Can someone help me with streaming and chromecast and stuff?

So, we have sky out here in Portugal. This isn’t a good idea as they keep changing the channels we can get.

But most TV is now available on the internet!

So, we’ve got internet here. And obviously we can watch it on a PC.

Which brings us to something like Chromecast. This takes the signal from your mobile phone and puts it up on hte TV.

Hhhhm, no that’s not quite it.

What we want is some box that gives us TV over the internet and then the wifi connection. So that we can get the UK channels.

I’ve been pointed to here and here.

In order to get UK TV over the internet what is it that we actually need?

Black footy bags banned in India

Pelham would be proud:


Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh or RSS members will have to bring out their new full pants for rallies that they plan in Tamil Nadu in October to celebrate Vijayadashmi, with the state’s high court saying they cannot march in the half pants that they have worn for nine decades.

The RSS, which does not have as big a presence in Tamil Nadu as it does in other southern states, will have about 200 to 300 workers marching in each of the 14 processions it plans across the state. In Kanyakumari and Coimbatore they expect an assembly of around two thousand members. The police had disallowed the processions saying it feared law and order problems, but the court said on Monday that the RSS can hold its event as long as it gets out the full pants.

The Chennai City Police Act, authorities say, bans processions in outfits that resemble the uniforms of the armed forces or the police. The white shirts and knee length khaki shorts that has been the RSS uniform for years, is very similar to the state police’s physical training gear.

This is what apartheid was all about in the first place

A quarter of a century ago black South Africans were living in squalor while most whites lived the good life in apartheid-era South Africa.
Nelson Mandela was released from prison in 1990 and four years later he took over as President from F W De Klerk and the pair shared the Nobel Peace Prize.
Apartheid – a grotesque and brutal form of government in which whites held all the power and blacks and other racial groups were segregated and oppressed – was condemned to the dustbin of history.
Nowadays there is a strange form of equality.
While the black South African middle class has grown and many live in big houses, with swimming pools and drive around in BMWs like their white peers; many poor whites live in squalid squatter camps just like their black peers.

South Africa always was, and still is by developed world standards, a low productivity economy. There’re thus going to be a lot of people who live pretty shitty lives in an economic sense. Apartheid was the structure which tried to make sure that who was decided upon the basis of skin colour (or race, description to your taste).

The whole point was not to make rich whites rich – it was to make sure that poor whites didn’t live like other Africans. And remove that racial distinction and there will be some whites living like other Africans. No, not because “Africans” but because it’s a low productivity economy and simply doesn’t generate enough income that all live those North Atlantic type economy lives.

One way of looking at this, an odd way to be sure, is that this is proof that apartheid has ended. When the privileged economic position that apartheid was meant to create no longer exists.

No, it doesn’t honey, it doesn’t

When the Calais camp closes, what will happen to its vulnerable women?
Natasha Walter
Women forced to leave their homes in this global crisis are vulnerable to rape and violence. The UK has a responsibility to protect those at its borders

The UK has a duty to protect those within its borders. France has a duty to protect those within its borders.

Strip this of the climate change bollocks and it’s quite fascinating

Scientists are attempting to discover if Cornish cod moving north with climate change will be able to understand the accents of their Scouse counterparts.

Experts believe the fish, which make sounds with their swim bladders to attract mates, may have regional accents – and if males cannot “chat up” females who speak a different dialect it could threaten their ability to breed.

There are also concerns that noise pollution from boats and other marine activities could be drowning out the “gossip” cod need to establish territories, raise the alarm and for mating.

Prof Steve Simpson, from the University of Exeter, who is leading the research, said cod had a series of vocalisations, with the ability to change the patterns of their sounds, producing thumps, growls and different frequencies.

They have traditional spawning grounds, making populations quite isolated in reproduction – a process in which males produce a sound to stimulate the females to release their eggs.

He said: “Recordings of American cod are very different to those from their European cousins, so there is a precedent.

“This species is highly vocal with traditional breeding grounds established over hundreds or thousands of years, so the potential for regionalism is there.”

Seriously? Cod not only “talk” to each other, they have regional accents? I knew this was true of whales but cod?

Sounds most unlike ourselves of course. The male has to chat up the female in order to get sex, that bit’s the same, but then he’s expected to bugger off?

Maybe he just doesn’t want to listen to any women?

Confusing the real world with the slice of reality reflected by one’s social media accounts is a mistake political reporters and partisans make every day. Algorithms and selection bias have conspired to drastically narrow the world wide web for must of us.

But for many of the tech industry’s moguls, the world reflected in their Twitter timelines is bizarrely similar to the bizarre societies they have created in their companies: very, very male.

Until Tuesday morning, for example, Elon Musk followed zero women on Twitter, Motherboard reported. (Following publication of the Motherboard story, Musk followed a new account, that of GQ magazine writer Caity Weaver.)

Fortunately in today’s PC world this is not something I can be accused of. I follow no one…..

Fuck off you grotty little fascist

The actor Leonardo DiCaprio has said he thinks that those who don’t believe in climate change should not hold public office.

Speaking at the White House ahead of a screening of his new documentary, Before the Flood, DiCaprio said such rejection indicated an inability to engage with the rational world.

“If you don’t believe in climate change, you don’t believe in facts, and science, and empirical truths,” he said.

“And, in my humble opinion, [you] should not be allowed to hold public office.”

Yes, yes, cue all those jokes about taking private jets to pick up an environmental award.

