Kill the quangos

We haven’t actually got a Tory government:

Natural England head Tony Juniper

Natural England is indeed part of the government. And what the hell are Tories doing having someone like Juniper in it?

No, we never will kill off the appointment of such idiots to run those bodies. So, we need to kill the bodies…..

Well, mebbe

She claimed that the resilience of banks in the face of the coronavirus pandemic was thanks to the swathes of financial regulation introduced by the EU after the crisis.

Myself I think it might be likely that it’s about the stonking mountains of capital they have to hold these days. But, you know, opinions differ:

She added, “What we want to have as effective regulation, we do not like light touch and deregulation is not on our agenda.”

That’s just stupid.

Sometimes less regulation is more effective. As is light touch and so on.

“No, no!” said the Queen. “Sentence first—verdict afterwards.”


Dozens of the Conservative Party’s most senior MPs have joined a rebellion against the Prime Minister in an attempt to block the Government from signing trade deals with countries accused of genocide.

Given the ease with which such accusations are bandied about – I’m sure there are those insisting we should not have free trade with England under this rubric because England is engaged in a genocide of the culturally diverse – basing it upon the accusation is ludicrous.

Thirty-three Tory MPs supported an amendment to the Government’s Trade Bill, proposed in the House of Lords, which would have prevented the Government from signing a free trade agreement with any country the High Court ruled was committing genocide.

That’s better but still wrong. For the benefit of trade is to the consumer of the imports. Why punish either us or them other consumers for the actions of a government?

You whut?

The reality is that Independent SAGE, who are the body I trust the most on this issue, say that vaccination is not the way out of this crisis. Certainly it will help, but the logic of vaccination is that we achieve so called herd immunity. But as they suggest, developing that scale of tolerance carries all sorts of risk with it, and the real goal of policy should be suppression of the virus, which is something that we have not tried, but which others have.

Other than island states no one has been able to suppress the virus. So, umm, permanent lockdown? Well, as long as there are Zil lanes for P³s perhaps so:

The vaccine is not the whole answer

What people might clamour for is not wise

Brexit proves that

Sorta kills that democracy thing there.


The StoreDot battery replaces graphite with semiconductor nanoparticles into which ions can pass more quickly and easily. These nanoparticles are currently based on germanium, which is water soluble and easier to handle in manufacturing. But StoreDot’s plan is to use silicon, which is much cheaper, and it expects these prototypes later this year. Myersdorf said the cost would be the same as existing Li-ion batteries.

If they did use germanium – the best and most common source is the fly ash from coal fired power plants…….

That’s one old joke dead then

Not that I can recall what it was, but the one about if Microsoft made cars we’d all have to restart them all the time……

Microsoft has entered into a long-term strategic relationship with GM and Cruise to accelerate the commercialization of self-driving vehicles.

Tee Hee

Richard Murphy says:
January 18 2021 at 4:34 pm
Your question was in itself unethical. It was rigged

But the choice you gave was also wrong – and mine, on the evidence was 100% right

And thankfully the NHS appears to prevent this choice for you as very clearly the set up you created was not one on which even you could have decided – you forget the third options

Why am I rude? Because you came her to abuse

You were unethical and showed yourself incompetent

And how do I know you’re not a doctor, but a troll. Because of the parentheses around Professor

I am a professor. I very, very much doubt you are a doctor.

You will not get on again

He really doesn’t like disagreement, does he?

Calling BiG

Almost 30% of Covid patients in England readmitted to hospital after discharge – study
Readmission rate for Covid patients 3.5 times greater, and death rate seven times higher, than for other hospital patients

Covid affects the old with comorbidities more than others. We’d therefore expect those hospitalised with Covid to require more hospital care more generally than the general population.

So, is all this adjusted for this?

Does anyone ever edit this stuff?

Meanwhile, the racialized distribution of labor in the United States – the concentration of workers of color in both essential industries, where they are more likely to be exposed to the pandemic, and service and hospitality industries, where layoffs have been rampant

So blacks and the like are spread across essential and non-essential industries then? Ones that kept working during the pandemic and ones that didn’t?


Spector is known as the innovator of the “wall of sound” recording technique and countless moments of pop sublimity. They are inextricable from his everyday barbarism, waving guns around and holding them to musicians’ heads to enforce his will.

Erm, no. Just as we can say that Che rocked that beret and yet slaughtered hundreds (just directly, himself, in executions) it is not just possible but essential that we differentiate. The music stands over here, the man over there. Just as the Rev Dodgson was more than a tad odd and yet Alice is a Great Book.

