Alicia Silverstone Naked!

Yup, Alicia Silverstone gets naked in this video. Woot Woot!*

Dizzy has the details.

* Anyone want to clue me in on who Alicia Silverstone actually is?

8 thoughts on “Alicia Silverstone Naked!”

  1. Star of “Clueless” and Batgirl in “Batman and Robin”. In a few other things, very popular about a decade ago and then all but disappeared. No great loss really, pretty but not astounding, could act but not significantly above the average. As you can tell, she’s a member of PETA so perhaps it’s for the best that her profile has declined.

  2. Best guess is, she’s trying to shake off the singular claim to fame in the public memory she has- as the fat girl who played Bat Girl, which was pretty much all the reviews of that awful movie commented on regarding her.

    Observing the courses of the smoking hysteria, the binge drinking panic, the obesity pogrom and of course the global warming charade, we can expect vegeterianism to be largely obligatory within about 20 years. Cows fart, you know. Methane! A GREENHOUSE GAS! WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE!

  3. Ah, but there’s Clueless the film (which was, frankly, brilliant, quite surreal) and Clueless the TV series (also brilliant, but funny rather than surreal).

    Does anybody know, without looking it up, obviously, which one Alicia Silverstone was in?

  4. I still cannot figure out how a man that looks like Steven Tyler could ever have produced such a beautiful daughter. Clearly his genes were not as strong as her mothers.

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