Fun story about the immigrants

One I was told in the pub last night.

These rivers of humanity flooding into Europe tend to be pretty well informed about conditions in various countries. And there’s an app or two for that, of course. And, as was pointed out to me proudly last night, the Czech Republic is ranked, in such apps, as being in a dead heat for last in the list of desirable places to turn up and claim asylum. Hungary being the other.

Apparently, something to do with the benefits on offer not being very high. Plus an adherence to the actual rules about where and why one might be able to claim asylum.

People are rational and attempt to maximise their utility. Who knew?

Complete and total bollocks of course

How One Direction pay 1900 times more tax than Facebook: Band paid £8.2m to HMRC last year – while social networking site paid just £4,327
One Direction paid almost 2,000 times more tax than Facebook last year
The band paid £8.2million in tax compared to £4,327 by social media giant
In 2014 One Direction became the world’s second biggest-selling act
Each member, including Zayn Malik, have a personal wealth of £20million

Depending upon which part of the accounts you look at Facebook paid $2 billion or $200 million in corporate income tax last year. I’m much too bored of this nonsense to bother working out whether we should look at the provision or the cashflow statement. But it’s rather more than One Direction paid either way.

Because corporate income taxes are, by design, paid where the company is domiciled, under the rules of that domicile, and that’s all there is to it.

Well, yes, obviously communists are nutters but

The jury of four women and eight men heard how Balakrishnan’s ethos inside the secretive commune combined communism, the supernatural and routine violence.

When the massacre of pro-democracy protesters happened at Tiananmen Square in Beijing, he told the commune he “wished it had been 3,000,000” killed. He would curse those who paid tribute on TV to people who died in events such as the 7/7 London bombings, Cottage said. He would rail against “ugly dirty whites” who he considered fascist agents.

He beat his daughter from the age of four, which he said he was obliged to do, the court heard, otherwise “Jackie”, an invisible force with magical powers and a mind control machine, would kill or torture her. Jackie stood for Jehovah, Allah, Christ, Krishna and Immortal Easwaran and would cause earthquakes, fires and tornadoes if anyone went against Balakrishnan, he is alleged to have claimed.

Even by the standards of the genre Comrade Bala does seem to have been taking it a little far.


Miss Jacinto is now using her story to campaign against sexual slavery, and warn politicians against turning a blind eye. Sex trafficking is believed to account for 80 per cent of the world’s 20 million to 30 million “modern-day slaves”.

Does sex slavery happen? Yup. Foully, evilly, it does.

Is it happening to 16 to 24 million people right now?

Nope, no way.

Karla Jacinto, now 23, was forced to have sex with 30 men a day during her four-year ordeal.

Just no way at all.

24 million having 30 clients a day is 24 million having 900 clients a month. That’s 21 billion uses of a sex slave per month. Rapes of a sex slave a month. There’s around 3 billion adult males on the planet. On average each adult male is raping a sex slave 7 times a month.

It’s not just that this doesn’t describe this world we live in it also doesn’t describe anything in this universe we inhabit.

Try this another way: 30 punters a day? No, outside a military brothel at the frontline there’s just not going to be a willing punter every 30 minutes for 14 hours of the day. Just doesn’t happen that way.

This Russian nuclear missile

Secret plans for a Russian long-range nuclear torpedo came to light after a state television cameraman filmed over a senior officer’s shoulder with a diagram on show.
The scheme involves the use of massive doses of radiation to render large areas of enemy coastlines uninhabitable and appeared on TV during a meeting with Vladimir Putin on Tuesday.

Umm, yeah.

Status 6 itself appears to be a gigantic torpedo-shaped robotic mini-submarine – in other words an underwater drone – that can travel at speeds of 100 knots (115mph) and is so perfectly cloaked by stealth technology it would be invisible to acoustic tracking devices.
The notes on the torpedo diagram give it a range of up to 6,200 miles (10,000km), and a dive depth of 3,300 feet (1,000m) – far beyond that of most manned submarines.

