Frivolous Flights Tax

This is a policy propsal straight out of the barking mad box:

Middle-class families flying on "frivolous" city breaks should be taxed by Labour, a key aide to Ken Livingstone told a conference fringe meeting yesterday.

1) Define frivolous.

2) How are you going to check?

So, I\’m middle class, and I\’m flying to Athens in a couple of weeks for two days. So that\’s obviously a frivolous city break, correct? Err, no, it\’s a businessman going to see a university about a method of extracting metals. Who, how and where is going to be able to distinguish between those two scenarios and apply the appropriate tax?

Unless, of course, we appoint a system of gauleiters who interrogate us all before we can book our flights. Perhaps they could check that we\’ve paid our taxes and recyvled our rubbish before we fly too?



6 thoughts on “Frivolous Flights Tax”

  1. “How are you going to check?”

    More “self-certification”, as with the entry for incomes in applications for house purchase, perhaps?

  2. What exactly does the phrase “taxed by Labour” mean? does the money go towards the party’s expenses? Or does it mean the same as “taxed by the Government”?

  3. @ B’s Freak – it means “we’re the Telegraph so we’re going to spin the story in the way that makes people hate Ken and Gordon as much as possible”

    @ MW – not from the mayor, from one of his performing gibbons. See Zac Goldsmith for the Tory equivalent.

    @ Tim – the beauty of the market system is that you don’t need any gauleiters. Just impose a hefty tax on *all* flights – then important business flights will continue, because the returns if your meeting pays off are far greater than the tax, whereas Tarquin and Joanna’s city-break in Florence becomes far less appealing.

  4. It’s easy really: the code is quite simple to break.

    “Essential” flights are those taken by members of the ruling elite, whether to attend global warming conferences in exotic locations, or just to unwind at their Tuscan villas etc etc.

    “Frivolous” flights are those taken by anybody else, for any purpose at all.

    Ever since cheap flights started up, the elite have been trying to find ways of preventing the common people from flying; this ruse is only the latest idea, it won’t be the last.

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