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Very strange the way these Portugees work. Most odd.

You see, they have this system whereby if you would like to smoke a cigarette while waiting for a plane, there\’s an area set aside for you to do so.

If you would prefer not to be surrounded by such noxious fumes, the rest of the airport is free of them.

Interesting idea, ain\’t it? Wonder if such choice, liberty and freedom might catch on elsewhere?

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  1. Yup, the sort of commonsense that a certain British airline considers gross misconduct. Reinstate the Pablo Mason One!

  2. Local authorities in parts of California have already brought in measures to criminalise those who smoke in their own appartment.
    There’s nothing quite so nauseating as a pious health Nazi desperately searching for a fatuous excuse to criminalise other folk.

  3. Meanwhile, here in the UK, I have seen newspaper articles bleating about the fact that non-smokers in the pubs now have only each-other for company. The smokers prefer to stay at home, rather than stand outside in the rain whenever they want to smoke. The bleaters think this is sooo unreasonable of them.
    And now, perish the thought, loss of business has started to force closures in the licensed trade.

  4. “If you would prefer not to be surrounded by such noxious fumes, the rest of the airport is free of them.”

    Assuming that the smoke can read signs, obey rules and not waft across the whole airport..

  5. Letters From A Tory

    I don’t really care where smokers are, as long as they’re nowhere near me at the pub or the airport or anywhere else.

  6. It is interesting to see that other countries in the EU have interpreted the No smoking laws differently.

    Here are the rules of the Danish public smoking ban. No smoking in:

    * buses, schools and institutions
    * locations accessible to the public such as museums
    * all workplaces, with exceptions possible in one-man offices
    * indoor food serving places

    In all above cases there’s the possibility of assigning designated smoking areas. Additionally, cafes and pubs smaller than 40 m2 are allowed to decide a smoking policy themselves.

    Wow – imagine that? A government that allows its people to think for itself?
    Its no wonder Denmark is one of the fast growing economies while the UK stagnates!

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