Yes, I\’m Scared Yet


It\’s looking like Hillary vs. Rudy. Consider this:

Brad DeLong: "… I think it is the two cents\’ worth of everybody who worked for the Clinton Administration health care reform effort of 1993-1994–is that Hillary Rodham Clinton needs to be kept very far away from the White House for the rest of her life".

Daniel W. Drezner: "… Despite the fact that this collection of individuals would likely disagree about pretty much everything, there was an airtight conensus about one and only one point: A Giuliani presidency would be an unmitigated disaster for the United States."


3 thoughts on “Yes, I\’m Scared Yet”

  1. The only thing possibly more depressing than the run up to and nightmare of Hillary vs. Rudy is the fact that Hunter Thompson is not around to write about it. Fear and Loathing and the end of America.

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