Insanity Abounds


Last week the city announced it was closing down a third of its infamous brothels, and in April, its "coffee shops" were forced to choose between serving alcohol or dealing in officially-tolerated marijuana. Most chose the weed, but from next summer the Dutch will ban smoking in all public outlets. How exactly this will affect the wacky baccy trade is unclear, but things will never be the same again in one of the world\’s most progressive and tolerant cities.

Banning the smoking of tobacco in a place that exists for the smoking of cannabis.


3 thoughts on “Insanity Abounds”

  1. I get the point on either alcohol or cannabis, because doing both tends to make you throw up.

    I have no doubt that if they have banned smoking it will apply to joints as well, like the hookah shops in London where they smoke apple peel or something weird like that, smoking hookah pipes is banned as well.

    Unintended consequences? Since when did they matter?

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