Note To Telegraph Subs

This headline:


Tories must do or die in Blackpool

It\’s a party conference they\’re having, not a rerun of Zulu. They\’re going there to talk to fellow minded people, get drunk with them and if the past is any guide, screw a few of them (both physically and metaphorically).

A tad over the top, don\’t you think?

4 thoughts on “Note To Telegraph Subs”

  1. Is it just me or is the Telegraph (my paper of choice) steadily getting more tabloidesque and containing a lot more spelling mistakes?

    Tim adds: Yes, many more spelling mistakes. One of my very old aquaintances (ie, I met him a long time ago, not that he’s very old) was one of those laid off in hte recent reductions in subs headcount. Another reader of this blog is still there. Thus the joy at pointing to these sorts of mistakes.

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