More on GP Contracts

We are privileged indeed to see what they do with our money:

Changes to GPs’ working arrangements and a generous pay rise for doctors have cost the Government £1.8 billion more than ministers bargained for, new figures have revealed.

Just to recap. Our Lords and Masters decided that there should be a renegotiation of the contract by which GPs offer their services to the NHS. Fine, entirely acceptable. Then they underestimated how much work GPs actually did already, offered to let them off some of the most onerous work (out of hourse services), offer bonuses for things they were already doing (vaccination rates etc) and, lo and behold, GPs incomes rose much more than the negotiators planned. So they ended up buying less service for more money and they were so inefficient at it that they didn\’t even manage to calculate how much it was going to cost.

Can someone remind me why it is that we let politicians run such things for us?

2 thoughts on “More on GP Contracts”

  1. Tim : “out of hourse services”.

    Don’t you mean “out of hearse services” ? Very appropriate, no?

    Alan Douglas

  2. apologies for only just catching up with the post on GPs

    I think you live under some considerable misapprehension – the notion that a GP is “busy” is …. errrr … counter-intuitive

    most GPs are part-time, dont have weekend sessions, dont provide out-of-hours services and can invent a ‘special interest’ in some half baked practice-issue and get enhanced payments is salt-in-the-wound … most PCTs were so bereft of expertise at the time they just handed over barrow loads of dosh

    most Practice Nurses do most of the stuff anyway

    and HMG want to give GPs commissioning role over the strategic design of major health care schemes

    over my dead body ! literally

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