A Blockhead\’s Essays

Fortunately, this one hasn\’t taken Dr. Johnson\’s advice to heart.

A Blockhead\’s Essays. Do go read.

This on education is a treat:

One of the best things that the splurging of money on education in recent years has done is that it has blown away any pretence that the system’s faults are due to a lack of money.

After a decade of increasing budgets, educating a child to the age of sixteen costs the state £45,000. More than a fifth of them leave school illiterate. No one would voluntarily spend that kind of money on an education so grotesquely useless that it could not even teach a child to read and write. No one, except the Department of Education.

Those who pretend that this is the best that can possibly be expected for this sort of outlay are a mixture of hardened ideologues and professional apologists. There are those who are too narrow-minded to accept any model other than the council-run comprehensive, and those whose fingers wouldn’t be able to pull so much out of any other kind of pie.

Something to add to RSS feeders I think.

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  1. “Government – any government – has a special talent for reverse alchemy; the art of turning fabulous raw materials into worthless dross.”

    This is known as the Shidas Touch: turns everything to shit.

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