Timmy elsewhere

Might be on “World Business Report” on the World Service today. Dunno what time or anything, sorry. About limiting motor size on vacuum cleaners.

Along the lines of “well if these new light bulbs, or lower power cleaners, are such a good idea then we’ll all use them, obviously. That the politicians decide to ban the older types means they must think we’re all morons, just too stupid to work it out”.

I know the answer to this! Please teacher, please! Ooooh! Oooooh!

A diet laden with burgers and fries, dripping with sweet treats and saturated in pies could kill our appetite for healthy foods, scientists warn.

A new Australian study has found living on junk food not only makes rats fat, but also suppresses their desires to eat a balanced diet.

Scientists believe their findings help explain how excessive consumption of unhealthy foods, can change a person’s behaviour, weaken their self-control and lead to overeating and obesity.

Because burgers
taste lovely and fatty and meaty while organic kale tastes of the manure it is fertilised with. Thus once we’ve actually had something that tastes good we’ll leave the shite for the prodnoses.

An historical question

So, they’re building a 13 th cent. French chateau using 13 th cent. French techniques. And then there’s this:

“Every element has to be referenced back to the 13th century. We ask ourselves, Guilbert de Guédelon is a low-ranking nobleman with limited resources so what are his options? Will he be able to afford a drawbridge that will take 57 felled trees and 66 iron nails? No,” Preston says.

I wonder which would have cost the more in those days, the 57 trees or the 66 iron nails?

I think I’d go for the nails but anyone actually know?


Turns out, I was inhaling the equivalent of 40 fags a day – at least in terms of nicotine. There was no doubt about it, I was a vape addict.

My love affair with vaping began to unravel. I just couldn’t continue with the habit knowing the risks.

But giving up wasn’t easy. It took several attempts to finally quit. In the end I switched to a nicotine patch and slowly weaned myself off the drug for good.

If I’d known two years ago what I know now, I would never have started vaping. And I would strongly discourage anyone else from taking it up. Yet, even as I write, I can feel a insidious craving to vape – oh the bliss contained in that first puff of e-cigarette. But I will stand firm come what may – and so should anyone who values their health.

40 vapes worth of nicotine is rather less damaging than 40 fags a day.

That’s actually the point.

How Soviet

Only those with the correct class backgrounds should get the top jobs:

Companies should be told to declare the social background of their workforce to combat a “deeply elitist” culture at the top of public life, the Government’s social mobility tsar has suggested.

Employers should effectively discriminate against applicants from private schools as part of a drive to stop the judiciary, Armed Forces, politics, media and the medical profession being turned into a “cosy club”, it is claimed in a report.

Alan Milburn, the chairman of the Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission and a former Labour cabinet minister, said drastic action was needed to “break open Britain’s elite” and prevent institutions being dominated by those from a narrow range of schools and universities.

Bugger meritocracy, eh?

But isn’t it supposed to be a punishment?

A 37-year-old, currently under house arrest, has asked a judge that he be placed in jail instead because his “constant fighting” with his wife was too much to bear.

The unnamed father-of-three was just three months into his eight-month sentence for a series of minor crimes, but spending his days at home with his wife had proved to be anything but domestic bliss.

The couple’s neighbours had become well aware of their arguments, which police had been brought in to resolve.

Insist he servers the home sentence and extend it……

From the Annals of Fashion Stupidity


  The long sleeved pyjama top for toddlers has been described by the Israeli press having a “fresh-from-the-concentration-camp look” with a strong resemblance to the uniforms worn by the inmates of Nazi death camps.

Following a storm on social media such as Twitter, Zara has withdrawn the clothing, manufactured in Turkey, while insisting that the yellow star was supposed to resemble the golden badge of an American sheriff.

“We honestly apologise, it was inspired by the sheriff’s stars from the Classic Western films and is no longer in our stores,” the store said this morning.

“Nevertheless, we can understand the sensitive context and connotation that was created. We sincerely apologise if, as a result, we have offended the feelings of our customers.”

Bit of a brain fart there, eh?

