Yusuf Islam

A tale from the past:

"A lot of Englishmen have this thing about English schoolgirls… He took me to Marks & Spencer, and we went into the section where they sold school uniforms. We started play-acting and XXXX told the saleslady, \’I have to buy this little girl a school uniform, she\’s the daughter of one of my friends, can you fit her please?\’ Here was this 21-year-old kid with this however-the-hell-old-I-looked young girl. I was supposed to be going into seventh or eighth grade, but must have looked about 11.
Groupie: Patti D\’Arbanville

4 thoughts on “Yusuf Islam”

  1. And your point is what exactly? This happened when he was a young man called Cat Stevens and before he converted to Islam and changed his name. In the original piece he is referred to as Cat Stevens so why have you chosen to headline this post ‘Yusuf Islam’ ? As if we didn’t know! Pathetic.

  2. Errr, Stephen’s Cat, calm yourself, you’re being a dick. Yusaf Islam is his name and that’s his past. Putting the two together isn’t wrong, it’s sensible. You can argue he had a different character then, but he wasn’t a different person. We all have our indiscretions, a name change, doesn’t give you a tabula rasa except in your imaginings.

  3. Stephen’s Cat how does picking up a new religious meme (and Cat Stevens has been through a few) alter your sexual preferences ?

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