five in the rankings.

Well, yes

In the cloud of toxic dust thrown up by the Kavanaugh hearings last week, two new Trump initiatives slipped by with less notice than they deserve. Both are ugly, stupid – and they are linked, though in ways not immediately apparent.

In the first, the administration provided the rationale for scrapping President Obama’s automobile mileage standards: because Trump’s crew now officially expects the planet to warm by 4C . In the environmental impact statement they say it wouldn’t make much difference to the destruction of the planet if we all keep driving SUVs.

Given that the CAFE regulations themselves gave birth to the SUV perhaps we should get rid of them?

How terrible

Love Island-obsessed teenage girls are undermining MeToo cause, claims headmistress

Why will people act as people instead of doing their duty to the cause?

Teenage girls risk undermining the “Me Too” movement by focussing on “trivial” things like make up and Love Island, a leading headmistress has said.

It is hard for women to be “taken seriously” when they spend their time “glorifying” pursuits which are “insignificant at best”, according to Jane Lunnon, headmistress of the £18,800-a-year Wimbledon High School.

I’m sympathetic to the idea but…..

In the UK the sense is that the core desire is to dismantle the effect of 1945. The aim appears to be the destruction of the welfare state. The object is to recreate the raw brutality of inter-war Britain where poverty was used as an economic and social weapon of control. It did not work. But that does not matter. Ending the idea that the state should provide any form of safety net or have a role in society would appear to be the goal of the Brexiteers and their libertarian funders.

Rilly? Who is saying this? Who is going to disassemble the welfare state? The closest I’ve seen is people suggesting a universal basic income…..

In the States this message is already easier to deliver because welfare provision never made such progress.

Eh? They’ve near 100 million gaining some form of welfare. What’s he on about?

Yes, I know this isn’t what they recommend but…..

One in two women will develop dementia or Parkinson’s disease, or have a stroke, in their lifetime, new research suggests.

About a third of men aged 45 and half of women of the same age are likely to go on to be diagnosed with one of the conditions, according to a study of more than 12,000 people.

The researchers, from the University Medical Center Rotterdam in the Netherlands, said preventive measures could “substantially” reduce the burden of the illnesses.

Die younger and miss the diseases of old age.

I’m extremely, extremely, doubtful about this.

Perhaps BiG, who has some expertise in this area – genes and DNA and stuff, not child abuse – could educate us all:

Childhood sexual abuse may leave “molecular scars” on a victim’s DNA which could one day be used as evidence in court, scientists have said.

A new study found similar alterations in the activity of genes among men who had been abused in childhood.

Researchers at Harvard and the University of British Columbia (UBC) believe the discovery of the differences in a process called methylation between those who had been abused and those who had not could pave the way for a genetic test to indicate whether abuse took place.

Methylation acts as a “dimmer switch” on genes, affecting the extent a particular genes is activated or not.

Published in the journal Translational Psychiatry, the study found a distinct methylation difference between victims and non-victims in 12 regions of the men’s genomes.

In eight DNA regions, the genes of victims were dimmed by more than 10 per cent compared to non victims, and in one region the difference was 29 per cent.

Objective tests about such abuse all too often turn out not to be objective.

The team was also trying to establish the extent to which changes in gene expression as a result of life experience are passed on to the next generation.

Very close indeed to Lamarckism, isn’t it? And if it were so to any great extent then why didn’t New Soviet Man turn up?

‘Uman rights, Pah! What matters is Moar Tax!

A group of contractors who used tax avoidance schemes have branded looming fines “grossly unfair” and a breach of human rights in an official legal challenge.

The tax office has targeted around 50,000 self-employed people with a “loan charge”, set to hit in April, which those liable claim will see them forced into bankruptcy.

The dispute arises from the contractors’ use of complex arrangements, popular and widely accepted to be legal in the early 2000s, in which much of their salary was paid in the form of supposedly tax-free loans.

Well, they were actually legal. What is not illegal is legal, recall? Then the rules were changed. Retrospectively.

Following the successful case against Scottish football club Rangers last year, the Government introduced a new law and HM Revenue & Customs has deemed any outstanding loans liable for tax.

The contractors will also be hit by the loan charge, which rolls all the loans received into a single tax year meaning the bill could be more than the actual tax liability. It also does not clear the original unpaid tax bill.

But Moar Tax is to be collected so that’s fine, isn’t it.

1 in 30 million chance of smartphone causing domestic row

Smartphones cause family row every single day in British homes, study finds

Not what the finding is, but what the headline says at least.

