From a Lecturer in Philosophy

Giles Fraser\’s philosophy classes must be interesting, eh?

No: the struggle for the full inclusion of lesbian and gay people in the life of the church is a frontline battle in the war against global religious fascism.

Lessee, supporting the traditional teachings of the Christian churches, that sex may only unsinfully take place within marriage is fascism now, is it?

4 thoughts on “From a Lecturer in Philosophy”

  1. No indeed, supporting a doctrinal position is not fascism. But excluding people who hold a different doctrinal position is a little closer to it.

    Many churches are more used to enforcing their doctrines than debating them. Is that a million miles from “I don’t argue with people who disagree with me, I shoot them.”? It may certainly seem that way to someone who values salvation more than life, and sees obstacles to that salvation being erected by church authorities.

    But obviously it doesn’t seem that way to the church authorities who see themselves as simply protecting the true faith.

    Anyway, remember what fascism really means these days: Anything I don’t like.

  2. So the gays are saying to the C of E –

    “Let us join your fascist organisation, you homophobic bigots”


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