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Dixon of Dock Green It Ain\’t

Aren\’t we lucky to have such a caring, sharing, police force:

Graeme Deacon was on the M67 near Hyde, Manchester, when he saw the accident on the opposite carriageway. He crossed over and helped the driver to safety. Then a second car drove into the back of the first and caught fire. Mr Deacon helped to free the young driver. Police arrived and offered to drive him to his vehicle. But Mr Deacon said: “The carriageway was empty. I could have crawled across on my hands and knees. There was absolutely no risk. A police officer said, ‘You’ll wait as long as it takes, whether it’s five minutes or two hours. You’ll stay there.’ I went to walk off and three of them pushed me face down in the gravel, hit the back of my legs with a baton and handcuffed me. One said, ‘Shut up or I’ll spray you with CS gas’.”


3 thoughts on “Dixon of Dock Green It Ain\’t”

  1. Tim, Tim…….. this was another successful detection of a major crime. Mr Deacon failed to obey a lawful police order and so evidently deserved to be beaten, threatened with gas, arrested, and treated with contempt. Really……. there must be standards, you know. And Manchester Police have another tick for solving the crime he committed. Perhaps improving performance against target requires citizens to make sacrifices now and again? 🙂

    The Police have something to learn from the high-street Banks’ experience; if you neglect, or shit, on your customers long enough and often enough, they’ll learn to distrust and despise you. Which is how many sections of the community feel about the Police, of course. A shame. Whatever happened to a simple “thank you”?

  2. My brother was threatened with CS gas when he and his mates were standing in a hallway. I’m certain they were being obnoxious and rowdy but the lack of a middle-ground approach speaks volumes about modern policing. The clearest example was those Fathers4justice campaigners scaling Buckingham palace. The options the police advanced were talking them down or shooting them. As if there were no alternatives to doing fuck-all and going-all-out.

  3. Had Mr Deacon been a mourner at a Liverpool gangsters funeral, the police would, of course, have kept a respectful distance.

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