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Ooooh, dear.

The citizens of Brussels “reclaimed the streets” last Sunday when it was “Car Free Day”. Thousands and thousands of people enjoyed a warm and sunny day on their feet, bikes, skateboards or horses (!). We also enjoyed the silence and the improved air quality.

We\’re ruled by someone who thinks that horse transport improves urban air quality.

Can we leave yet?



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  1. Please do.

    I love watching the rights position on climate change (“It’s not happening Martin Durkin told me!”) developing as affects begin to take hold.

    Tim adds: Gus. Before taking that line with me you might actually note a little of what I’ve written about the subject over the years. You know, that climate change is happening, that it’s us causing it through a combination of land use changes and fossil fuel use in the main and the important questions are what we actually do about it. Why, I even read one of the IPCC reports, I’ve even read (an understood) the SRES. Have you?

  2. Concerning horses in cities: 150 years ago, people paid the council for the right to sweep the streets, because the manure was valuable. When cars came in, the waste went to the air and was blown away free of charge. Now we are supposed to pay by “carbon offsets” for removal of the waste. Curiously, both sets of waste promote plant growth and the “carbon dioxide fertisisation” effect has been identified as the reason for better growth in arid areas. So in Victorian times the waste had to be laboriously hauled away and placed on fields; now it just blows round and finds a place to rest somewhere. And we complain about this?

  3. I hope exceptions were made not just for those who are registered disabled, but also for those for whom a car is necessary because of their lack of stamina or other weakness.

    I bet it wasn’t because the left (Gus) don’t really care.

  4. Must’ve been the end of that Ice age that Hansen warned us about 30 years ago…

    Join King Canute in fighting tidal change!

  5. Guess Her Imperviousness has never had to walk behind a horse for a couple of miles nor had to share the sidewalk with kamikaze skateboarders.

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