Public Consultation on the NHS.

This is how it\’s done folks.

Think of all those lovely decisions that El Gordo wants to take using citizen juries. This is how they will all work.

H/T Katy.


5 thoughts on “Public Consultation on the NHS.”

  1. From personal observation in my locality, public consultation on NHS projects is worthless because it is disregarded when the outcome doesn’t match political priorities.

    After years – literally, years – of public consultation on the location of a new acute hospital to replace our aged local hospital where John Major was born more than 60 years ago, the local consensus about location was later overturned by Patricia Hewitt, our previous health minister, who directed the choice of a different site.

    Now, it has been decided that a new hospital can’t be afforded anyway when millions have been wasted on pointless consultation exercises and abortive planning on the various sites.

    If this is a representative microcosm of how higher NHS management operates then these recent news reports can hardly be a matter for any surprise:

    “Cancer survival rates in Britain are among the lowest in Europe, according to the most comprehensive analysis of the issue yet produced.”

    “The UK has the worst standard of care for stroke victims in western Europe, with thousands of patients dying unnecessarily every year, a senior doctor said today.”,,2155567,00.html

    “Greater spending on the NHS over the past five years, by more than £43bn (63bn; $87bn), has failed to deliver improvements in productivity that could have led to better health care for all, an independent review has concluded.”

  2. £75 in cash, in an envelope? An open invitation by New Labour to non-declaration for tax. God, this mob make me sick.

  3. Any way if rumours of ‘brown envelopes to a Tory MP as reward for cash for questions (NEVER actually substantiated but always assumed, guilty until proved innocent) were enough to begin the process of toppling a government so that this mob could take charge ….God words fail me at their slimy, hypocritical behaviour.

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