Rudy Giuliani

Good God! Has this man no manners?

A decision by Rudy Giuliani to answer a mobile phone call from his wife while delivering a presidential campaign speech threatens to damage his bid for the White House.

Or is it that there\’s one rule for Rudy and another for the hoi polloi? You can, for example, imagine what he would say if someone in his audience answered such a call, can you not?

I know I have no vote (nor influence, thank the Lord) in the US election but that one incident would make me abandon any support I might have had for the man.

5 thoughts on “Rudy Giuliani”

  1. Alas, I had hoped that in Giuliani they had found a candidate who was actually a grown-up. So it’ll be Clinton II. Three duds in a row, then.

  2. I suspect the call was contrived and intended to show that Rudy Giuliani is now truly a Republican family man at heart, contrary to any historic indications.

  3. That was an intentional insult to the National Rifle Association. He was saying to them, “You’ll vote for me becuase the Democrats are worse but, don’t expect your vote gets you anything with me.”

  4. I have to say, I think taking a call from your wife no matter what the circumstances is not a bad idea. He probably thought pissing off a few potential voters was better than having to persuade his wife that evening that he was not in a whorehouse.

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