Alisher Usmanov

A profile in The Times.

Personally, that he was indeed the son of privilege and then survived 6 years in a standard penal colony (and I\’ve met others, even traded with some, with similar backgrounds) would be grounds for being extremely suspicious of the man.

Soviet camps were not survived by such without contacts being made, favours offered and taken.

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  1. I’m surprised at you, Mr. Worstall, you are not normally a man for the sneer and the unfounded(so far) insinuations. I should leave that sort of thing to your inferiors, the Craig Murrays of this world, they do it so much better than you!

    Tim adds: What might look like an unfounded insinuation to some might to others be the result of 7 years of living in post Soviet Russia and 14 years of working in the Russian metals trade. You know, a judgement based upon experience?

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