Quite so Polly, quite so

Friction is the new normal. As the chief EU negotiator, Michel Barnier said firmly last week, things have “changed for good”. UK choices mean “mechanical, obvious, inevitable consequences when you leave the single market and that’s what the British wished to do”. It’s not French revenge, or bloody-minded Brussels, but ordinary life as a third country.

We’ve been imposing this friction on the 6,500 million people outside the EU for 40 years now. As 6,500 million is a larger number than 450 million in the remnant EU the balance is obviously that being out and lowering our trade barriers to all is the correct response.

That is, Brexit isn’t showing us the cost of being out, it’s showing us the long running cost of having been in.

The Establishment

The decision by social media companies to ban Trump while continuing to host the profiles of other leaders who regularly make inflammatory statements on social media, such as Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro and officials from India’s BJP Party, could result in inconsistent moderation, it has been claimed.

Because, you see, populist means people from outside the political establishment getting into political power. And that can’t be allowed, can it? Otherwise, what’s a PPE degree for?

“I think there’s a double standard at work here,” said Bob Seely, the Conservative MP for the Isle of Wight.

That establishment still rather smarting from the irruption of Ukip and Brexit.

Can’t have apple carts being upset now, can we?

Guess what this is about?

While these flagship pieces of legislation relied on components of a capitalist market supply and demand model to produce innovation, they ultimately fostered a climate of toxic competitiveness and anxiety.

Yep, got it. School exams.

In the meantime, there are pedagogies that utilize multi-disciplinary approaches to solving human-centered problems with empathy—something our age cries out for. One of the most exciting is known as Design Thinking, and it has moved into educational spaces as a modern form of pedagogy that can build critical thinking skills organically, naturally capitalizing on the power of collaboration, creativity, and innovation. Design Thinking challenges students to address problems in a creative, empathic, and cooperative manner. Along the way, they can develop the practical and intellectual skills to act effectively in a complex world.

There’s also the pedagogy of “democratic schools,” which give power to students in the form of self-directed learning and participation in school governance. This method prepares students for engagement in the democratic process, as adults, and is very different from the testing-focused culture perpetuated by NCLB, RTTT, and ESSA. Schools such as Summerhill in the U.K. have been operating as a democracy for over a century. In the U.S., the Sudbury Valley School, which took inspiration from Summerhill, was launched in 1968 in Framingham, MA. Others like it have followed.

In 2014-15, I experimented with both of these pedagogies and applied it in a community-based school setting. Students cultivated their gifts and talents, while learning about history, art, science, math, literature, social studies, and developing critical thinking.

Just don’t test anyone on any of that.

Hmm, OK

A government source said that Mr Johnson was pushing for Britain to become a low-tax, low-regulation regime like Singapore.

OK. P³:

There is not a thing in it that is pro-business.

There is overwhelming evidence that business benefits most when there is both regulation, ensuring a level playing field on which to compete exists, and consistency in that regulation that ensures that costs of compliance are minimised.

So, err, why is Singapore richer than Britain?

Damned fool idiot

There is in Sumption’s claim, the essence of the Great Barrington Declaration. It too assumed that lives could be divided between those worth saving or not. Those not worth saving were to be removed from Covid infected society, to be locked away from view for the duration of the pandemic, so that those of pure form might continue life unhindered by those of lesser worth, even if they happened to be their parents, siblings or even offspring. The assumption was that the ‘pure’ would be happy with this, and would indifferently wait to see who if the impure might make it through to the end when the goal of herd immunity had been achieved, when the survivors amongst the impure might be welcomed back, like the survivors of The Hunger Games.

If lives aren’t to be assigned different values then why do we have a £30k a year per Qualy limit on NHS treatments?

Ahhh, yes

Bridget Rowe obituary
Fast, clever and ruthless tabloid newspaper editor who published the first intimate pictures of Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed
She took up several public relations opportunities, including working for Arron Banks, the Ukip donor.

That’s when I met her. Actually, probably before Banks, she had something to do with the 08/09 campaign as I recall…..

So, err, why bother?

A substantial pay rise for NHS staff in England battling the coronavirus pandemic would cost the exchequer only a fifth of the headline price tag and boost Britain’s struggling economy, according to a report.

Setting out the economic case for raising the wages of England’s 1 million nurses, midwives, health professionals and NHS support staff, researchers from the London Economics consultancy said 81% of the cost of a 5% or 10% pay rise would be recovered by the government.

The study argues that if pay was increased, the Treasury would receive more in taxes paid by these workers and their employers,