Amazing, eh? And carrying a dirty bomb (Co-60 or some such nicely dangerous contaminant perhaps).

That has prompted some analysts to suggest that the “accidental” leak was actually intended to signal that Russia has the means and intention to respond “asymetically” by creating devices the new American defences will not stop.

No, that’s not the way I would analyse it at all. Rather, how cheap would it be to print up some nonsense and then accidentally reveal it? Bloody sight cheaper than actually having to work out how to build a deterrent, isn’t it?

And as with the point made yesterday, if the FSB does want to leak me the plans just to keep the maskirovka going then I do know where the ziggurat is in Vauxhall. Would be able to drop it off after a few months persuasion by the comfy redhead mentioned…..

Is this another case of pointy elbows?

Jennifer Lawrence, the star of the forthcoming The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2, might be thought to have it all: good looks, a glittering Hollywood career, fame and fortune.
But in an interview with Vogue magazine the star has revealed that despite her A-list status, she struggles romantically.

“No one ever asks me out. I am lonely every Saturday night. Guys are so mean to me,” Lawrence, 25, said.

Must be, pointy elbows, right? Nowt else wrong with her, obviously:

“I know where it’s coming from, I know they’re trying to establish dominance, but it hurts my feelings. I’m just a girl who wants you to be nice to me. I am straight as an arrow.”

“It’s strangely exhilarating because you keep trying to fight for that validation. You want to have [validation] before you get married, so that you don’t seek it out once you are,” she explained to the mag.

Ah, no, not pointy elbow syndrome. She’s deluded instead.

Young men are not trying to establish dominance by not asking you out. Young men are, by and large, looking for a bit of a laugh and the possible sniff of a legover. Dominance and mind games doesn’t really come into it.

Seriously, the faster young women like this understand quite how simple men and their desires are are the happier they’ll be.

Just how howlingly ignorant is this?

Top private schools should charge foreign students three times more than British pupils so they can ‘bring back the middle classes’, an educational expert has said ahead of a conference this weekend.
Charles Bonas argues it is unfair for international students to benefit from fees that are substantially less than places like Switzerland and the US when they come from countries with lower or non-existence tax.

People should pay higher private school fees because they pay less tax at home? Aren’t we rather getting those concepts of private and tax confused here?

And very confused about markets too: British private schools have a market clearing price….which just is what it is.

Weird, weird, argumewnt.

Oh Rilly?

I have made my position clear that I do not think undertaking an abuse helps end it

That would be why using a personal service company, with low directorial salaries, profits paid out as dividends, with a bit of income splitting, would be the way to ending the abuse of using a personal service company, with low directorial salaries, profits paid out as dividends, with a bit of income splitting, with the income made from writing articles about how one can use a personal service company, with low directorial salaries, profits paid out as dividends, with a bit of income splitting, and also reports announcing that using a personal service company, with low directorial salaries, profits paid out as dividends, with a bit of income splitting, is an abuse that must be ended.

Glad we’ve got that settled then.

Well, yes, I suppose so

The AEI is, in my experience, one of the classic US libertarian, right wing think tanks. This is not where such opinion should come from. But as it does let me venture to suggest that the whole article can be summarised by the suggestion that tax cutting has run out of road.

People have realised that taxes are essential to ensure redistribution. And they’re linked to a growing economy. Whilst the sense of well being that is created by the public services with which they are associated is key to the sense of community that was part of the American dream.

To out it another way, there is a Joy of Tax.

When the Feds are only getting 18% or so of GDP in their tax take, yes, there’s a certain joy to taxation. As opposed to the UK where certain people start squealing if anyone even proposes that the State should swallow less than 40% of everything everyone does.

Fist typing

I have, of course, written extensively on this issue. It is simply impossible to collect tax without people without appropriate local knowledge in the UK.

Tom Lehrer should rewrite that song. Your local neighbourhood taxman.

Oh for fucks sake!

Hospices in the UK must meet the challenge of an ageing Muslim population by overcoming barriers that deter Britain’s largest faith minority from using their services, ensuring that language, cultural and religious needs are met.

