Google Note

In my playing around with blogs I\’ve just found something interesting out about the Google algorithm.

The old technique of google bombing, using anchor text and a link to boost results for a certain word or phrase no longer seems to work. Indeed, it seems to work in reverse. I won\’t trouble you with what the phrase was but a post I had was at number 41 in the Google rankings for a specific phrase. In the spirit of enquiry for which I am known (read, desperate for cash) off I went to boost that by employing the above technique.

The thing is, using it now actually degrades your results, not boosts them.

Interesting, no?


4 thoughts on “Google Note”

  1. There was something reported a while ago about how Google were going after major Google bombs such as the ones for Prescott, Bush and SCO.

    Tim adds: Yes, the Prescott one (which, as you know, started here) has gone. That change in the algorithm seems to affect more than just those high profile ones though.

  2. So THAT’s what happened after I posted a piece titled “Britney Spears Crotch Shots”. Lots of traffic at first and then nothing.

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