The archive of Tony Benn has been donated to the British Library under the acceptance in lieu scheme, allowing his family to reduce a substantial inheritance tax bill.

The enormous collection, comprising several hundred thousand documents and recordings and worth over £500,000, has been gifted to the nation.

And in a move that won praise from Conservative MPs for prudent financial management, the donation settled £210,000 in tax.

But then Tony Benn always was very careful with the family money, wasn’t he?

Jason Hickel is weird

Climate breakdown is coming. The UK needs a Greener New Deal
Jason Hickel
Global economic growth is outstripping our green efforts. A cap must be put on consumption before is it cripples us

If you asked Jason Hickel whether cap and trade would be a decent response to emissions he’d tell you no. Because.

But to really make it work, we need to get straight to the heart of the issue: put a cap on annual material use and tighten it year on year, down to 8 tonnes per capita by the middle of the century.

But cap and trade on everything will work. Go figure….

Why don’t these women understand science?

The Gendered Brain by Gina Rippon review – demolition of a sexist myth
A neuroscientist’s brilliant debunking of the notion of a ‘female brain’ could do more for gender equality than any number of feminist manifestos

OK, super. So:

For me, though, perhaps the most thought-provoking part of her book has to do with hormones. According to Rippon, recent work has shown that, far from a woman’s period having an effect on her ability to concentrate, there may be a link between the ovulatory and post-ovulatory phases in her menstrual cycle and positive behavioural changes such as improved cognitive processing.

Positive is an effect.

She’s not really disproving the notions about women and science, is she?

This is actually surprising

The research by University College London and Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge, also found that gay men and women were more likely to have higher numbers of sexual partners, compared with straight participants.

While 21.1 per cent of straight men claimed to have slept with at least 10 partners, among straight women the figure was 6.8 per cent.

Meanwhile, 84 per cent of gay men said they had slept with at least 10 partners, as did 33 per cent of bisexual men. And 28.9 per cent of bisexual women, and 14.3 per cent of lesbians said they had slept with at least ten partners, the study, published in BMJ sexual and reproductive health found.

That gay men are more promiscuous than hetero isn’t surprising. Hetero male chances are defined, perhaps limited, by female response in a manner that gay isn’t.

What does surprise is the lesbo number there…..more than hetero women?

The euro is neoliberal apparently

I am deeply disappointed for the cause of Scottish independence and Scotland itself. The change on currency that has been proposed is a sop: it drops the commitment to the pound but it does not commit an independent Scotland to its own currency on its first day in existence. The result is that the plan still shackles Scotland to uncertainty. Worse, it leaves open the possibility that the pound will still be used. And that would be a disaster for Scotland as it will have no control over its economic policy, at all, in that case.

I note that amendments to this proposal can be tabled until late this month. I sincerely hope that a much more radical policy alternative will be put to the conference as a result. For the second time this morning I have to note the curse of supposedly left of centre economists who are actually dedicated to the structures of neoliberalism to the enormous cost of the societies that they claim to have close to their hearts.

A country without it’s own currency is neoliberal apparently. Bit of a bugger for that eurozone then. You know, the eurozone which entering is an eventual condition of joining the EU which we must so adamantly stay in?

So, I was whining about how high the electricity bill was

And that led to thinking about what is it that actually runs off it?

Fridge, dishwasher, clothes washer, lights, hmm, nothing there to explain the 1500 kWhrs a month.

Phoned the electric company, surely this bill is wrong?

Thought a bit more, looked around – ah, that 2000W electric oil heater’s been getting a bit of use hasn’t it? Think it through, look up energy consumption numbers, prices, umm – yes, that probably is it.

Sigh. Only took 3 months to work it out. Sigh.

Ooooh, that’s good then

A surge in Ukip membership is shifting the party decisively towards the far right, as long-standing moderates are replaced by entrants attracted by an anti-Islam agenda based on street protest, a Guardian investigation can reveal.

So despite what everyone said for two decades we weren’t far right then?

Umm, no

Kennel Club warns premium White Swiss Shepherd dogs could be sold off as cheaper German cousins ahead of Crufts debut

Not really:

Pet owners have been warned to be vigilant by the Kennel Club when buying White Swiss Shepherd dogs amid fears premium priced puppies are being passed off as their cheaper German cousins.

Why would someone want to lose money that way?

This isn’t new

Army rejects applicants with acne

My brother tried to join up for years. Continually rejected for acne. Did TA and all that, still couldn’t get into the regulars. Think he was a non com in the TA or reserves or some level of it all. As a qualified chef and doing the catering stuff that’s what they do I think – like Doctors always starting out as Captains.

Not acne as in the odd pimple, acne as in back stuff meaning that pack carrying was going to be difficult. Seems a decent enough reason to be turned down on medical grounds to be honest.

This is fun

So, The Guardian runs a series for a week telling us all that concrete is the Very Devil. And now they run a page of responses. One of which is simply a tweet from someone picking up my own piece telling The Guardian they’re all wet.

Wisdom here

It s Karneval time in the Papist areas of the country and there are fewer more depressing sights than watching Germans try to enjoy themselves

Bloke No Longer In Austria, in the comments.

Well, yes, sure

Harriet Wistrich, Mrs Challen’s lawyer, said there were “many more cases” of women whose years of abuse by their partners would merit a reassessment of their convictions. One has already been given leave to appeal.

“How many have been convicted for murder where they’ve killed someone abusing them?” said Ms Wistrich. “There are probably dozens of them.”

If we relax these standards then we must do so in a decidedly non-gendered manner, no?

How many men are serving murder sentences for having killed nagging wives? Or perhaps a little stronger – but our definition of domestic abuse is gender equal now, isn’t it?