Sex Discrimination

Really? This counts?

A couple of years ago, I advised a high flying professional who was being subject to overt sex discrimination at work. Not only was she told not to use her married name at work, on the basis that a switch from using her maiden name would demonstrate a lack of commitment to her job, but it transpired that the rest of her team had run a sweep stake on how soon she would leave work (to have children etc) after marrying. Fed up with this nonsense, she consequently resigned and there followed a substantial out of court settlement in her favour.

The nasty people are talking behind my back so giveme some money? That\’s sex discrimination these days?

We also get the classic statistical lie:

Women working full-time are still paid on average 17 per cent per cent less an hour than men (38 per cent less if they work part-time)

No, not true. Women, on average, who work part time. get paid 38% per hour less than men who work full time. Men who work part time also getpaid less per hour than men who work full time. In the private sector, the difference between male and female part time pay is around 11%.

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  1. Chuka Umunna is…legal advisor to the progressive pressure group, Compass. He is also a member of the executive committee of the Black Socialist Society (a Labour Party affiliate) and a local Labour Party officer.

  2. Women earn less because they are less valuable and controllable than men (who put work before family on average more than women do). It is a fact. Companies are not charities (except in the public sector, which seems to operate so).

    One possible way to do it is allow marrieds to pool tax allowances, so helping one partner to remain at home to raise the children. Combine this with high personal allowances and a married man would need to earn £24k before paying tax if his wife were at home. I think that would be very useful to many people.

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