But this is, well it’s not just fascism really, it’s a form of totalitarianism. To say that I don’t think you should vote for people with the wrong, to my mind, views on climate change is just fine. The essence of politics if you like. But to say that those with the wwrong views should not be allowed to be elected is to descend into there being an ideological test for office. You can vote for anyone as long as they’re a communist, or a national socialist and so on, as has been done around the world many a time.

To think that someone is unfit for office based on their views is just fine. To insist that they cannot hold office is vile–so fuck off short arse.

Yes, this does apply equally to other views. I would and do argue that SWP types are idiots who shouldn’t be within 500 yards of elective office and I’ve a good evidence base to back me up. But they’ve every right to stand and every right to take office if people are loon enough to elect them.

This would make it different from every other Stones album ever how?

The Rolling Stones have hinted they are about to release their first album in more than a decade, apparently a collection of covers of Chicago blues classics.

There’s a fun story about their first album. Which was covers of blues songs.

So, they all march into a nightclub to the adulation of the babes. And the DJ then plays their entire album, in order. Except that it’s the original of each of their covers.

I admit that I like a lot of the Stones stuff but that’s because I like amplified blues. I like a lot of Led Zep for the same reason, it’s blues turned up to 11. Yeah, alright, the musicologists will complain about details but….

Sometimes Led Zep even listed the original songwriters properly.

Unlike the Stones when they covered a Pop Staples piece……

I’m with the players here

Sparta Prague have sent two players to train with the women’s team after they told a female assistant referee to stay in the kitchen.

Lukas Vacha and Tomas Koubek were condemned by the Czech FA chairman and their club appointed them as ambassadors of the women’s team following comments they made against the assistant referee Lucie Ratajova last weekend.

Ratajova failed to notice a clear offside as Sparta lost a 3-2 lead in the 92nd minute against Zbrojovka Brno following a goal by Alois Hycka last Sunday.

After the game Vacha, the injured Sparta midfielder, tweeted the assistant referee’s photo with a caption reading “To the cooker”, while the goalkeeper Tomas Koubek told the media after the game: “In my opinion, women should stay at the stove and not officiate men’s football.”

Both players issued apologies on Monday but the Czech FA chairman,

No, they didn’t go up and shout this in her face. They whined about a bad decision after the game. And in whining about a ref making a bad decision anything is fair game.

Oh Aye?

Ukip leader Diane James has quit the role after just 18 days.

Ms James said on Tuesday night that she does not “have sufficient authority, nor the full support” of Ukip MEPs and officers to reform party.

In a statement she said: “It is with great regret that I announce that I will not be formalising my recent nomination to become the new leader of the party with the Electoral Commission.

There’s a franchise and a movement out there. All it needs is a leader….

It’s as good an opportunity as anyones’ had these past 50 years, on a par with the SNP and SDP, to change the electoral landscape. Just needs someone who can ride it.

Surveying those who did run not sure the party’s got one though.

An interesting and not trick question

Re what should be done about the tax system:

Require an HMRC office in every town of more than 100,000 people with an enquiry centre attached;
Improve HMRC pay: make HMRC a viable career option once more;

The not trick question. Does the person who made those recommendations receive money from the union of tax officers?

Timmy elsewhere

A short interview.

It is becoming more common for jurisdictions throughout the world to go after multinational companies for back taxes purportedly owed. What’s at the root of this trend and will it continue? How can companies fight back?

TW: The root of the trend? Idiocy. There are people out there, all too many of them in politics, who really think that companies pay tax. Rather than it being that combination of shareholders and workers who carry the economic incidence. A result we’ve known since 1899, which should be long enough for even politicians to catch up.

Next Saturday, free food and free econ talk in London!!!!?!!!

Celebration of Science 2016

Saturday 8 until Saturday 22 October 2016

All events will take place in the Mayor’s Parlour, Kensington Town Hall W8 7NX, except those marked * which take place in Committee Room 3.

And more specifically:

UK Science after Brexit
12.30pm to 1pm
Professor Jane Rodgers
Warwick Lightfoot – chairman
Tim Worstall – Adam Smith Institute

Is Economics a Science?

2pm to 3pm
Dr D’Maris Coffman – panel leader
Tim Worstall – Adam Smith Institute
Professor Vicky Pryce – writer and policy maker
Frances Coppola – blogger and writer
Leigh Caldwell – blogger and writer

Jeebus Ritchie!

This morning David Cameron’s folly on Brexit has resulted in a 31 year low for the pound against the dollar. I would call that a sterling crisis that is likely to continue.

And I have not caused one.

Maybe that’s why David Cameron has no job and I am still doing mine.

A price has adjusted. This is a crisis?

What sodding crisis? Anyone seen Hammond rushing off to the IMF cap in hand? George Soros cackling as he breaks the Bank of England again?

Umm, no, I don’t think we do. Why is that?

Ah, yes, it’s because we have a free market in the exchange rate these days isn’t it? Free markets sorting out prices of things really rather well.

You idiot, statist, fool.

Can o’ worms

A father has been awarded more than £28,000 for sex discrimination after he was paid less than his wife during their shared parental leave.

David Snell and his wife both work for Network Rail and decided to take shared leave to care for their baby, who was born in January this year.

When they first applied for their leave, however, they discovered that while Mrs Snell would receive full pay for six months, Mr Snell was only entitled to statutory parental pay of about £140 per week.

He raised a grievance with the company and when this was rejected he lodged a claim for sex discrimination at an employment tribunal. Network Rail eventually conceded that its “family friendly policy” was discriminatory and an employment judge, Frances Eccles, awarded the signalling designer a total of £28,321.03.