The Sandwich Generation

Horrible, absolutely disgraceful, don\’t you think?

A generation of men and women are struggling to care for children, grandchildren, ailing parents and hold down a job at the same time, according to a new report.

It\’s all the fault of this liberal capitalism thing you know. No, really, it is, another thing that can be put at the feet of the disgusting scramble for profit, a result of the devil take the hindmost, what\’s in it for me. way that our society is organised.

For the first time in history, people are regularly living long enough to see their great grandchildren. And people are complaining?

1 thought on “The Sandwich Generation”

  1. This report sounds misleading. Only a minority of elderly people ever need residential – and even fewer ever need nursing – care. Nationally, there is a surplus of sheltered housing schemes. Running errands for elderly parents who can live in their own homes (perhaps with support from a carer to assist with washing and dressing; perhaps also with a pendant alarm connexion to a call centre for emergencies) is hardly a huge burden, and it is a transitional stage like child-rearing. Is LV= trying to frighten people into buying some form of care plan insurance?

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