Good question

Let’s start with a riddle. If South Yorkshire Police can mount a raid on Sir Cliff Richard’s home in pursuit of evidence linked to a single allegation of child sex abuse 30 years ago, why were South Yorkshire Police incapable of pursuing multiple allegations against multiple men who raped 1,400 children over 16 years?


The Labour Party, in particular, is mired in shame over “cultural sensitivity” in Rotherham. Especially, cynics might point out, a sensitivity to the culture of Muslims whose votes they don’t want to lose. Denis MacShane, MP for Rotherham from 1994 to 2012, actually admitted to the BBC’s World At One that “there was a culture of not wanting to rock the multicultural community boat, if I may put it like that. Perhaps, yes, as a true Guardian reader and liberal Leftie, I suppose I didn’t want to raise that too hard.” Much better to hang on to your impeccable liberal credentials than save a few girls from being raped, eh, Denis?

Can we jail him again?

Well now, that’s Ritchie telling us isn’t it?

So, if you’re a regular commentator on Worstall’s blogs about me, or have sided with the plutocrats here I’ll be deleting you now however reasonable you think you might try to make your comment because no one will be fooled by it, and by definition it will not be adding to useful debate.

Yup, the man’s commitment to debate and discussion is such that if you comment here about him you may not comment there about him.

Not a pretty sight. Ritchie tries inflation adjustments

As I’ve already noted, only cash counts, so that the relevant figures are £9.182 billion in 2013/14 and £8.975 billion in 2012/13.

The first thing to note is that CPI to March 2014 was 1.6% but on a heavily downward trend: during most of the year it had been over 2% and in September 2013, a fair mid year measure for comparison purposes, had been 2.7%. What that means is that in real terms the 2013/14 yield recovery was in real terms lower than in 2012/13.


Inflation figures are given as the twelves months to……so CPI in March 2014 is for the period April 2013 to March 2014. Sept 2013 figure is for Oct 2012 to Sept 2013.

So, what is the correct CPI to be using for the tax year April 2013 to March 2014 (I think we can forget the first few days of April 2014 being in that previous tax year, no?)? Why it’s the CPI as reported for the previous 12 months in March 2104, isn’t it?

So this is an example of Ritchie just making shit up to fit his narrative, isn’t it?

Plus ca change

8.975 x 1.016 is less than 9.182. Recovery is therefore up after inflation.

Oh, and of course, the idea that only cash counts in a system which has both deferred tax and tax due (for example, some parts of corporation tax and also self-employment taxes) in the year after the economic activity they refer to is also pure bollocks.

“Yes, your bum does look big in that” to be a crime


Husbands who constantly criticise their wives over their weight or appearance may be guilty of domestic abuse, a Labour frontbencher has suggested.

If telling the wife that she’s got a bit porky is to be domestic abuse then what phrase do we then use for someone who belts their wife with an iron bar?

Seriously people, we’ve got to get back to having a sense of proportion.

And I assume that nagging a husband about his beer belly also qualifies as this new abuse? And if not why not?

Dr. Heinz Kiosk is alive and well

Some sections of the media have gleefully portrayed this as a failure of liberal notions that social harmony in Britain is best served by celebrating every culture. The assaults grow out of Pakistani culture, it is suggested. Some of the coverage has been an exercise in covert racism or religious prejudice. “The rapists are all probably in one sense ‘good’ Muslims, praying and fasting in the daytime, then prowling and preying at night,” one rebarbative commentator wrote.

The reality of child abuse in modern Britain is that it is widespread and far from confined to any specific community. Despite the high-profile coverage of Pakistani abusers in Rochdale in 2013, 95% of the men on the area’s sex offender register are white. Offences defy easy stereotyping; the lead perpetrator in Rochdale was later also sentenced for assaulting a young Asian female. And if all cases are about the abuse of power they have different dynamics: Rochdale revealed opportunism by taxi drivers and takeaway workers using girls for quick sex; Oxford was about gang-related trafficking motivated by money.

We Are All Guilty!

