The European Union Military

Ooooh, Yes!

Defence is a vital driver of European integration today. The EU must become a true defence community: only then can it become a fully developed international actor.

What an excellent idea!

The EU faces new threats: not only transnational terrorism, but the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and failed states.

Failed states….

Yes, like Transdnestria perhaps? Invade the place and sort it out. Great idea, don\’t you think? Why we could divide the world up into spheres of influence as well. You know, Russia deals with this bit, China that, the US we\’ll tell to stay home as they are the global hegemon and the EU deals with our bit.

It\’s not like we\’ve ever tried anything so gorgeously progressive before now is it? Russia taking care of Slavic interests in the Balkans, talks about who gets to influence Morrocco, what to do with the failing state of the Ottoman Empire, should the ethnic groupings of the Finns, the Letts, be semi-independent or directly ruled…

Actually, we have tried this before and it brought us World War One. What an excellent path for us to go down!

2 thoughts on “The European Union Military”

  1. Militarily I have long considered the EU to be like the latter days of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

    Weak, divided, confused, multi-lingual, fragile. At least the A-H Empire had nice uniforms.

  2. Well its the way the world is, spheres of influence etc. The EU one just knows, one can see already, is going to be utterly useless at such things. The A-H Empire had men like Metternich. Germany had Bismark. What has the EU got to call on? Chris Pattern? It makes me embarassed just thinking about it.

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