Mobile phones provoke conflict and argument every day in a fifth of Britain’s families, according to a ground-breaking study into their impact on family life.

One fifth of British homes contain* a teenager so will have a row on any one day.

*Well, no, but….

The more difficult they say it is the less we should do it

It is likely to be the most critical and controversial report on climate change in recent years.

Leading scientists are meeting in South Korea this week to see if global temperatures can be kept from rising by more than 1.5C this century.

The world has already passed one degree of warming as carbon emissions have ballooned since the 1850s.

Many low-lying countries say they may disappear under the sea if the 1.5C limit is breached.

After a week of deliberations in the city of Incheon, the researchers’ new report is likely to say that keeping below this limit will require urgent and dramatic action from governments and individuals alike.

The more expensive it is to meet the 1.5 target the less we should try to meet the 1.5 target. Sadly, the Stern Review is entirely clear upon this and every other bugger has entirely forgotten it.

This is interesting from Nick Cohen, isn’t it

The fight against lethal bigotry is as feeble as the fight against money laundering. Whether they are banks handling looted resources or Silicon Valley companies resisting demands to spend a portion of their profits on hiring editors to moderate content, the guilty parties can rely on governments to regulate them with the lightest of touches.

At the level of traditional policing, few can fault the state’s vigilance. The British neo-Nazi outfit National Action celebrated Jo Cox’s murder – “only 640 MPs to go”, it declared. The government banned it and in July a judge jailed two of its members for plotting the murder of another Labour woman, Rosie Cooper MP. In a pattern familiar to watchers of Islamist groups, National Action rebranded itself as NS131 (National Socialist Anti-Capitalist Action) and the government had to ban the reincarnation too.

Yet as far as the online world is concerned, NS131 remains an active propagandist. Google it and you reach its site as you can reach the sites of Bomb Islam, God Hates Fags, the American Nazi party and many another incendiary organisation.

National Action is guarded by the San Francisco company Cloudflare, which serves about 100,000 of the million most-visited sites. The first amendment to the US constitution gives vast protections to freedom of publication, which are extended to the extremists whose content Cloudflare holds. So vigorously does it seek their business that Wired magazine described Cloudflare as “acting like the muscle guarding the podium at a Nazi rally”. No global tech conglomerate can operate with a base in just one country, however.

To speed up downloads, Cloudflare has built “edge servers” – data centres that store content locally. There are 30 in Europe, including one in London and one in Manchester. The British government cannot regulate the worldwide web, but it could enforce the law in Britain. The anti-fascists at Hope not Hate begged ministers to make Cloudflare’s British operations comply with anti-Nazi legislation.

You see what’s done there?

Anti-incitement to violence legislation, sure, why not? Anti-bigotry legislation? Hmm, well, maybe. But what a nice twist to turn that into anti-Nazi legislation. As if Nazis are the only people capable of bigotry or incitement….

A fun scam

So, there’s some number of unions around that don’t have many members. NUM is perhaps 100 active members at present.

So, who gets to be General Secretary, President, and how? And there’re many more than just that one.

Would it be possible to become General Secretary, or President, of a number of them and thus gain a number of nice fat cat salaries?

I would guess not as no one’s quite stupid enough to leave such remunerative posts vacant. But how would one ind out and then scheme anyway?

Note that, even with no current members, there could well still be agreements with pensions funds and the like to make the posts remunerative.

A French comment about McDonald’s

“I can’t believe you’re asking this,” said Stephane Loiseau, a 29-year-old account manager tapping his order – “un CBO” (chicken, bacon, onion) with fries – into the touchscreen. “It’s such a cliché. They’re cheap, they’re fast, they use pretty OK ingredients. Why should the French be any different from the rest of the world?”

The title of the piece:

From escargots to le Big Mac: how the land of haute cuisine fell for fast food

Well, yes, how dare they like steak hache au pain more than garlic snot?

Umm, what?

A drag queen has accused Virgin Atlantic of sex discrimination after allegedly dropping from a gay pride advert because they “discovered” she was a woman.

Lacey McFadyen claims Richard Branson’s airline offered her work appearing in a promotional video celebrating sexual diversity but withdrew it because “they only wanted male acts”.

The 26-year-old female drag artist, who uses the stage name Lacey Lou, was contacted by Sassy, a communications company working for Virgin, to ask her to appear in a “remake” of the airline’s famous 2009 television advert featuring glamorous air stewardesses walking through Gatwick Airport.

I thought drag queen was one of those gendered nouns in the first place?