Fifth Generation MPs

We do have such a lot of social mobility, don\’t we?

9 thoughts on “Fifth Generation MPs”

  1. minimum age of 35 or even 40 should be introduced I would suggest – along with evidence of actually having had a real job somewhere.

  2. Tinxx. Absolutely agree and I’d add, no salary for MPs, part-time legislature and members to hold down a proper job while members.

    Only ministers to be paid and they must resign seat on appointment and seek re-election (as they used to). Then, and only then, would they be allowed to ‘go full time’ and give up the day job.

  3. Tinxx: MPs are already overly biased to the concerns of the senescents who don’t pay their wages; I’m not convinced that barring anyone in the key tax-contributing groups from standing would help overmuch.

    Geoff103: how exactly would you suggest a member for a northern constituency should manage the feat of simultaneously holding down a job and voting for his constituents’ interests?

    Personally, I’d rather this girl was an MP than any number of Prescott-ian thugs or Amies-ian used-car-salesmen; at least she’s reasonably bright and has studied British social and political history (which should *certainly* be a qualification, if we’re playing Fantasy Parliament League).

  4. It’s not her youth that bothers me but rather that she’s coasting along on a family name. I live in an absolutely Labour-dominated area, my friend is running for the Conservative candidacy and he still has to be vetted and interviewed with regard to it. There is less chance of him getting in than this Bennite, yet she seems to have walked into candidacy. This smacks of nepotism, not the meritocracy we are supposed to be embarking upon.

  5. “infants are seriously under-represented among Members of Parliament?” – Er, no they’re mostly infantile already.

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