Here’s an idea. How about we do what we’ve done in these lands for centuries. Find the people who committed the offences, try them, fairly, then if they’re found guilty in a court of law we jail them?

Without regard to race, religion, cultural background or anything else. You know, all are equal before the majesty of the law?

And yes, that does include any council peeps or police who committed offences.

On Kate Bush’s return to the stage

You suspect that even if she hadn’t, the audience would have lapped it up. Audibly delighted to be in the same room as her, they spend the first part of the show clapping everything she does: no gesture is too insignificant to warrant a round of applause. It would be cloying, but for the fact that Bush genuinely gives them something to cheer about.

Let’s be honest about it. She could have walked on stage, ripped a smelly one and still got a standing ovation.

At some point we’ve got to tell these people to fuck off you know

E-cigarettes should be banned indoors over fears that they can be as toxic to bystanders as normal cigarettes, the World Health Organisation has said.

Despite releasing vapour instead of smoke, the devices still pollute the air with harmful chemicals, health experts warned.

Many smokers use e-cigarettes as a way to quit, as they deliver the nicotine hit but without the carcinogens associated with breathing in smoke. There are no laws currently banning their use inside.

But a report by the WHO questioned the safety of e-cigarettes, officially known as electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS).

“The fact that ENDS exhaled aerosol contains on average lower levels of toxicants than the emissions from combusted tobacco does not mean that these levels are acceptable to involuntarily exposed bystanders,” said the report.

Given that second hand smoke from regular cigarettes isn’t much of a problem in the first place perhaps we should just hang them all?

Eminently sensible

Rape conviction statistics will not improve “until women stop getting drunk”, a retiring judge has said, as she is criticised by women’s rights campaigners for her “potentially very harmful” remarks.

Judge Mary Jane Mowat, 66, who worked at Oxford Crown Court until earlier this month, said it was difficult to secure convictions when women could not be sure what had happened because they had drunk too much.

She said juries were faced with an impossible task when a case came down to one person’s word against another.

The retired judge told an Oxford newspaper: “I will be pilloried for saying so, but the rape conviction statistics will not improve until women stop getting so drunk.

“It is inevitable that it is one person’s word against another, and the burden of proof is that you have to be sure before you convict.

“I’m not saying it is right to rape a drunken woman and I’m not saying for a moment that it’s allowable to take advantage of a drunken woman.

“But juries are in a position where they’ve got a woman who says: ‘I was absolutely off my head, I can’t really remember what I was doing, I can’t remember what I said, I can’t remember if I consented or not but I know I wouldn’t have done’.

“When a jury is faced with something like that, how are they supposed to react?”

Pity she’s retiring really.

The comments come three years after Mrs Mowat was condemned for telling a teacher convicted of child pornography offences that she would not criticise him for being attracted to children.

Well, quite. No one’s to blame for their sexual urges: only for what they might do about them.

Anti-racism has been such a success, hasn’t it?

It emerged that there had been three previous reports into the problem which had been suppressed or ignored by officials, either because they did not like or did not believe the findings.

Tuesday’s report concluded that by far the majority of perpetrators were Asian men, and said council officials had been unwilling to address the issue for fear of being labelled racist.

What was being overlooked? Riding a bike without a helmet or something, something where turbans and such like could vaguely interact with race and or religion?

More than 1,400 children were sexually abused during a period of over 16 years by gangs of paedophiles after police and council bosses turned a blind eye for fear of being labelled racist, a damning report has concluded.

Senior officials were responsible for “blatant” failures that saw victims, some as young as 11, being treated with contempt and categorised as being “out of control” or simply ignored when they asked for help.

In some cases, parents who tried to rescue their children from abusers were themselves arrested. Police officers even dismissed the rape of children by saying that sex had been consensual.

Downing Street on Tuesday night described the failure to halt the abuse in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, as “appalling”.

Following the publication of the report, the leader of Rotherham council, Roger Stone, resigned, but no other council employees will face disciplinary proceedings after it was claimed that there was not enough evidence to take action.

Err, no, the mass rape of children.

Haven’t we built a delightful world for ourselves?