The UK hospice network should see a significant increase in Muslim patients in coming years as a result of rising numbers of elderly Muslims combined with changes to traditional family structures, a new report says.

But only a handful of more than 200 adult and children’s hospices in the UK have Muslim patients, reflecting “a perception that hospices aren’t really for us”, said Sughra Ahmed, programmes manager in the centre for policy and public education at the Woolf Institute. The instituteproduced the report on behalf of Hospice UK and Together for Short Lives, a charity for children with life-limiting conditions.

Unless existing hospices take positive steps to be inclusive, Muslims are likely to set up parallel institutions with implications for social cohesion and integration, said Ahmed.

We must now die in the multiculturally approved manner?

And don’t we rather think that people tottering off to meet their maker might prefer to do so in places that cater to their religious practices? As with Jews possibly preferring a hospice that keeps kosher, Muslims might prefer one that is halal? Maybe?

Today is National Freelancer Day

Apparently so:

“Today rightly celebrates the huge impact that the UK’s 1.8 million freelancers have on the economy. With 440,000 people joining the freelance ranks since 2011,

That would explain why the pubs are full of one man office parties then. I might even buy myself a round in celebration.

Timmy elsewhere

Can We Get This Straight Please: Jobs Are A Cost, Not A Benefit, Of Doing Something

The Excellent Part Of Ben Carson’s Tax Plan: Abolish The Mortgage Interest Deduction

How do we get the adults into government?

Lots of people wish to live in parts of the country where there are not many bedrooms. Therefore people are living in small bedrooms rather than large ones: that’s just what happens. If there’s a shortage of food then people eat smaller meals, if the pub runs out of beer then everyone drinks shorts. Shortages lead to smaller measures.

Government would not ban the consumption of gin if beer were to go short, government would not ban smaller plates if food were to be short, so quite why government thinks that the banning of small bedrooms is going to increase the supply of bedrooms is unknown to us.

Yes of course Thomas Piketty is wrong, why do you ask?

Can you hear the sound of fist typing yet?

HM Revenue & Customs is to close all 170 of its offices across the country in favour of 13 new regional tax centres as part of a major restructuring designed to shave hundreds of millions of pounds from its budget.

The Daily Telegraph understands the radical plan, which will leave towns and cities across the country without a tax office and is likely to lead to thousands of its 56,000 staff being made redundant in the long term, will be announced to staff as early as Thursday.

The receipt of cash payment from the taxmans’ union would not alter anyone’s opinion on this matter. To argue otherwise would be, as I have proven candidly, neoliberal sophistry.

I’m very important I am, know lots of secrets

Norwegian businessmen and politicians are being blackmailed into working for Russia’s spy agencies after falling for Cold War-style honey traps involving drink and beautiful women, the country’s spy agency has warned.

Anyone think the FSB reads this blog?

Terribly important I am, know all sorts of very special stuff. Bit early in the day for a drink but as for the other stuff: a redhead with decent bazongas if you’ve one on the books?

Did I mention how important I was?

Didn’t last long, did it?

Germany is to start deporting Syrian refugees after reinstating EU rules under which they must claim asylum in the first member state they enter.

And Greece is pretty fucked, isn’t it?

Actually, maybe not:

And a longstanding German court ruling means the country cannot deport refugees to Greece, where the majority of Syrians first arrive, because of poor conditions for asylum-seekers there.

But presumably the German courts are just fine with the Greeks themselves having to live in those appalling conditions enforced by Germany?

There is justice in this world

A council chief involved in closing public toilets has been left “embarrassed” after he was caught urinating in the street by police.
South Lanarkshire Council’s deputy leader, Jackie Burns, was spotted in the act in Hamilton town centre and was issued a £40 fixed penalty notice by police.
The incident, which happened on Saturday, came just months after the Labour councillor oversaw the closure of public toilets in his council area.

£40 fine? He’s a Labour councillor: hang ‘im!